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Sunday, January 22, 2012

It is to the point where I have to write something about Sparkepeople recipe contributions. It is on my mind and bothering me so if I don't get it down it's on me for letting it get to me. Recipe contributions are not necessarily from expert chefs right? The are from the sparkpeople community. We get to see the nutrition panel on each recipe's ingredients (although there have been times when the numbers posted there did not make sense or seem to agree with the list of ingredients) but that is not the reason for my complaint here.

What I am a little upset about is when you comment on a recipe. I thought if you comment and perhaps say,"a little too high in sodium for my family (i have a husband with diabetes, hi blood pressure and High cholesterol but he is not overweight - I on the other hand have none of those problems, just a weight problem with a handicap where exercising is difficult) so as I was saying I would say "too hi in sodium and fat for me I would leave off half the turkey pepperoni and olives and add in fresh veggies. Thanks for the idea!" I never complain about the numbers without giving some kind of solution. I thought that's what a support site like sparkepeople was all about. But then I would see a comment like 'Try making the recipe instead of all the WAILING AND MOANING and making the poster feel bad'(there was more to it but I guess I've blocked it out). I have seen posts pretty regularly similar to this. I guess making a comment to change a recipe, giving advice is NEGATIVE, and making someone feel bad but saying you're making someone feel bad and being negative and NOT saying anything about the recipe is not. It is always strong language and always very unbecoming.

I am not a perfect person, I guess if I was I wouldn't need support sites like Sparkpeople lol. But I am always careful to point out in my recipe comments when something is too high and a possible solution. It may be alright for most people, but if I cannot make a recipe for my husband to eat, then it is not worth my time and effort because the pain I have to go through to make dinner cannot be wasted making 2 dinners. Plus I thought it would be helpful for those people who have to watch their sodium and fat numbers - I know they are out there. Some of the recipes offered are not really appropriate for Sparkpeople site in my eyes (this is JUST MY OPINION) but I am careful as to what I say. I always say what numbers are to high and offer a small adjustment to help out - give some kind of solution. That is not negative and mean, it is supportive and helpful. Cutting someone down for being like that is nasty and negative and I wish people could understand the difference. It would make Sparkpeople a nicer place to visit. It is one reason I stay quiet most of the time because when I do say something I usually get a negative response, maybe it's my delivery. But unless you've limped a mile in my shoes using my crutches, you have no ides the road I have traveled.
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    Your blog made me smile because I have encountered the same thing on Amazon. I write a lot of reviews since I am a voracious reader, and learned long ago how mean people can be- for no reason at all. They'd leave biting comments just because my opinion was different from theirs. I also learned early-on, not to go back and read comments on my reviews. On SP, there are those same types of people. Ignore ignore ignore.
    2313 days ago
  • AUNTB63
    I try NOT to let what others think (negative) get to me. Doesn't always work, but if I don't try...that would be on me.
    That being said I think your approach to comments left on recipes is exactly what we need. I look at recipes and agree a lot of them don't seem to be for SP, but I look at them, look for added comments/suggestions and than decide if it is worth my time to make. Please don't give up on commenting....there are more of us who appreciate your efforts than lose who should just keep their negative thoughts to them selves. Have a wonderful weekend...and thanks for sharing your thoughts. emoticon emoticon
    2313 days ago
    Or consider how your comment is worded. If a recipe is too high in sodium or fat, for example, you could say, "I found that by doing/using ABC, the sodium or fat was reduced." No finger pointing, no saying "Your recipe stinks." Just my humble opinion.

    I look @ Spark Recipes absolutely daily. But I ALWAYS look @ ways to make it healthier when that's possible. If something just doesn't seem appropriate for YOU, that's alright too, but why do you have to say that to the recipe creator? You really don't. I find that hurtful.

    Good point, good blog.
    2313 days ago
    I have noticed as well that people are very protective over their recipes! If they've created them out of thin air maybe they feel like they are sharing something very personal and feel like any type of suggested change is offensive. For me, I just make the changes I want to and keep my fingers quiet lol :)

    From another point of view though, I am on blood pressure meds and when I see comments made by kind people such as yourself I do find it helpful to see ways to cut sodium and fat that possibly I didn't think of on my own. So, I for one, thank you and others like you who are trying to be helpful!

    Here's another idea, make the comments you want to, print out the recipe and never go check to see what sillyness is going on with the helpful comments you do make! :) Less headache all the way around!

    2313 days ago
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