Who wants to walk/run/bike across America with me?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

There's a web site where you can take a virtual walk across America! It's about 3000 miles, so not for sissies or the impatient. I've seen other Sparkers do virtual journeys but since I don't have any particular destination in mind, this appeals to me. Plus, I love the U.S. and plan to learn along the way.

My good Spark buddy Nina sent me the link after she mentioned it in a blog or comment. You sign up and choose which types of locomotion you want to use, bike, walk, walk/run, running, etc and then each time you exercise you go onto the site and log your mileage. The trip is from Yorktown VA to Florence, Oregon. There's a map that marks your progress across the country and you can see others' progress too if you know their ID name or number. Each time you enter mileage, they show you a picture of where you are. So far, it's just been a picture of the road! LOL (The site is not the most robustly functional nor typographically appealing, looks very old-school. But still.)

I've gone 9 miles and am currently in Williamsburg, VA. I've never been there so I did a tiny bit of research, just to learn something. Located between the James and York rivers, it was founded in 1632 and quickly became the center of pre-revolutionary politics. They established the College of William and Mary (the US's second oldest U) and the country's first mental hospital, Eastern State Hospital. (You could be smart and crazy! Wait. That makes sense.) Virginia has the distinction of having had both the Revolutionary war and the Civil War end there. Over half of the battles fought in the Civil War were fought in Virginia. Williamsburg is home to the famous "Colonial Williamsburg" historic area where you can step back into colonial times (I so want to go there!). They've also got a park honoring U.S. Presidents that contains sculptured heads of all of them. Heads, no bodies. That would be cool!

Anyway, if anyone else wants to join the challenge of walking (or running or biking or a combo thereof) across the U. S., the web site is


And my IDs are:
69101 TeresaK

Let me know if you do, I'd love to compare my progress with others!

OMG! This is President's Park. They're huge!
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