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Friday, January 27, 2012

So I have been a morning exerciser for most of my life, and yesterday, I reinforced in my own mind that it is absolutely the right time of the day for me to get up and go. My son is enrolled in a program at school called "Fit Club." It's a two day a week program where he gets to school and hour early and they have an hour of PE time. Not that he really needs extra physical activity, he plays hockey, has already begun training for baseball season and really never stops, but activity begets activity, so Fit Club it is for him. anyway, as usual, I digress..because we have to leave the house so much earlier on these two days, I am extra squeezed for time, and yesterday, I just could not get in even the 10 minutes a day I've committed to. So I made a plan to ride for 20 minutes last night, while my husband and son were at hockey practice and while dinner was cooking in the oven.

This is not the first time I have made such a plan, but I will admit, it is one of the only times I have ever actually followed my plan, something I'm pretty proud of. So I got on my bike and rode for my planned 20 minutes. And I learned something.

I exercise in the morning for a reason.. I was not at all inspired, plus, after walking around on it all day, my knee (on which I had an MRI the other day after limping around for a month, still awaiting results) was bothering me, so it wasn't the hardest workout I've ever had, but I am happy that I did it.

I know that not so long ago, I was doing 30 minutes daily, but for some reason, I don't feel like it was doing much for me, probably because I always did the intervals program on the bike, and as good as intervals can be, there is a lot of "down" time, meaning riding at very low resistance. Anyway, I would be pretty good at getting it done, but then once I missed I'd end up missing like a week at a time. Sticking to the "at least 10 minutes, and then as much as I can" seems to have me more tuned into getting it done. I'll worry about how much time I'm spending after I've firmly established the daily routine, or at least the 5-6 times a week routine, I still think one day of rest from formal exercise is a good thing, not that I couldn't do something more recreational on that off day..

Anyway, I am not surprised and yet always amazed that after all these years of being "on the journey," there is so much to be learned, both about the process in general and about myself in particular. Now I know the key is to take what I learn and use it to best help me to stay on the journey, and to, perhaps, succeed.

I must say, I am happy to write, for the first time in a long time, about a moment of positive epiphany and not some "oh why can't I get this done" attitude. It was true the first time I heard it, and it remains true..one little baby step at a time.
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    Well, what Ramona said....

    and, I love the idea of Fit Club. Tom does JRC which stands for Jump Rope Club... it meets two days a week after school for an hour. So popular it is wait listed.. 1st come 1st served... fills on day one usually.

    I know about the mom thing... I would do the same as you... execept.. like I said try to get a car pool going...

    would never judge you except to wish I were as disciplined as you ... exercise, as you know, is always the first to go for me...
    LYMI... really
    3226 days ago
    LOL! Okay, Beautiful... you convinced me, LOL! I gotta hand it to you, Tina... if I had to fit in self care in the morning before I took care of the rest of my day, I'd be in a sad story state.

    ...and I didn't mean to be pushy... it really did sound like you were shorting yourself. Glad you're not!

    I actually think a Fit Club would be great and I think all schools should have them!

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}
    3229 days ago
  • TINATC26
    girls, girls, girls..thank you for your comments, but Tony is going to continue to do Fit Club. I just need to stick to my schedule better, and I will squeeze in what I need in the morning.

    This has been going on for a few weeks, and I have managed to get it in fine every other day..and this week has been anything but a normal week emotionally, so I was dragging a bit yesterday. Five AM is not a four letter word for me, I am a morning person..and I'm in bed by 9 most nights, so I do get plenty of sleep..

    This blog was really more about realizing that I exercise in the morning for a reason, not whining that I have no time, none of us have time, do we??
    3229 days ago
    I'm here because of "Ramona". I saw that she had commented on this blog and I had to come and read it too. She is one of my SP idols . . . . and now I think you are too. I loved the musings . . . and it sounds like you are doing a lot more than just muse.

    Keep up the good work. Really enjoyed the blog. Stop by and see me any time . . you are welcome.

    Toodles, Jan

    emoticon emoticon emoticon (I hope that last one's not to vulgar . . . geeze, I felt that one . . !)
    3229 days ago
    Great blog... and way to go with the progress, not perfection!

    "I am not surprised and yet always amazed that after all these years of being "on the journey," there is so much to be learned, both about the process in general and about myself in particular."


    w... I'm with Lynn on this one. The most important thing I learned this past year is that if I allow her too, Miss O will suck every bit of time out of our day, and if I'm going to be any good as her mom, I can't allow that.

    For instance, there is a reading club at our school one morning a week that she'd love to go to (and if it wasn't this it would be something else)... but she reads at a grade five level (she's 7), our house if FULL of books, she gets books from the library, we read together EVERY DAY more than once, and she reads on her own. The child doesn't NEED any more reading time... or socialization at school, for that matter. I, however, NEED the extra hour of sleep, the time to ease into my day, the time to talk with her before she is swallowed up by her day, and to eat breakfast together. So, no reading club.

    We can't meet their needs perfectly, either. The best we can do for them is to selfishly put our own needs first occasionally.

    {{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}

    P.S. Yeah... the gun was discharged in our school, 100 feet from Miss O's classroom... story in my blog... I'm trying to get over it, but it's going to take a while.
    3229 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/27/2012 9:30:55 PM
    Opposites attract.. never feel like it in the morning.. but am so glad that you found something that works for you! And you know it! So, too bad you can't find a ride for T in the morning so you can't be physical while he is... hate to see you losing time so he can gain it.

    Keep up the good fight!
    3229 days ago
    That's my girl!! emoticon I am sure you will juggle the days, hours & minutes to find your 'baby steps' T. With little T, doing extra curricular in physical activity, this may actually be a 'blessing' in disguise, my friend. His focus on the new routine may 'prompt' more general every day 'thoughts' on getting your time in. Recently, I've discovered a 'new' routine myself. I've found, that if I roll out a' bed in the morning, make the bed, than immediately hit the stationary bike b4 coffee, it works! After taking my vitamins & drinking my cup of espresso, I take Chance on a 30+ minute walk & when I get home, I go directly to the rowing machine to 'do' a 15 minute row. I want to work in ST too, but I'm doing good to just focus on this right now. The BLC team gives me ST every TH so I'm getting some in. If you want to chat you're gonna' have to use the SPmail. Love, yer' Annie
    3229 days ago
    I love getting my exercise done in the morning. I think that it helps me start the day off right, plus I know that other things can always get in the way if I try to do it later. Way to go on sticking to your plan!
    3230 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10615770
    I think you did well. So much of weight loss is mental commitment, and you deserve major points for not giving up when life threw a wrench in your plans. emoticon
    3230 days ago
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