I am blessed to be apart of the Spark family! THANK YOU!!!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

I really do not know how to begin. I have a million emotions inside and I am not quite sure how to tell you just how thankful I am for you all. I sat down and read through hundreds of comments, emails and such from both Spark and my blog....and FB too! I was overwhelmed with emotion. Crying at times and laughing at others! Some of the comments sounded as if they were taken from a page of my life story.

I want to personally thank EACH and EVERY one of you for sending your best wishes, congratulations, and your support. Your emails have not gone unnoticed. I am working through pages of them trying to get a list of all the questions to make a FAQ page for my blog. I am really going to try and do all I can to answer you soon. Please know from my heart how much it meant to me. Your comments were so very sweet, so kind and yet you do not even know me!!

I was very nervous about posting the photos and I can see now from the responses that it was more than worth it! Some people were inspired to eat well as a result, some were motivated to hit the gym or go for a run and others were motivated to take photos of their own! To me, this was priceless!!! Seeing others take a step in the right direction. And it is that FIRST step that is often times the hardest. I know, I have been there and I understand where you are more than you know! Every emotion, every fear......I have felt to my core. BUT -- Victory is just around the corner, we just cannot see sometimes the greatness that is before us but HOLD's coming!!!!

Thank you my Spark Family for your encouragement and support!!! May each of you be truly blessed!

Stay the will be worth it all :)

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