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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My husband is my absolute favorite person in the world. What I love most about him are his messups... because they're cute and I can tell everyone and he goes "Babe! Why did you tell them!" and I say "Sorry" and give a pouty face and then he laughs and walks off...

Anyways my favorite snack that I just recently found is Chayote Squash. It's the best. There's no prep to it. Just wash it and slice into it, skin and all. There's a seed in the middle but it's part of the flesh and it gives it kind of a woodsy taste (don't know what that means exactly but people say it all the time and I'm guessing that's the taste they mean). I slice it like I would zucchini, put it on a baking pan, spray some spray butter over it (side note at the bottom), add some garlic salt (side note also at bottom), add some pepper, and pop it into the oven until the edges are brown. Literally you cook it just like zucchini.
To make the treat even better I normally add zucchini to it. I like the mix. And I prepare it the same way.
So it usually looks like this:

Wait wait wait... no it doesn't. Normally it looks like zucchini and squash, not cucumber and squash!!!! And I already added Josh to the story up top so you know he comes in somewhere here.
So Josh asked me why I bought a new zucchini instead of using the one he bought me. So I said "Because it's a cucumber." and he goes "No, it's a zucchini, it was with the zucchinis." So I got out a knife and cut into it and waved the CUCUMBER in his face. And he goes "I don't eat zucchini, I don't know what it looks like in the middle." My husband doesn't know the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber...
So I made the cucumber the same way I cook my zucchini and it actually came out really really good.
Then I followed Josh around the house with cucumber over my eyes saying "Look baby, the zucchini is working just like cucumbers do? Does this zucchini make me look sexy?"

Side note: Yes I push organic. No the spray butter and garlic salt are not organic. I don't wanna hear it from you. Shut your mouth or I'll tell yo mama what you ate last week!

8" cucumber- 45 cal, 11 carb, 2 prot, 0 fat
8" Zucchini- 31 cal, 7 carb, 2 prot, 0 fat
Medium Chayote Squash- 39 cal, 9 carb, 2 prot, 0 fat
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    bwa ha ha ha!!!!!
    2852 days ago
    I liked this whole post especially the side note! You have a great twisted sense of humor!
    2852 days ago
    I've had both and I really had to struggle to thing what the inner difference is. To me the outer skin on a zucchini just feels very different. Or maybe that's only on home-grown ... the ones where one plant makes enough to feed a small town.
    2852 days ago
    I have never cooked a cucumber...but I love zucchini baked in the oven too, and I would love to try the chayote squash. emoticon
    2852 days ago
    It would never have occurred to me to cook a cucumber! Thanks for sharing!
    2852 days ago
    emoticon You and your husband make quite a pair. Thanks for sharing the good humor!!
    2852 days ago
    Love it!

    (and I'm always seeing cucumbers in my fridge and thinking they're zucchini until I get them out and look closer- They are easy to confuse at a distance ) emoticon
    2852 days ago
    LOL......that is funny! Josh is such a fun person to be around it sounds like! emoticon to both ya!
    2852 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    . Josh sounds like a sweetheart! Most people aren't taught about vegetables. I bet there are a lot of people who don't know the difference.

    All my colleagues are talking about kale these days, about how it's supposedly a wonder food. One asked me if I eat it. I said, "Only for 20 years." I know she's seen it in my lunch. She just didn't know what it was. Why should she? However, I took a macrobiotic cooking class over 20 years ago and learned about veggies and grains. I don't follow that kind of program now but I do have a lot of grains and veggies that people don't recognize. It's just what I do.

    Enjoy your squash family of veggies!
    2852 days ago
    Too funny!s
    2852 days ago
    Original recipe! I guess, why not? emoticon
    2852 days ago
    Hahaha! That's too funny! It sounds pretty good. I will have to try that. Thanks for the ideas!
    2853 days ago
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