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Why Should I Bother?

Monday, January 23, 2012

I've been asking myself this question for a few days. I'm in a minor depression, probably just a funk. And of course, my train of thought always drifts to my weight, and my lack of doing anything to change my weight. And my mind keeps coming back to this same question: Why should I bother?

I can read the benefits of exercising and eating right all day long, but until I can actually find a real motivator for me, I feel I will continue to not work out, or eat right. I've felt like this pretty much since I had my daughter. I was so motivated right before I had her, and now...nothing. Sure, I've worked out a few times, and felt great afterwards. But this Fall and Winter have been marred by allergy attacks that make me just want to lay in bed and do nothing. I am feeling so unmotivated right now and I don't see it getting better any time soon.

I just wish I could be comfortable in my own skin....
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    Just from one mom to another...maybe you need a guilt-free "rest" day or two to help you get back into it? Good luck emoticon
    2342 days ago
  • 46SHADOW
    I hear you! Good luck continuing on. Sometimes just doing it until you feel it is supposed to work. I've had a rough couple of days so I'm just trying to get going myself.
    2342 days ago
  • LINDA!
    The previous comments really make sense. Please take care of yourself. You will be a great example to your daughter.
    2342 days ago
    Oh, my gosh! Your motivator is the one person who depends on you the most--your daughter! If such a special being decides to come to you as your child, you must be a special being too! And if you would do anything to care for and protect that little One of Light, wouldn't you do this for her mother as well, so that she can continue to love and protect her child?

    You are going to be her role model for what a woman is like.

    And, if this is not going away, please see a professional! It could be post-partum depression. It may be mild, but if you're not living the life you'd like, please have it checked out.

    2342 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/23/2012 7:17:59 PM
    High Heels! Sometimes it is easier if you pick something tangible. I have been in a slump too....looks like I need to follow my own advice. What I used to do when I rocked was set a goal and if it got completed then I get something new.

    My first shot at it I picked out a bathing suit for completing 30 miles in April...I did 75!
    2342 days ago
    It can be difficult. Just have to keep trying. My proudest days are the ones that I work out even when I don't feel like it. IT's easy to workout when you're motivated and up and at 'em. It takes a true warrior to do it when you would rather stick a needle in your eye than get up off yo ass and sweat.
    2342 days ago
  • CALI1156
    Motivation is a fleeting animal. It's different for everyone. For me, I have to set small reachable goals. The "big" picture will overwhelm me and I will be tempted to give up. I can fight that temptation by focusing on each thing I did that will make me healthier.Losing the weight is an added benefit to getting healthier. Make good food choices add some kind of exercise to your day each day. Small steps. Then celebrate those steps and focus on that.

    I have sworn off the scale. I am using the way my clothes fit to determine my progress. I avoid things that interefere with my progress and the scale is one of those things.

    Each day is a day closer to your goal of a healthy life!
    2342 days ago
    I'm struggling to find motivation myself. Unfortunately I have a ton of viable motivation (I don't have clothes that fit, a stranger called me a fat b**** a few weeks ago, I think I want to start dating again, I don't want to get diabetes, I think it will help my job opportunities, the list goes on and on) but nothing is motivating enough to light a fire under my booty which can only mean that I don't care :( I want to care. I hope you find the spark again

    2342 days ago
    Dont give up!! Keep working at it!!

    I love that picture!! It says a lot!!
    2342 days ago
    Don't give up....You can do it. I have hypothyroid and for the past 3 years no matter what I did...I didn't drop a pound. I even gained weight on a Vegan diet! I changed doctors and meds....I face my fear this morning....the scale. I have lost 11 pounds. I do exercise everyday (always have) and my's not exactly 100%. I refuse to give CAN do it!
    2342 days ago
    That's a very usual picture. If you are truly in agreement with the statement, then you are right...'why bother?' If not then you need to do what makes you feel that way for you and none else. And it looks like you have loving husband. Speaking from the men point of view, I like confident women! Something I am working on myself.
    See you around.
    2342 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/23/2012 10:02:40 AM
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