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In my humble opinion –
There are two major things you can do to speed yourself along the road to a healthy weight and a healthy body.


Sugar is evil! Yes, it tastes good. It is also addictive. Eating sugar makes you want more sugar. Your body doesn’t need it. Do an internet search for "Is sugar bad for you?" and start reading.

I doubt that anyone has ever said to you, “I THINK YOU NEED MORE SUGAR IN YOUR DIET”, lol.

I’m not telling you to search out every gram of sugar in a can of green beans. I’m asking you to avoid SWEETS, DESSERTS. You know what they are. Don’t eat them. Also, find a substitute for every sugary drink you slurp into your body. Sodas, “health drinks”, coffees laden with syrup and sugar. LIQUID is the FASTEST way to CONSUME THE MOST CALORIES. How long would it take you to eat enough healthy food to equal what you can DRINK that is loaded with sugar? And how fast is it to drink it?

Pop some sugar free gum in your mouth when you want sweets and drink some ice water with it. Make it a new habit.


No matter what diet or way of eating you prefer – low carb, high protein, low fat, low calorie – doesn’t matter. You can always ADD non starchy veggies to it and be more successful.

I’m not saying you can’t have some green peas or a potato now and then. I’m saying just focus on ADDING NON-STARCHY VEGGIES to your diet. Really work on it. Be creative with salads. Add fresh veggies to your canned soups, rice dishes, frozen dinners, etc. Put them on a cookie sheet, spray them with olive oil and roast them. Think about it every day. WHAT CAN I ADD TO MY FOOD TODAY that increases my consumption of fresh vegetables?

I doubt anyone has ever said to you, “I THINK YOU’RE EATING TOO MANY VEGGIES”, hmmmm?

We wake up every day a read about something else that has been “discovered” to be bad for us. That doesn’t happen to veggies – unless they are sprayed with DDT!

Non-starchy veggies are wonder foods. They are good for blood sugar, blood pressure, your liver, your pancreas, every organ in your body, including your largest organ, your skin. EAT MORE of them.

I’ve been eating a large salad for dinner every night. At first I got tired of salads. Then I became more creative. I try every green leaf that is sold in the produce department! I add sweet yellow, red and orange bell peppers, crunchy carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Artichoke hearts. Zuchinni. Bok Choy. I use a spoon of vinegar and a spoon of olive oil for dressing. Garlic and onions. I add legumes sometimes, tiny pieces of feta or blu cheese. I try everything and now I’m addicted to this large crunchy salad every day. If I’m eating out at night, I have the salad for lunch.

More than anything else, eating all these vegetables has changed the way my body feels. These plants are making my body happy, lol. I still eat steak and ribs and chicken once or twice a week. But my focus is on the veggies.

The less I consume sugar and processed foods and the more I eat lots of veggies, the better I feel!

Try it! What can you lose?

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    Fabulous Blog Karen. I have my LARGE salad for lunch every day. If I feel I need some protein with it, I eat a hard boiled egg. The more leafy greens I have the better. Chick peas, or Garbanzo beans, are really good on salads too. I also like canned beets, drained and rinsed, I'm always thinking of variety in my salads. They say "Variety is the spice of life". Thanks for posting this Healthy Blog. emoticon emoticon
    I clicked on I liked this blog.
    2742 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2012 3:43:06 PM
  • no profile photo HOPE4THIRTY
    great post!
    2742 days ago
    Great reminders. How many times do we have to read and hear this until we "get it"? For me: it's not over...I wish I could have a micro chip implanted in my brain. But, I'm glad that I have this site with people whose opinions I respect to drive it home to me and maybe today will be the day. Well, at 1:37 p.m., I've already succumbed to a "treat" but had a healthy lunch and breakfast. Thanks, Karen! I'm going out to walk now...second time today so far.
    2742 days ago
    I like to add cole slaw mix to stews and soups - adds almost no calories and ups the veggie count per serving! emoticon
    2742 days ago
    I do the same thing. I gave up drinking anything with caffiene, sugar, or calories years agi with the exception of milk. I eat lots of nonstarchy veggies a day.
    2742 days ago
    Fabulous post.
    I follow these philosophies too. You explained this wisdom very well. Really nicely written.

    another important one for me is Drink Water. I believe the hydration part is also important in any health program. Only in rare instances would you be told to drink less water.

    Three cheers for veggies - Captain Vegetable would be proud :)

    **came back to say - I clicked the Like button on your blog (my first time ever doing so) because I believe what you have written here should be shared with everyone - it's like Common Sense
    2742 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2012 10:24:17 AM
  • MOGAL1946
    Great info! I love the veggies and need to try more varieties! I do get most of my sweet stuff from the fruits I enjoy. Like PJ, I can't bring those Lays Chips home or the binging begins! Never tried Kale...will have to pick some up next grocery trip. emoticon
    2742 days ago
  • DGAIL51
    THANK YOU!!! I really need to work on the adding more veggies. Adding fruit is no problem for me & I do like veggies. I think I don't like to take the time to prepare them when I eat alone. I just need to get over that & just do it. Next grocery shopping trip, I will concentrate on the veggies.

    I do get a lot of carrots-- in my breakfast fruit and yogurt smoothie. It really adds to the flavor. I love carrots & celery as crunchy sides when I make chili. I love sweet potatoes, cooked dried beans of any kind, but those are strachy. I have work to do to add more "fresh" veggies.

    2742 days ago
  • --KREN
    IMHO, the only way to manage chips is NEVER BRING THEM HOME, LOL. I did like kale chips. Extremely light and crunchy. Joe, however, spit them out! Karen
    2742 days ago
    I'm not overly fond of sweets and I love veggies so that helps - a lot. My downfall is startches and salt ... like PJ, the chip bag is my big temptation.
    2742 days ago
    I don't have a problem liking veggies I just get in a rut and need to try new ones. I am going to try some kale this week. Breaking them in small pieces with some olive oil an a little salt. They say they are delicious and crunchy like chips. That would solve a huge problem and keep me out of the chip bag.
    2742 days ago
  • GABY1948
    GREAT advice, Karen, as always...I agree with you so much! But, for me, I want to add things sweetened with artificial sweetener of any kind. I just can't have it...I binge every time! HUGS!

    P.S. Already, when I have my one Kashi frozen entree each day, I add one or two servings of veggie like green beans and it not only makes more of the Kashi food I love with their spices, but I get the veggies!
    2742 days ago

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