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Operation Zip Em Up Week 4-1/2

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weight continues to drop slowly...I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in for BLC18. I'm wearing a pair of slacks today that have been super tight around the waist and thighs, today it's just the thighs that are too tight. Muffin top is SHRINKING...that has me very happy, hoping to start seeing some definition again in a couple weeks!

Still dealing with hip/quad issues, but it's getting better. Managed to join the Vancouver Fit group for the 5 mile run on Sunday, did fine with only two very short walk breaks. I will be running again tonight, may only be the mile around the school, but that's okay. Need to text AKASHELLY and see if she wants to join me. I'll be off to the gym tonight as well, of course I will...it's LCW (Last Chance Workout) day.

Still also dealing with the shoulder injury. I found myself tucking my arm on Sunday's run at mile 4. Iced when I got home, and the kinesio tape is helping a lot. I think this may be a long process though to heal properly. I pulled out my 3 lb dumbells...haven't used them in a super long time, but I'm scared to make it worse with weight.

I decided to not run Hood to Coast this year. I've signed up for too many raced through the year and don't need to set myself up for failure by adding that craziness too. I did tell ZMONEY I will be one of her volunteers...I think I made her happy!

As for the rest of life...Work is just as mad as ever, and I've gone and added a new dimension to my crazy, insane life.

It's been a year since Bob moved to New Jersey, and it's been a couple months since I heard anything from him. The mourning period is over...okay...I have to be honest here...It's been way over 2 years since the whole Bob and Robin thing began to fall apart...It was just easier to maintain what little bit of a relationship we had than to end it fully, until he moved back East.

I realized I'm back to feeling something lacking in life, and am once again feeling like I may not be attractive to the opposite sex. Yeah, I know...we women all think that way, but when you have been every man's pal for years and years - I think that doubt holds you a little stronger than for most women.

So...yeah, you know where this is going don't you? I signed up on a couple dating sites, and had a meet and greet with a delightful gentleman. Working hard to have no expectations. We've set up a "date" for tomorrow, and hopefully we have as much fun as we did on Friday when a 30 minute first meet turned into 2.5 hours and having the restaurant turning off their lights to shoo us out the door.

Wish me luck that the juggling act of my life doesn't end up with balls flying every which way!
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