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Friday, January 20, 2012

and I really have nothing to say.

Paula Deen. Ok, maybe I can say something about her. It's something relevant and in the news and I did see a Spark article about it today (very slanted, but, whatever). I don't watch her show, I don't watch any cooking shows, but I know who she is and that her reputation is for high-fat, high-calorie food. I also know she tends to have a devil-may-care attitude about the health value or impact of the food she promotes both on TV and in her cookbooks and that she uses the excuse of being "Southern" to justify things like using donuts as buns (really? I wish I had thought of that one during my fat years! Bet I dream about that tonight.).

Anyway, people should be allowed to eat how they want, right? Wrong. Not when all of us are paying for their health care. When people have health issues that result from eating too much (aka- being fat), they cost all of us money because they tend to have to visit the doctor a lot and the insurance companies raise rates and blame it on high volume use of the system. So, if everyone were a bit healthier, costs wouldn't keep going up so much. And although I do believe that most people who are overweight end up not being able to help that because their bodies stop processing food correctly, I do believe that we each have the responsibility to do what we can to be healthy. (Spark is the way!) And eating food you know is BAD for you and encouraging other people to do the same and even glamorizing it on TV and in glossy paged cookbooks is irresponsible on many levels, health care costs being the first one I though of. I know free choice plays into it but come on, people are gullible, they are in a daze and anything they see on TV they think is okay. Which explains Fox News.

So here's this Paula Deen, promoting and encouraging bad eating and she gets diabetes (duh!). And just like Sara Ferguson or Marie Osmond or whoever else has profited from publicly getting healthy, she's gone out and gotten herself a contract to promote a diabetes med. So far, I was okay with that. I was thinking, OH, she's going to change her song, show everyone how to eat right and exercise and control her diabetes with this med and she'll be a great example of what so many people need to learn about and do. Beautiful!

BUT NO!!! That's not the whole story! I read somewhere today (and it wasn't Fox News so I believe it) that she has stated that she DOES NOT INTEND TO CHANGE HER EATING HABITS!!! WTF???!!!! Like this pill she's contracted to promote is a magic cure and she can go right on stuffing her face with whatever she dam well pleases and she's going to be cured. I hope this pharmaceutical company drops her butt ASAP because watching Miss Deen blithely continue to do what she does when she knows she's got this condition is going to be watching someone kill themselves. That can't be good for profits. Enough said.

You go girl!
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    Here's the way I see this going down... Paula learns she has diabetes. She calls in the boys for a pow-wow. A collective expression of "Oh sh$#, what are we going to do now? People won't buy our cookbooks if they think it will give them diabetes! We gotta keep this under wraps. No media leaks! Quick, let's throw together a *healthy* cookbook and get a sponsor deal with one of the diabetes pharm companies. Once we have that deal inked we go public with the news and announce the cookbook. It'll sell like hotcakes slathered in butter and dripping in syrup!"

    I'm not surprised she has diabetes. No one should be. If she was all full of love and care for her fans like she says she is, she would use her celebrity-ism to re-educate those fans on how to cook great Southern food in a healthy manner. It can be done!

    I don't think she owes it to her public and I don't think she has to change her ways if she chooses not to. That's her problem and she's responsible for feeding her own self.

    Totally disagree with you on this statement. "I do believe that most people who are overweight end up not being able to help that because their bodies stop processing food correctly.." MOST people can help that they are overweight. They just don't. Very few have real medical reasons. Even then, if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen one way or another. It may be slower, it may be harder, but every person CAN lose weight.
    3125 days ago
    Oooooh, Teresa.....you express my feelings better than I can even feel 'em. From Fox to Deen, health care costs, etc. You are right on the money!!!

    Reward yourself for a good work-out? Yep...one of the dumber things I've done!

    I saw this last week: "Don't reward yourself with food....you're NOT a dog!" Hilarious and too darn true! It's tough to watch parents bribe their toddlers w/ junk food for good behavior. The next generation of SPs starts there!

    Thanks...great blog...loved it! Paula's priorities are messed up. Big bucks instead of good health. Let's turn off the tube & youtube & go zumba!!! Move it, baby!
    3125 days ago
    I have to agree. We happened to be watching the food network this morning and Paula was on, she FRIED yellow squash (or zuccini?..I' not good with names) and she said "you can't have every healthy food be healthy because it doesn't taste right",..something like that. I thought "BULLSH*T!!!! B*TCH get off your high horse and admit it,you're fat,lazy, and don't care just like mose of America!!". I don't like anything about her...ughhh
    3126 days ago
  • BECCAJ98
    Well said!
    3126 days ago
    Right on - you crack me up!
    3126 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    emoticon emoticon
    3126 days ago
    I agree it is irresponsible but you cannot make people change. I do believe however she shouldn't be on TV promoting
    unhealthy habits.
    3126 days ago
  • REYVE01
    She smokes too emoticon
    3126 days ago
    Paula Deen could do much for the people who have diabetes type 2 like my husband. It is unfortunate that she doesn't use her situation to help herself and others...
    3126 days ago
    Never seen her show. Greg has a recipe for a pumpkin cheesecake pie that he has made the last two Thanksgivings and it has like 430 cals per piece, so I had half. Meanwhile, she's as dumb as a brick if she gets on YOUR bad side!
    3127 days ago
  • JETMAG26
    There is that old saying, "it's a free country." Paula Deen can eat or smoke whatever she wants and if someone doesn't like it, don't watch it, don't read it. Don't worry about it. Federal funding and state funding goes to a LOT of things I don't like and I protest with my vote. Just as anyone is free to protest with their wallet.

    Go Paula. Do what you want and if it kills you, so be it....you could always be hit by a bus tomorrow.

    PS Not a fan of Paula's, never seen her show. Just a fan of individual responsibility and free will.
    3127 days ago
    Well, I've always just liked her happy-go-lucky personality--but this is serious. Just a while back she was on the Doctor Oz show and admitted that she is a smoker. He was trying to persuade her to quit, of course. Now this! She needs to change her tune.
    3127 days ago

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