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What happened?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Sunday, I was so enthusiastic about the new 28-day bootcamp DVD. I was ready to continue on Monday.

I had just been up about 30 min. (Monday) and was preparing my tea. I went over to the sink and felt funny, then, all of a sudden, everything around me was moving. I knew, I had to get to the breakfast nook and sit down. I moved, holding on to the counter, and everything around me started to spin, faster and faster. I needed to make a dash to our table/chairs and finally did, but ended up on top of the glass table. The chair was right there, but I didn't know how to reach it. The kitchen and family room, everything started to spin even faster. I finally made it to the chair, but almost fell off it. I held on to the window sill and table with my chair rocking. No, it was not an earthquake. I was afraid of becoming unconscious. Nobody else was in the house. I was terrified. Eventually, the spinning slowed down, I broke out in a sweat and became very nauseous.

I thought the safest place would be my bed, but how would I get to the bedroom? I sat still for about 15 minutes and then slowly got up and moved towards the bedroom. I laid down and was hoping that whatever I just experienced would not return. I started to wonder what this was all about. I recalled a Spark friend having Vertigo, but she has had it off and on for a long time. I would have to check with her. I knew her symptoms. She confirmed that it, very well, could be Vertigo, because of the spinning sensation, breaking out in a sweat and getting nauseated. I have had a lot of headaches lately, but this could be because I stopped drinking coffee.

Three days later, I feel much better, but felt weak and continued to feel nauseated. My headache has subsided. It was a scary moment, and I hope I will never have to deal with it again.

Today, I just went for a walk with my husband. He has not walked a lot in the last three years because of lung problems. It was touch and go (especially going uphill) but we made it. Tomorrow, I want to continue with Coach Nicole's 28-day Bootcamp DVD. Will see how it goes.
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    Marlis, Get thee to a Doctor!
    Reading Your blog Scared Me...
    Please take Care!
    2317 days ago
    You had a really scary episode, especially since you were alone in the house. I had an episode of vertigo once, similar to what you describe with the unbelievable spinning every time I moved my head. My doctor thought it was possibly a virus infection in my inner ear, the part called the labyrinth. But he admitted quite frankly that they really don't know what caused "labyrinthitis". I never had any headache, just the spinning and the associated nausea.
    2318 days ago
    I hope that you will see a doctor about it. It sounds so scary! Glad you're feeling better now. Hugs to you!
    2319 days ago
    best wishes for a swift diagnosis and advice for prevention of a further attack. I'm sure I would be tempted to think of it as "one of those things" but your doctor should be told.
    btw that is one sneaky way of getting your husband fitter too, I like your style!
    2319 days ago
    Very scary! I agree with others...I would call my healthcare provider after such a scary experience. Take care of yourself!!
    2319 days ago
    Oh my! I hope you have scheduled an appointment with your doctor! That is scary! Glad you are feeling better!
    2319 days ago
    I have those symptoms, but much less severe, when I start rev-ving my lymph system again. Muscle movement moves the lymph fluid. The anti-dote is Vit C. I've read that 500 mg is about the maximum that is easily absorbed, in our intestines, in an hour, but that much can be taken multiple times during the day. emoticon
    2319 days ago
    Take care of yourself. You may want to consider visiting a doctor if it happens again.
    2319 days ago
    Hugs and prayers! You need to talk to your doctor if it continues! Be careful.
    2319 days ago
    That does sound terrifying! I'm so glad it subsided. I hope you have a good doctor you can talk to about it.

    Take good care of yourself! emoticon
    2319 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well and that you have been experiencing these symptoms. I would suggest checking with your doctor too just to make sure that everything is okay. Take care of yourself.
    2319 days ago
    That sounds really scary! I hope it was an isolated incident. Take care! emoticon
    2319 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2012 8:57:37 PM
    What did happen? Hope you are okay. I'm glad that you are better and please tell your doctor the next time you go for a checkup. I know what you felt laying in bed hoping to feel better and not knowing what to do. I pulled I guess a muscle in my upper body moving a chair. Only I didn't really know what the pain was in my chest every time I bent down. When the pain stopped after a couple of days I decided it was moving the chair. Thanks for the info about vertigo.
    2319 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2012 11:29:22 PM
    Oh no........did you call your medical professional? How scary ! Hope you are ok ! Please get checked out !
    2319 days ago
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