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Working out, options and ideas?

Friday, January 20, 2012

My ideas are kinda all over- so be patient with this one .
Back a few years I started working out first thing in the morning, that way life wouldn’t get in the way. It worked well for a long time, but now I am starting to question if I should keep things the way they are more try to change it up.

Currently I weight train (with a bit of cardio) at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The gym is actually located in the building next to where I work so very convenient. I get up at 403 in the morning (no that isn’t a typo); get my gear and lunch/snack (mostly prepped the night before to save time in the AM) and make/eat breakfast and head to gym (missing rush hour traffic). I work out then head straight to work at ~630am. I usually get home around 420pm (missing rush hour traffic). Sometimes at night I’ll do a little more cardio (bike ride, walk). I try to get to bed between 8 and 9 pm, usually around 830. Yah, that means I go to bed way before dusk in the summer months. DH even bought me blackout sheets and lined the windows with cardboard so it would be dark in the bedroom for me. My work time is a bit flexible, so I can move it around if necessary.

On Tuesday and Thursday I get up around 430 and do cardio at home before work (though sometimes I’ll still go to the gym when I need variety). The rest of the day follows suit.

My issue: Getting up a smidge after 4 in the morning is getting harder and harder. I still get up and work out. But every morning my first thought is “why am I get up so early” follow by “should I just go back to sleep?” Some mornings I do go back to bed for an extra 15 minutes or so because I feel extra sleepy.

My options:
Keep working out in the morning.

Pros- homemade breakfast right before. Missing traffic. Not worn out for working all day. Getting home about the same time as DH. Having time to work out in PM if I feel like it. Having time to do stuff on Friday night or other times after work.

Cons- 4 in the AM! Means going to bed really early to catch my zz’s

Work out during lunch.
Pros-not 4 in the morning, I’d still mostly miss rush hour traffic
Cons-my lunch can be a bit random in time (and sometimes short). My workout also usually takes more than an hour- then a shower, and eating lunch. Sometimes I have group lunches/meetings I need to attend.

Workout after work
Pros- no real time limits other than being in family time.

Cons- DH get homes around 410PM and I like to be home around the same time-not required though. Getting caught in traffic, especially in winter. Being tired after a long day at work and not wanting to go. Planning another away from home meal before going to work out.


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    Looked at your comment on my page.

    "My bmr is up for debate, most calculations have me around 2500 cals/day. "

    I can probably help you with that. I've written some spreadsheets for this and can email it if wanted.

    "My nutrient ratios are carb heavy for that reason."

    This is another area that would cause me issues. I'm somewhat carbo sensitive and need to keep max 50% unless I'm doing long distance cycling or 3 to 4 hours of intense aerobic exercise. In my spreadsheet it has a macro nutrient calculator giving you the ability to play around with it. A good to figure it out for you is trying something for 2 weeks and tracking, you will find what works for you.

    "I always work out with my HR monitor, and work out vigorously (65-85% max HR). "

    If you aren't already doing this try breaking it up. Do very intense intervals over 85%, recover to under 75%, repeat and repeat. Easy day, hold it at 65% and recover. When you go hard, go harder, when you recover, go easier.

    Send me spark mail if you want more info.
    3119 days ago
    You have the motivation, good for you. Keep up your plan for a few weeks and start to look at way to improve it as you learn about yourself. It's about you! No one can tell what is best for you but you. Morning, afternoon, night, it all works as long as you do it sometime during the day.

    How do you sleep? How much water? What is your BMR? What is your activity level? What is your macro nutrient break down? Do you eat a lot of whole foods? Do you know how to eat, sleep, and exercise for your body type (Ecto, Meso, Endomorphic). Find more tools and hone the ones you have. Aerobics, high intensity balance with low intensity, do you have a heart rate monitor? Strength is a huge key, look at functional fitness, bosu, dumbbells, Swiss Ball, walking, breathing.

    Let's do some serious thinking to answer these questions for you. If you have any questions see my blog/vlogs and ask away. I can help you find the resources, only you can make it work for you, others have said this.

    Good luck and you are on the right track. Keep going.

    3126 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7942202
    I recently read an article on yahoo maybe, something...anyway. It reported that a recent study had shown that people who did strength training in the afternoon/evening gained 22% more lean muscle over the duration of the survey. The article also suggested doing your cardio in the morning had increased significant effects on your metabolism throughout the day.

    Perhaps divide and conquer...
    3127 days ago
    I would keep it in the morning, but see about doing some workouts at home as opposed to gym time to see if you can save about a half-hour. Getting up at 4:30 vs 4 can make all the difference. You can do a 30 day shred in 1/2 hour, or a kickbocking video in under an hour. Then when you leave for the day, you leave directly for work-- you could possibly save even more than just one half hour that way.

    You could also work out at home a few days a week and keep it at the gym a few days a week-- that way you could have maybe 3 "sleep in" days per week....

    Or possibly checking with work to see if you can come in 1/2 hour later, at 7 am instead. Granted, this means you will get home 1/2 hour later, but it's only a little time difference.

    You could also shorten up your workout in the am and then do another workout over lunch, but that seems like alot of changing clothes/getting ready, etc. for not alot of payback.

    evening workouts never worked for me, as I find excuses not to do it.... but if you can trust yourself to do it, go for it.

    It sounds like you're starting to get tired of this routine-- so I would try to do something to change it up.... good luck!
    3127 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5785843
    If it were me, I'd check out my diet first to make sure I was still eating plenty of good, wholesome food that boosts my energy and not a lot of the foods that tend to sap it. For me, personally, that means trimming starchy carbohydrate sources and sugar because when I eat them, my blood sugar goes wonky and I get weird hypoglycemic symptoms, which includes lethargy and dragging behind in the morning. Switching to the grain-free, higher fat/protein diet stopped all that and I feel pretty good in the mornings now.

    If you want more Zs in the morning, what about making the week's breakfast on Sunday night? My breakfasts usually include eggs, and I enjoyed making a crustless vegetable quiche that refrigerated well and only took about five minutes to put a portion in a bowl and heat it up in the microwave. Little mini "quiches" with veggies and chopped ham are convenient for the same reason; poached eggs can be made ahead of time, stored in a bowl of water, and reheated; and vegetable mix-ins for scrambled eggs can be microwave steamed or sauteed the night before and then get dumped in the pan in the morning. Turning your workouts into faster-paced circuits or other high-intensity patterns might cut down on your gym time and still get you to work by 6:30.

    In terms of testing out a new schedule, what about DH? Is he on board with a healthy, energetic diet and a workout regimen as well? If there's another gym around your home perhaps after-work family time could include your trip to the gym, or if he's interested in walking, running, jogging, or bike riding with you, you could leave your cardio until you get home and do it together.
    3127 days ago
  • BILL60
    I would opt for the early AM workout. With that option there is not possibility of missing your workout. Good luck.
    3127 days ago
    Wow, I'm tired reading about it! 4:03! AM? It really sounds like that is your best fit. Can you switch up your routine a little and do something with the DH on the weekend, and then maybe have one morning a week that isn't a 4:03 morning? Also, if you are on daylight savings time, this will ease up at the next time change. I think my body refuses to recognize Spring forward, fall back.
    3127 days ago
    Well Loren,,,U have thought this all did out. I am NOT an Am person so I can't do that ! Ive done the lunch time,,,r you willing to "smell" some for the rest of them, do you have clients u are meeting the rest of the day? If not,,,,,hey,,, well at least TRY IT and see if you like it. IF you like it,,, well I LOVED IT !!

    The one right aftah work,,,I ALSO tried,,, I DID NOT Stick with it after 6 months, though I LOVED how regular everyone was.

    So try them ALL and see which U LIKE !

    Again my fav was the Lunch time. UP TO YOU HON ! Diane
    3127 days ago
    WOW! First of all: WOW!!! You are amazing! Hands down, blown away by your sense of commitment. I'm usually falling asleep at that time.
    Don't know what to tell you. You need to figure out what works best for you. Maybe, try one week for each option and see what fits best for you...

    Anyways, you inspire me!
    3128 days ago
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