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Take the path LEAST traveled..it's ALWAYS going to be more interesting!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I LOVE this unusual and interesting antique vase that made it's way to our gallery. It inspired me to write this blog.

Aren't you almost ALWAYS pulled toward unusual things of beauty? I am.

It's pretty much the same way with me concerning people. We all love pretty things. But I have to admit...most of my friends that I find the MOST intriguing aren't the raving beauties. They are the ones who have a few bumps and blemishes that character has carved into their faces and psyches.

Maybe it's because they spend more time on the INSIDE lessons of their character rather than the OUTSIDE wrappings to please the masses.

I remember a VERY vivid dream I had of Josh shortly after he passed and it has stayed with me with as much impact as it made that very night. We were flying, we are almost always flying...it seems we soar around from place to place usually somewhere exotic and we are discussing the sights we've seen. In this particular dream we were flying over a busy colorful city but it was wayyyy down below us. It could very well have been NYC as that was Josh's and my last mother/son trip together. He LOVED that city...he told me that as soon as he got his film school education he was MOVING there..no questions asked! I told him fine...I loved the city too...and would move there in an instant...he looked at me and winked..."well, sure, mom...but you are first going to have to convince dad...which by the way will NEVER happen...and second...if you do manage to...you have to give me a 45 minute buffer zone...so you can't just happen to be in the neighborhood and drop in unannounced!" Okay...okay I've got it...you are growing up and are cutting your dear ole mummer's apron strings.

But I digress..in this dream we were having a very serious conversation and Josh was telling me that he liked it SO much better where he was now. He told me..."mom..it's just SO much better here...people can't fool you like they did on earth. You know...someone who is SO good looking...but has a heart that is black as coal...they use those good looks sometimes to trip you up....in my new world..you see people from the INSIDE..out...and you are judged NOT by your looks...but by your good deeds to others...yes..it's just a better place here mom...you'll see...you'll see for yourself some day." I just laughed and smiled and told him I knew he was right...I knew he was pretty much always right about such mysterious and deep thinking...he always was an original.

Now...I DO know there are cases right here on planet earth...where someone is drop DEAD beautiful and VERY awesomely interesting on the inside too..Angelina Joile comes to mind immediately...or even that hottie potatie she is married to...Brad Pitt. But they are pretty unusual...that fit both categories. emoticon

I have to say most of the absolutely GORGEOUS people I know are actually...sorry..bout this but true fact..a little boring. Maybe it's because they have never had to develop a whole depth of character because they have always been propped up by their looks. Again...George Clooney comes to mind...the fact that he won the Grammy..for his latest movie The Descendents...was disdainful to me...talk about a snooze fest of a movie...out-righteous gasp! I must be a harsh critic...but PLEASEEEE George give us something meaty...we can only take so much of your gorgeous~ness...then it just doesn't cut it anymore! emoticon

Sooooo at LONG last...here's the point to this blog. If you don't feel that you are the shining star in the room...give em what you've GOT! Give em your brain power emoticon give em' your human kindness and your pazazie personality...give em YOU! Take the path least traveled...it's always the more interesting path...and the people you find upon it...are well...pretty well worth meeting!

"You have to leave the city of your comfort...and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself!"
Alan Alda

Glad to know ya...... self! emoticon

Sometimes I actually can be pretty darn interesting..right Josh?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog, Bobbi! You always make me feel like we could sit down for a cup of tea and then visit the afternoon away!

    Great story of your dream with Josh. You never forget those memories, do you? Josh is always with you, always by your side. He loves you so much, Mom, and is so proud of all you've done in his memory. :=))

    It always gladdens my heart to know you're out there, clear across this great land of ours. I have a feeling we'll meet one day and I'm looking forward to it!

    Keep that bright, blessed smile shining, my friend!
    2306 days ago
  • SAL1512
    And your blog leads me to believe that we all need to look for that inner beauty, the beauty that is not right out there for us to see. . .
    Sally emoticon
    2309 days ago
    I love reading your blogs! You always ether get me thinking or crack me up!
    2313 days ago
    Love your blog!! How is the weather there?

    Wendy emoticon
    2313 days ago
    Great blog!!!
    2314 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Who we are is not as important as what we are and what we are is our total experiences in life.

    Taking the path LEAST traveled is definitely more interesting.

    2315 days ago
    I think it's our experience in life that shape us into who we are and how we deal or not deal with things that happen in our life. Sometimes the right path isn't always easy to see. While I many of us have many ups and downs in our lives, perhaps some have more than others, but those ups and downs make us who we are.

    I use to gravitate towards people who were beautiful but I've found that it's the people that aren't necessarily all that pretty are far more interesting than the "pretty" people. Life is better when you surround yourself with people who aren't shallow. I think beauty is so much more than skin deep.

    You are such a special person! I'm so glad I've met you and I appreciate you sharing with us how you view the world and how Josh saw the world. I know Josh is proud of his mama! He was a wise young man. It seems that some people are wise beyond what they should be for their age and it seems as though Josh was one of those rare wise people at such a young age. You and your husband did a great job of raising your son!

    Big Hugs to you my lovely virtual mom!
    2316 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    You make me smile and think and see what it really
    there. Your eyes are open as well as your mind.
    Keep that positive attitude and drop-dead gorgeous
    smile.Josh wouldn't want it any other way!
    2316 days ago
    I love how in dreams we can fly... seems like in dreams we have all sorts of super powers. Thanks for sharing and Spark on my friend!
    2316 days ago
    Great blog. Yep you are very interesting and beautiful too.
    2316 days ago
    Thanks for another little peek into your mind and heart. Bobbi, did you know that dreaming that you are soaring/flying is a very spiritual dream ?
    Such a beautiful message from your little man.

    I remember when my darling mum passed and on the third day I dreamt that I was asking her what she did for food, was there enough there where she was. Her answer...
    "Kay darling, you have never ever seen such beautiful food, there is so much of everything, so please dont worry, we all have more than we need here".

    Her presence was so strong, it was so real that there is no doubt in my mind that her new home is just as real as ours here.
    2316 days ago
    Beauty is as beauty does! And you do lots of beautiful things!

    2316 days ago
    I can see Josh now with a big smile on his face saying "Way to go Mom!"

    I think it's life's experiences that lead us to see things through the eyes of those experiences and how we deal/or not deal with them. Sometimes we have to struggle to obtain the right perspective and know in our hearts what the right thing to do is. Any event in our lives can be viewed in a negative or positive way. Sometimes it takes a little time to reach the point of seeing things for what they are and hold onto things that warm our hearts.

    Life is so much better being able to have the tools to appreciate the beauty in others, being kind to strangers, and going out of your way to bring a smile to someones face.

    Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what you see through your eyes and what was seen through Josh's. Very inspiring and heart felt. He was such a little man at such a young age. Wise beyond his years for sure. You and your husband did an outstanding job.

    2317 days ago
    2317 days ago
    GREAT blog! Right on Bobbi! emoticon
    2317 days ago
    Bobbi, I love your insights. Your blogs always make me think, which I swear should get some kind of calorie-burn. emoticon
    2317 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2317 days ago
    good blog...and nice vase :)
    2317 days ago
    I LOVE THIS VASE! And, yes, I agree. The stunners I've had in my life (men) have been BORING! (smiling) My dearly-departed cousin's fave city was NYC, and I myself loved crossing over from NJ as a youngster. Big hug, Bobbi.
    2317 days ago
    Or as they say, if you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle them with bull.....
    Seriously, though, you're right...be the best you can be and everything else will follow.
    Love the pic.
    2317 days ago
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