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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I don't have a great deal of time to write this, but I just had to!

It seems everyone in my unit is trying to lose weight and they are all staying away from the evil CARBS! (Do you hear the ominous music building in the background?)

I thought low carb had died... but just when you think it's safe to go into the water...

Hypothyroid people (like me) should eat fewer carbs (like 45%), but not go LOW carb... most people can get 55% of their calorie intake from carbs and be fine. And while I heartily believe that your mileage may vary on any "rule"... generalities do exist... and too much protein can be harmful to your body by throwing off your electrolytes, making your blood too acidic, and damaging to your kidneys, etc. And there are legit diet plans for certain health conditions that are very low to no carb, but you need a doctor and dietitian to monitor you while you are on it.

But from everything I have read, what Atkins and every other "diet" plan, they all manage to restrict calories... but they do it through gimmicks and not necessarily healthy ones.

I'll take Spark and a balanced diet, tyvm! Moderation not restriction!

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    gREAT BLOG!!!
    2284 days ago
    I find it funny that this is going on in the Army! Really? Even there, the gimmicks hit with shock & awe! Eesh!

    I've written and almost sent the same thing a few weeks ago about fad diets, but since it was a horrid rant that just needed to be vented I didn't send it into the universe.....yours is MUCH better than mine & the universe must have needed it said!

    I agree with you...balanced and moderation really is the only way to go....and that goes with exercise as well. Here's my mini-rant to add to the fray on that: You can exercise ALL YOU WANT....but if you are not fueling your body in the PROPER BALANCED way...it will be harder to LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off for good.

    People feel guilty about not getting their exercise in...not me....I feel "guilty" if I haven't tracked my nutrition. Exercise IS very important, but nutrition is every minute of every day. My advice if people are struggling: Figure out the nutrition part out first (track it!!) and do a 30 minute walk every other day to start...more intense exercise will come in due time.
    2284 days ago
    And there is the extremely low carb, low almost everything "Paleo diet", based on the premise that we shouldn't eat anything a cave man wouldn't have had access to. So, basically Vegan, but without any grains (on the apparent assumption that the hunter/gatherers would not have been gathering that), and from what I can see, mostly salads. What? Paleo Person was into leafy greens? I don't think so. I think instead that portions were limited to what they could manage to hunt and gather, and that they ran off the calories gathering their food. OK, enough of that rant. Had to get it out here, because the people who have fallen for these diets do NOT want to be confused by the facts.
    2285 days ago
    OMG, I almost posted something really similar - it is driving me CRAZY! I cannot talk to even one coworker without them bringing up evil, evil carbs. They also like to tell me how since I haven't lost as much weight as them, I'm clearly not working hard enough. Uh no jerks, it's because I'm hypothyroid and lose weight differently than you. But thanks!, haha.
    Give me SparkPeople any day!!
    2285 days ago
    Hear hear !

    I've tried telling co-workers (who are restricting their carb intake) that is wasn't the carbs that made people fat, it was the CRAP that did it ! That and the giganormous portions people have been eating.

    If anything has contributed to the exponential expansion of the American waistline is the super sized portions they've been eating. People should be eating their carbs ! Eat that spinach ! Enjoy that kale ! I ate carbs like bread, past, rice, potatoes, etc... while I lost weight. I still eat all those items and I've kept the weight off.

    moderation, not deprivation. Your coworkers think that cutting carbs will help them lose weight quick. yes, they will lose weight quick and they are doomed to regain it even quicker. everyone wants the quick fix. Well, weight loss ain't that easy. If it was, we'd all be skinny !

    2285 days ago
    I like to balance it out too, and tend to stay around 50% carbs, which works well for me (I gotta admit, I love my carbs!) But I also try to stay away from the refined sugar/flour and go for the less processed and whole grain stuff.
    2285 days ago
    I think you said one very important thing: if you have a health need to go low carb, please get help with monitoring.

    Low carb is critical for my health because it keeps me off diabetes medication. I'm at the extreme because moderate carbs still allow my body to sneak in diabetes.

    I worry that my diet is too high in fats all the time because my cholesterol is over 200. But my diabetes doc is happy.
    2285 days ago
  • ADAM2298
    A good post and I agree with you.
    I really enjoyed the quotes you have listed under other information of the front of your spark page. Will add some of them to my collection. Nice job!
    2285 days ago
    The most positive post I have read in two weeks. Thank you so much. Thank you for giving back to everyone. You may not realize it but you have made someone's day!!!!!!
    2285 days ago
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