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Friday, January 27, 2012

September 15, 2010 I was standing about 10' away from my husband as he was mowing down my fall garden for me when he ran over a potato size rock. I remember hearing the grinding noise and before I knew it I had fallen onto my knees with blood pouring out of my right eye. I tried waving and yelling to my husband as he drove away on the tractor, unaware that the rock had jettisoned out the back of the mower and hit me in the eye.

Next thing I knew I was in the car being rushed to our rural urgent care center. They called the fire department and I was rushed to the suburban hospital and there they sent me by ambulance to Henry Ford Hospital in downtown Detroit. I was admitted to the hospital and put on steroids by IV, orally and drops in my eye. I knew it looked bad when the nurses would nearly pass out when they had to put the drops in my eye. There was so much blood in my eye that the doctors couldn't determine what the exact nature of the damage was until 3 weeks later. It was then determined that I had a ruptured eye globe [eyeball] and 2 detached retinas.

After surgery for the detached retinas I was lucky that my eye globe had begun to heal itself and I did not lose my eye. But as my eye healed and I recovered from the surgery I was left with double vision. In October 2011 I had another surgery with an occular mobility opthamalogist to remove the scar tissue from my eye muscles in the hope of allowing the muscle to move freely thereby eliminating the double vision. It has helped my peripheral vision, better aligned my eye visually, but I still have double vison.

I had gained 20# during this period due to the drugs I was on, inability to exercise and probably emotional eating. That weight has finally come off. Now I am working on those stubborn pounds that I'd put on over the years before the injury. SparkPeople has been an important part of my weight loss journey. I love all the support, love supporting my teams and Sparkfriends and try my best to participate in teams and challenges. I still have double vision, and sometimes it is hard for me to read and write long lines of text. I do the best I can and try not to let this overwhelm me.
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    What a horrible accident, Nancy! Your poor husband must have been beside himself, too. How's your vision now?

    I couldn't even be able to guess if the carrots would help, but since they're *carrots*, I doubt they can hurt, LOL.

    The silly thing about it all is that when we radically overhauled our diet to ancestral nutrition two years ago, DH started eating the bowl full of raw carrots at supper to simply 'fill in the cracks' and satisfy a munching habit that was not serving him well. We both have excess fat to eliminate (and his is ALL on his gut), and he has a sweet tooth, so the carrots hit the spot. He crunches away without overeating, and for minimal calories.

    About a year into the carrot habit (I don't eat a lot of them because I am more insulin resistant), he started complaining about his eyes... his glasses just were not helping as they used to. We figured he just need a new script, but he procrastinated and keep complaining. Finally, he just stopped wearing his glasses... but was really puzzled because he could see (blind as bat before, lol).

    Then we went to the doctor and, low and behold, glasses were no longer necessary. It wasn't until the doctor asked him what he had been eating that we both burst out laughing... I think the doctor was trying to be funny... and you should have see his face when we both burst out simultaneously with CARROTS! Priceless.

    Serioulsy, though, I'm not sure how much the carrots had to do with it but I'm certain our overall diet changes did... it has changed all of our lives/health. If you want to know more, you can read my blog here (I hate that I can't make the links clickable):


    ...and my daughter's story here:



    2616 days ago
    OMG! One would never know that you had been through this and are still continuing to have it as a challenge ... you have such a postive attitude and always give everyone on our team caring and friendly feedback. Having recently gone through surgery for a detached retina, I so empathize with you on the double vision. This up close blurriness is a real pain, but won't know for about another month whether or not they will be able to correct it with a different lens prescription. You're in my thoughts and prayers that more healing will take place for you.
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    3033 days ago

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    Oh my gosh! I don't know what to say except how very harrowing. You are a true rock star in my book for the way you manage to write and interact here. Your illustrations make it seem so very vivid and frustrating.
    3033 days ago
    OMG Nancy I am only now reading your blog! That is TERRIBLE - I am so amazed that you are able to retain such a positive attitude!! You ROCK!! emoticon
    3041 days ago
    I am so sorry!! I had a stroke in my eye and can sympathize with you. I lost some vision permanently overnight. It's been 10 years and I still have a hard time thinking about it. Hang in there--
    3391 days ago
    You have been through a lot for sure. I cannot imagine that much damage and you can put a positive candor to it and no sign of self pity. What a great attitude you have. I hope that at some point the eye will heal and regroup or there might be a time when another surgery will be able to correct the double vision.
    I hope it will be resolved for you soon. Meanwhile retain your positive attitude, HUGS Pat in Maine. emoticon attitude for sure. emoticon you are able to see, emoticon emoticon
    3391 days ago
  • MONIKA1948
    Sorry the surgery didn't correct your vision. I am so glad you found Spark also as it wouldn't be the same without you. You are always there to cheer us on. emoticon emoticon
    3391 days ago
    I hope you keep up your positive attitude and everything continues to improve!
    3391 days ago
    Oh, Nancy. You have really accomplished a lot since that while still struggling with symptoms of double vision. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you found SP too.
    3391 days ago
  • -THINQ-
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    3392 days ago
    emoticon What an awful thing to go through. So glad you found SparkPeople to help you through it. emoticon
    3392 days ago
    3392 days ago
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