I may be a little ranty today. lol

Friday, January 20, 2012

Darn those people.... you know the ones I am talking about. Those people who work out... NEVER but seem to eat ANYTHING they want without gaining one ounce. Gah! Must be nice to devour fast food 6 times a week and then have your jeans fit PERFECT.

They always seem to rub it in too "yeah, I don't have a problem with my weight, I can eat whatever I want" (really, I couldn't tell - you look like a dressed up toothpick) or (and somebody ACTUALLY said this to me recently) "I don't believe in 'watching' what I eat... b/c you only live once and I want to enjoy my food".... really? Well.. if you gained weight just from LOOKING at a french fry I bet your views would change real quick (and did you know you can still ENJOY your food while working on your health journey.... it's CraZyyyyy ;) . LOL. I don't mean to come off as obnoxious but.. I am jealous. Well I am and I'm not.

I am because.. wow.. I just am... I wish I could eat anything without having to worry about if my pants will feel tight in ten minutes. I wish I was blessed with the genes that make me able to lose weight while sitting on the couch eating a double cheese and a McFlurry. LOL.... but I wasn't. Gosh, how easy it must be for them (now) to not have to worry about their weight. I have to WORK to meet my goals and... it is no easy task. It makes a lot of mental power and training... it takes a lot of educating myself on the "why's".. it is difficult... which leads me to my next thought and sometimes I would love to say this out loud to some of those people. "No, you may not have to 'watch' what you eat to maintain a healthy weight.. but... let me tell you... just b/c you can maintain a "healthy" weight DOES NOT mean you are healthy by any means. " Because I have had to adjust things in my life by eating cleaner, working out and educating myself on what true health is... I definitely have the upper hand. My struggles with weight have made me a stronger person all around - and for that I am thankful. And.. those people may be able to eat whatever they want now but.. when we're both 80, and I maintain a healthy lifestyle and you maintain a couch potato style and you've been "eating whatever you want" I would love to see who's the healthier out of the two groups. I may get slightly envious at times, especially when I am really struggling, but I always remind myself that I am on a health journey and they just so happen to be lucky enough to have whatever it is that keeps their weight in check - but that does NOT mean they are healthy. Health is a journey, not a pant size.

I apologize if I come off as ranty today, but I had to get that out.

** end of rant **
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    I hate those people lol

    2284 days ago
    You are so right! Many people are skinny, but unfit, and that means that they are not as healthy as they could be. I share your frustration, but let's help each other remember that health is the true goal and looser pants are the secondary benefit.

    2284 days ago
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