Be Accountable for your own sinking ship!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am sure we were all a bit horrified by the news story about the cruise ship disaster off the coast of Italy. Mistakes were made and lives were lost. The thing about the story that bothers me most is not just the report that the captain abandoned the ship and refused the Italian coast guard's order to reboard it, but how he refuses to accept blame for this small part of the story by telling outrageous lies about HOW he happened to be off the sinking ship before all the passengers. I've read that he said he was CATAPULTED off the ship and just happened to land near a life boat. My aunt read somewhere that he said he FELL OFF INTO A LIFE BOAT! Think of the odds of that! He's blaming physics and nature and making excuses. And he looks like a complete idiot. He's has not yet learned his lesson in accountability.

Accountability. Every Sparker worth their salt (or who's had some success) understands the extremely key role accountability plays in this journey to health. And it's a tough one to learn. No one wants to think that they themselves are to blame for their failure. It's easy to become the queen of excuses, isn't it?

Luckily, Spark People understands it's role. That's why they give us Trackers. Those aren't there just so we can SEE what we've eaten or how much we've exercised but so that we have to acknowledge it. It's one thing to track, it's quite another to ruminate on what the resulting charts are telling and showing us. Where the blame really lies. Once the light bulb about the connection between what we put in our mouths and how much we move our bodies and how we look and feel goes on, AND we decide to stop eating too much and the wrong things and stop sitting around and start eating healthy and exercising regularly AND then we do exactly that, over and over until it becomes habit, we are just as bad as that captain with his excuses.

This blog is not a happy, feel good blog. Unless we are willing to acknowledge that the biggest obstacle between us and our weight goals is our ability to blame and make excuses. Let's stop doing that! If your reason for eating that crappy item or not exercising sounds like blame or an excuse, it most likely is. And we can stop doing that. Being accountable will take us where we so want to be. Get out of your life boat and get back on the damaged ship.

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