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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am addicted to food. There, I said it. When co-workers and/or vendors bring in snacks, I can't seem to help myself! That is fine when we are bringing in things like apples and oranges and pears to cut up and share, but when there is candy, and cookies, and other not so healthy snacks involved, it's like I have never seen food before.

Ok, so it isn't like I start stuffing my face like I haven't eaten all day, but I take some, even though I am telling myself in my head, "you don't need that" or "you aren't hungry. why are you taking that"

All the exercise I do is not going to help if I do not figure out a way to say no to myself and mean it! This last week, I gained 1.5 pounds instead of losing. Last week I maintained from the week before. This next week will hopefully be better. I need to figure out how to get it together! I am just so sick of seeing myself in the mirror like this.

I want to lose 20 pounds before Stroke Camp weekend at the end of March and at the rate I am going, I have a long way to go. I would much rather be 50 pounds lighter, but that is not realistic or healthy really to lose that quickly. I just want to stop being embarrassed when I see the pictures from camp...

On a higher note, I just created my first challenge! I took some ideas from other challenges I have seen, so hopefully this one helps me as well as the rest of my team of sisters!

I didn't go to the therapy gym this morning because of my podiatrist appointment, so I definitely need to go tomorrow! My physical therapist added a couple balance exercises to the mix, so here's hoping I remember how to do them all! Thankfully she draws the most awesome stick figures!

A part of me is telling myself to go to the exercises I can do at home... the other part of me is telling me to go to bed... not 100% sure which side will win out right now...

Here's to the start of a better week!
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    Gum is a good idea or a hard mint candy, things don't taste quite the same afterwards. I worked at a grocery store when I was younger and what helped me to start eating less was I would get the same foods I used to but I stopped finishing them, if I got a doughnut on my break I would take a bite and throw the rest away. It started to make a real difference after a while.
    3460 days ago
    Spark Guy made his Motivation Poster and put it up at work to help him focus. Have you read the Spark Book? Borrow it from the library and read it.

    Then keep it in your desk to reread. It is not easy to be at work and food. emoticon Ypu are important
    3462 days ago
    What is Stroke Camp? I had strokes I wanna go to stroke camp! ;)

    It is not easy to retrain yourself not to eat whatever you want. That's what you have to do. When someone offers something first thing out of your mouth and in your head should be a very firm "No thank you". Say it like you mean it! Don't hesitate.

    Don't ponder, just say NO.

    Your a grown up, you have access to whatever food you want. nobody is denying you anything, that goody is NOT the last piece of cake, pie, cupcake, whatever, in the world. If you seriously want a piece of cake or candy go get yourself one, LATER. After you think about it, after you fit it into your daily calories.

    Get in the habit of saying NO and sticking to it.

    It's always going top be someones birthday, somebody is always going to bring in that box of donuts, that holiday is going to come around again next year.

    Today your going to say NO. It takes a while but you do get in the habit of not eating every goody that pops up in your life.

    When I started logging my foods I read about BLT's - bite, licks and tastes. I became aware of how many extra calories I was eating that I was not tracking. Yes that slice of cheese and ham that deli lady gave me to test the thickness does count, and its about 200 calories, was I adding those? Nope. That half a piece of sausage and pancake the kid left on his plate, NOT free calories! So I had to totally go cold turkey and ignore leftover food, I either threw it out *gasp* or put it in the fridge. I stopped "tasting" things in stores. I stopped eating those "leftover bites" on the families plates (jeez that sounds disgusting when you say it out loud).

    It is possible, you just need to retrain yourself, even if you have to lie to yourself. Tell yourself this week coming up at work:
    "For only THIS week, I will not eat a single unauthorized co-worker goody". If your like me, the possibility of never having something I want again will totally cause you to sabotage yourself.
    So tell yourself it's only for this week, and do it.

    Once you get in the habit you'll see its not that hard to continue!
    3464 days ago
  • DANLIN60
    Could you bring something healthy into work that you could snack on instead of the snack your co workers bring in maybe yogurt, this way you won't feel like you are being cheated out of a goodie but you'll be eating healthy

    emoticon emoticon
    3464 days ago
    I can certainly relate to the workplace temptations, I work with a dozen skinny minnies who never think about healthy snacks. I constantly have to work on willpower! Stay strong!
    3467 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11447306
    Have you informed your co-workers that you are on a journey to lose weight and get healthier? Sparks recommends letting as many people know as possible because a good support system helps keep us on track. At least you are aware of where the problem is and you are looking for solutions to overcome it. That is a step in the right keep stepping and you'll get to that Camp in March looking ready to stand in front of any camera!!!
    3467 days ago
    I can definitely relate to that danger zone that is workplace treats. Something that works for me is popping a piece of gum. If I have that in my mouth, I won't eat anything that's there. Good luck and keep at it! emoticon
    3467 days ago
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