A New Plan, A New Hope (teehee, nerd reference :D)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I've been gaining and losing the same 2 pounds over and over again. I'm getting really frustrated about it because I still haven't even hit my first goal weight! My goal weight is so close within reach and it feels like there's a wall that I can't break through to get to it. Because of this I'm going to be making changes to my diet and exercise routine.

In regards to my diet, I'll admit that I haven't been eating completely healthy and clean. I've been letting myself have snacks and such every now and then when I really didn't have to. I've noticed that I think about food much more now than I did before, which I find weird. So to try and fix this, I'm going to be cooking my own dinners. I tried doing this before but then I'd get lazy and not want to cook. I've been getting really tired of the Lean Cuisine meals I was buying and eating because I only like a handful of them, and now I'm tired of them... I already started cooking last night and I made enough to last me probably a little over a week, so that'll be nice. The hard part is just doing the actual cooking and cleaning all the dishes. All the chips and candy are almost all gone, so once they're finished I'm not going to buy anymore, at least not for a while.

As for the fitness--Back in July I think, I started working out with my boyfriend at the gym doing his strength training routine which is all upper body, and on the other days I was only going for a run for my cardio. I was still losing weight at that time, but once I got to where I'm at now, it stalled. The other day I went to Lori's gym with her to workout with her personal trainer and try out an ab class. Her trainer made us do tons of leg work and the next two days my legs were dead. I didn't realize how much I had neglected my legs by only running and not doing my workout videos like I used to (there's a lot of leg work in the videos) before I was strength training with my boyfriend. So I made the decision that I would not do his routine anymore and I'm going to incorporate my videos again. I'm still going to run, but I need my videos again. I remember what I used to do was go for a walk (either with Lori or without) for around 45 minutes and then do a workout video, sometimes two, in the same day. Why can't I do that now? There's no reason not to. I was doing that 5-6 times a week! I know I can do that now. Since the videos are mainly lower body work with cardio, I want to put together my own upper body workout that I can do at the gym while my boyfriend does what he wants to at the same time. We both enjoy going to the gym together, so he's a little upset that I don't want to do his routine anymore, but he still wants us to workout together, so I need to figure out something.

I needed to get this all into words and off of my mind, so thank you for reading if you made it all the way through! I'll definitely be updating about my progress with this new plan soon.
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