Apparently, I've been an ST slacker!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All during 2011 I did Strength Training by myself, at home, using either the SparkPeople videos or SparkPeople exercises using hand weights, the resistance band or the exercise ball. Or I found some videos on YouTube or I tore routines out of one of my fitness magazines. I made sure I worked out at least twice a week, did each set to muscle fatigue, and rested at least a day between these ST workouts. I also changed my routine about every six weeks, going from weights to ball to band, etc. Sounds good, right?
Well, let me tell you that after having done Jillian's No More Trouble Zones just once, I realize I have been a total slacker in the ST department. That workout is hard! You'd have thought that doing ST like I have for over a year, I'd find it challenging but doable. Nope. I seriously struggled with this video! I was huffing and puffing and drenched in sweat and wondering if I was going to survive and this was during her first "circuit". But, I stuck with her and did what I could. Which was somewhat less than her "beginners" moves. Parts of it I could do and keep up with and yeah, I understand it's supposed to burn but there were spots (lots of them!) in this video where I just could NOT DO IT.
And....I LOVED IT! I felt powerful and klutzy and strong and dumb all at once. Think of the room for improvement I am going to be able to see! I am going to let that woman kick my butt weekly. (I still plan to switch back and forth between this DVD and my new Coach Nicole one.)
And I love how at the end, when we're all cooled down and stretched out and sitting on the floor she looks me in the eye and tells me not to undo all that hard work I just did by going off and eating crap. Love her! Because THAT RIGHT THERE, the eating part and not undoing your workout IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I've learned. Who hasn't rewarded their hikes with a pitcher of margaritas? Who hasn't stopped and bought M&Ms as a reward for a good gym workout? It was only once I got my eating to match my working out that I started to succeed. But, I am getting off topic! The video rocks. (Why do people not like her?) And so does the Coach Nicole 28 Day Boot Camp one. So now, I've got two great DVDs to rock this body into supreme shape. Ha ha, supreme shape. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to stop me.

I always loved their dresses!

We all know Jillian used to be chunky but did you ever see a pic?

This is the video. See the little yellow oval? Great marketing!

And here's an example of the moves! Upper and lower, all at once, no stopping, come on!
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    Glad you enjoyed the tough workout. I've got to get back into the ST groove.
    3127 days ago
  • NOW4ME2011
    Hey there. Thanks for the post on my page. Yep, it was Miss Michaels. I wanted to recommend Cathe Friedrich to you as well. I love her pyramid S.T. DVD and I think it's her "travel" S.T. DVD where she uses a resistance band for S.T. Awesome S.T. DVD workouts and she's very informative about using proper form, etc. Never injured myself once following her. ; )

    3127 days ago
  • REYVE01
    She does have the moves..... anytime I do anything Jullian I'm soaking wet... emoticon emoticon
    3127 days ago
  • NOW4ME2011
    Well...you know what I'm going to say. ; ) Be Careful!

    I'm on Week 8 of Recovering from an injury from doing one of her High Intensity Interval Training DVD's. And for anyone out there thinking 'you just didn't know what you were doing'...um, yeah, I did know what I was doing.

    She's intense so you are at a higher risk for injury...please be careful. Her screaming 'No Excuses' got me into the mindset of 'I can do anything'...and went farther than I should have too soon...I knew better - I just got caught up in her screaming motivation.

    I think you look wonderful and have made wonderful, smart, healthy progress. Just don't want to see a friend end up where I am - 8 weeks of pain and a workout routine greatly diminished from what I could be doing - had I not overdid it with her.

    3127 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/19/2012 10:36:10 AM
    Great workout! I would have never known that earlier photo was Jillian . . . wow!
    3127 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3127 days ago
    So agree. If I need a good ass kickin I put her video in. Might have to do one this weekend.
    3127 days ago
  • JULIE2719
    Amazing - glad you loved it! I have been going to Body Pump class and it can be a crazy hard workout.
    3127 days ago
    Love Jillian! She's always good for a butt-kickin'.
    3127 days ago
    emoticon You go girl! Those pics are quite the motivation too! Love her reminder to not undo it. Keep it up!
    3127 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7782993
    Not sure I could do that kind of a workout. Running, walking, elliptical and coach Nicole's workout DVD are enough for me. I suppose though that you are much younger than me. You go!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3128 days ago
    emoticon Love that you pushed through a hard workout! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jillian!! I have almost all of her workouts, they are KILLER and typically under 35 min, so reasonable for the time expected. The benefits of her workouts are WONDERFUL! I have lost so many inches, that I can directly relate to her DVD's. If you have itunes, she has a podcast that has so much great information, really worth checking out. You may like her Ripped in 30 or 30 day Shred... they incorporate 3 min of ST, 2 min of cardio, 1 min abs for each segment. Glad you found ST that pushes you!
    3128 days ago
    emoticon Also, I believe that it should never get easier. The more in shape you get, the harder you push yourself, which leads to just as much exhaustion. I bet, if you are having that much struggle now it was much worse before. You are doing a fantastic job!
    3128 days ago
    No slacking with Jillian. I can only work out with her at most twice a week. You go on up that mountain, Girl!
    3128 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2012 6:30:34 PM
    O agree Jillian is amazing!!
    3128 days ago
    It's funny how much harder we can be pushed by someone like Jillian - even when we think we're pushing ourselves. I'm finding out the same thing in our 12-week classes. If I were doing it on my own, I'd probably work up a sweat, but there's no way I'd push myself to keep going when I start feeling that "I can't" feeling!

    YAY for you and that new body you're working on!!! Look out bathing suit season, here comes Teresa! emoticon
    3128 days ago
    Ok - time to post a vlog of you doing this!
    3128 days ago
    jillian is a butt kicker! Got her online app for a while - hubby got a 3 month trial - that i didn't realize was only a 3 month trial - and it kicked my butt and i couldn't do it totally. 5 days of 5 circuits. I ended up with 2 days of 3 circuits and was working up to 2 days of 4 circuits! Alas, i'm not willing to pay for her to damage me since i'm not actually doing her whole program... though the eating this is interesting and what portions you should really be at vs what spark people say... anyhoo - way to go!
    3128 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Love it when I find that one more thing to motivate and move me...glad Jillian is doing that for you...it is amazing how far we have come and how far we can still go when shown the next step on the this get healthy journey! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to keep putting in a little more effort and making sure that I change things up and reach for the best I can be!!! Smiles Barb
    3128 days ago
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