So Frustrated!

Friday, January 20, 2012

It seems like every time I get in a good rhythm at the gym I get really sick and have to stop. The first time was just after our club opened and I was trying everything and really starting to feel the mental change and I got nailed with bronchitis. Well you know if you can't breathe then you can't work out...I was laid up out of the gym for over 2 weeks. I have endomitrosis so at any time I feel awful and crampy but during my cycle when they decide to show up can be a nightmare so no gym that week. Then the holiday's came and All of the sudden it's 4 weeks out of the gym. My last week and a half of winter break I made a serious commitment to the gym and My friend and I decided to meet on a hit a few classes, we had so much fun together. So we are kicking butt and taking names, I actually made it to all of my regular classes during my cycle this time and Honestly I felt better than I have in years. Winter break is over and back to work I go, but that's OK beause I have a gym buddie to help with the momentum and were still on track with out work outs and classes. Well this week my family and I hit the gym and came home and by 2pm I was freezing and my stomach hurt really bad. And by 4 I was in full sick mode. My son decided to join my sick party and actually ended up in the ER at midnight hooked to an IV for fluids and pumped full of anti nausea meds. I was still at home having my sick party until about 4 am. Well the next day I'm running a low grade fever and then the next day I just hurt everywhere. I went back to work yesterday but it was awful, I was having hot and cold chills, waves of nausea and no stamina. I'm still only tolerating liquids and I hurt. So I got sent home early and then today I stayed home and went in to get checked out. I have a freaking Kidney infection. I'm put on some heavy duty Antibiotics, pain medication and anti nausea meds so that I can at least drink fluids and flush this thing out. When I asked how long it would be until I could start working out again and I was told at least Monday and he highly suggests not until all meds are out of my system. That's 10 days!!!! I can't be out of the gym 10 day's that's crazy. It's killing me that I haven't been to any of my classes since monday and I'm looking at 4-10 more days??? I realize my body need to recover but it's also just getting used to my new lifestyle and now I just have to stop. That's going to pack the pounds back on!!!! Especially with the cranberry juice UGH! I just feel like once I get going I get hit with a brick wall and have to stop! It's so frustrating!!!!
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