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Friday, March 16, 2007

wednesday evening i had the opportunity (FINALLY!!!) to attend a gastric bypass seminar held in a city about 30 minutes from where i live here in OKLAHOMA

this particular seminar was hosted by one of the 2 drs: LANA NELSON.

she went thru ALOT of stuff...

explaining several things to the 14 of us who were there in hopes to be able to recieve the surgery.

a few points:

excess body fat results in serious health problems.
obesity is associated to te risk factor for over 30 health related issues.
obesity causes alot of ppl to epirience SOCIAL ISUES as well SELF ESTEEM ISSUES and often DEPRESSION.

she even went into BMI (BODY MASS INDEX)
if your BMI is between 20-24.9 thats ideal
if its: 25-29.9 thats overweight
if ts 30-39.9 is OBESE
50 un up is EXTREEM OBESE

there is NO guarentee that youll lose weight with either the GASTRIC BYPASS or the LAP BAND (which they also offer)

the average weight loss for GASTRIC BYPASS varies by individual, but the average is: 70% of thier excess weight. LAP BAND: 60-70%

pegnancy: they advise you try NOT to get pregnant until about 18 months AFTER surgery.

RISKS:because the majority of the ppl having this proceedure are obese there are certain complications that CAN occure. HEART ATTACK,STROKE, WOUND INFECTION,INTERNAL BLEEDING,HERNIAS, INJURY TO THE SPLEEN, SERIOUS INFECTIONS, ULCERS, BLOOD CLOTS, and STRICTURES. following the proceedure patieients may expirience: BOWEL PERFORATIONS or LEAKS IN BOWEL INCISSION which would require another surgical proceedure.
RISKS asociated to LAP BAND: the LAP BAND can slip, REODE TO THE STOMACH which would result in another surgery, or BAND removal.
for both of these proceedures the occurance of any issue such as these happens 10% of the time..
and of course DEATH being the big issue to try to avoid.
GASTRIC BYPASS happens 1 in every 200 ppl
LAP BAND: 1 in every 900 ppl.

one individual behind me asked how many ppl died last year at this facitly with either surgery and dr nelson explained last year there was a 0 loss in paitients associated to the surgery or because of the surgery.
but it doesnt mean it cant or wont happen. if anyone dieds the statistics have shown it to be because of complications due to the surgery.

recovery time is alot shorter now a days as opposed to when this proceedure forst became popular. with GASTRIC BYPASS youd most likely be in the hospital 2 days and recover at home, back to work in 2-4 weeks.
LAP BAND: out patient, back to work in a week

after the surgey it is advised to eat high protine foods.

there are risks to having kidny and gallstones due to the inadiquate water intake after surgery. they advise after surgery to drink at least 6 LARGE glasses of water a day.

theres even a place to go with these ppl if your insurance denies the operation. they have provided each of us with a law firm that specializes in the push to get the surgery completed.

at the end she told us if the insurance policy aproved the surgery some of us could actually be in the operating room within 6 weeks.

i doubt ill have that opportunity, but it would be nice if i did.

hope for anyone else concidering either GASTRIC BYPASS or LAP BAND i provided enough information here to assist with your decission...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    If this is what you want, then go for it. Like everything, though, you have to be commited to it. I know people who have had it and put not all of it, but some back on.

    I wish you success in whatever path you are striving for!

    4053 days ago
    My knowledge on this kind of surgery is limited to one aquaintence who had it. (sorry if I can't spell tonite. I'm too lazy to pick up the dictionary.) Anyway, she did not give me all the unpleasant details but she was sooooo happy she did it. Last time I saw her I hardly recognized her. She was young, unmarried and wanting a faimly. Men hardly looked at her let alone asked her out. Its too bad people don't look at the inside as well as the outside before they walk away. She wasn't having trouble getting men's attention when I saw her last. I know your reasons are medical but when you do this there is going to be such a boost to your self esteem, as well:)

    Just a quick question. I'm not computer illiterate any more but I'm still techno-challenged. What happens when you subscribe to someone's blog? This site is the full extent of my computer social life and for the most part I'm quite ignorant of acceptable behavior. I like to know what I'm doing before I do it. At least I have that option in one area of my life.
    4055 days ago
    I'm glad you were able to get so much information on this surgery. If this is what you think is best, I hope you are able to get in soon, then you can begin moving on from here. I know we talked about this before, so I wish all the best to you.
    4056 days ago
    I thought about doing this, but I was too afraid of sagging skin, but then I'm older than you. I figured that if I wanted to not eat for two weeks and eat baby food for a month, I could just "pretend" I had the surgery and do that.

    I hope it works for you, if you decide to do this. It's not an easy thing to go through and it's not all that great to live with either, but if you feel this is your only choice, and you've tried everything else, then you gotta do what you gotta do and we will be here to support you.


    4057 days ago
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