What to do? What to do?

Monday, January 23, 2012

This is the question I find myself asking today! I have been walking on an extremely tender foot for the last couple months. It hurts if I point my foot forward, it hurts if I flex my foot back, If i walk more than a mile or so it makes its discomfort known.

After giving up my sedentary life last year, i thought I was being good about staying off my feet. When i first noticed it, I sat with my feet elevated and iced them. It seemed to provide mild relief. Since then, the most I walked any given day was 6 miles, and the most I could tolerate running was .75 miles! Of course, the logical thing to do would have be to go to the doctor and get my foot x-rayed and follow their directions. Alas, I cannot afford it. And being a person of conscience I can't bring myself to go to the Emergency Room. After all, it is not an emergency so much as it is annoyance. My trainer has asked me about my foot every week or so. Well, when we touched base yesterday she told me that much as I did not want to hear it she was convinced I had an overuse injury of some sort. This being the case, I really need to STAY OFF MY FEET for a COUPLE WEEKS! AFTER, staying off my feet I need to take baby steps in getting back into walking/running!

So...yesterday I began my two weeks of sitting. I am now sitting in the recliner with my feet propped up, a posture that I will continue as much as is humanly possible for the next two weeks.

The question remains, What to do? What cardio can I do? Do I do strength training? I can obviously spend lots of time spreading the spark, planning meals, etc... but how do i continue in my quest for better physical fitness? hmmmmmmmmmmm...
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    Swimming an option? Non weight bearing for the most part and you can choose how much you want to involve your lower body. You can get a good upper body work out.
    2872 days ago
    I would think ST should be ok. Keep your nutrition tight and you won't gain. Hope it heals quickly for you!
    2872 days ago
    I actually discovered the gym I go to has an arm pedaling machine (a full-size version of something I've seen ~INDYGIRL show on one of her blogs).

    Adding to what ARCHIMEDESII recommended, I ran into some foot issues myself and REALLY_ROBIN had recommended some Calf stretches. That may seem silly, since the calf is not the foot, BUT if the calf muscle is tight, it pulls against the achilles tendon which connects to the heel - and that pulls against the plantar fascia which stretches from the heel toward the toes. That constant pull can worsen the existing tightness.

    Now, you didn't actually mention what part of your foot is tender. There is more than plantar fasciitis. There is a bone spur at the heel which can be caused by plantar fasciitis and there are issues with the bones that form the arch in either direction and there is something else involving the ball of the foot - the metatarsal area.

    I've been doing okay with the recumbent bike so long as I make sure to stretch my calf afterward. But it might not be a good idea in the first week or two of giving it more complete rest.

    The way I personally look at it is this - even a paraplegic (someone without the use of their legs) has the capacity to remain fit. Ditto for someone who has had hip or knee surgery. I don't care if the exercises are demonstrated by or designed for someone in their 80s - as long as I can modify them to get my heart rate up to the needed range. And, hey, more toned arms as a consequence is a bonus.
    2872 days ago
    SP had some chair exercises posted on the site.
    Check around as I can't remember where I saw
    them but I do know there are some you can do
    sitting down. HUGS!
    2872 days ago
    The first thing that came to my mind was the Plantar Faciitis that was just talked about. I too would recommend that you check out that website that was just recommended and see if any of that helps. You will get through this!

    2872 days ago
    How is your foot feeling ? It's good that you've been taking time off from exercise to let your foot heal. I know you want to be conscientious and keep exercising, but a person should never walk or exercise with pain.

    Do you do any foot stretches ? If not, I would recommend doing some regular stretches for the bottom of your foot. You might have plantar fasciitis. the only way to know for sure is to check with a doctor and get that foot x rayed. For now, some stretches might help. You can find some really good ones here.

    Another thing you can do is take a can of soda. put it in the freezer until the contents are solid. Then you roll your foot over the can. that will help decrease any inflammation.

    Regarding exercise, you could use a recumbent cycle if you have access to a gym. that's the cycle where you sit and peddle in a reclined position. that will take stress off your foot. Another good exercise would be swimming or water aerobics. Being in the water will also take stress off your foot. And both are excellent cardiovascular exercises.

    Do some upper body strength exercises while sitting in a chair. work your upper body muscles while your foot takes time to heal.

    Mostly, try not to worry that you can't exercise as much as you'd like. When it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. exercise is what keeps our bodies fit. So, as long as you are eating right, you'll be fine. you won't derail any of your efforts at good health because you can't exercise as much as you'd like.

    You get the foot better first. Then you can think about regrouping your exercise.

    2872 days ago
    so when I hurt my foot my friends on sparks told me about chair exercise and I could only find youtube videos of like 90 year old people and It made me feel worse when I did it....BUT1 month ago coach nicole made one here it is and you can do just upper body or lower and upper you can do just one leg and up your bad foot on a pillow or even lift it some whatever works for you!!!


    2872 days ago
    Sit is a chair and move your arms around. Wave them, twirl them, whatever you can do. Your heart rate will increase. There are actually arm-chair exercises for people with mobility issue. I do believe Spark has some.
    2872 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Two months is a long time. I discovered chair exercise while on my road trip. Strength training, when done proper, will get a sweat up. The fact is, without medical attention, the only thing out there is speculation. I do know that you must find a way to exercise. I realized that , had I not stepped up, I would lean on my injuries as convenient excuses. That didn't fly and I realized I had to step up. Thanks for sharing and I wish you well.
    2872 days ago
    I used to work with disabled adults. Most were in wheelchairs and some were propped up (like a recliner). There are a lot of chair exercises that you can do out there. it's not the same I know... but it would be a way to keep on the right track whether your feet are okay or not.
    Best of luck and I really hope that your feet are better soon and for good!
    2872 days ago
    2872 days ago
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