1st Very Hard Day....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This probably has something (or a lot!) to do with going back to work after a long 3 day weekend and getting up at 5:45 am, instead of 7:45 am. Right there you have a loss of 2 hrs. sleep! So....the day began with less than average energy levels. I was draggy all day. Then to compound it, I was HUNGRY and found myself thinking about forbidden foods. Even craving them. DH has a big bag of peanut M&M's that I have to walk past many times a day - the open bag was killing me. But I dug deep and did NOT reach in and get one. Amazing in itself. I wanted to eat some very badly though. In days' past, I have not had much trouble with temptation - but today it was there with a vengeance.

All of the walking today was forced, feeling as if I couldn't muster another step, but I plodded on and managed to get it done. Did some strength training too and it was even harder. The weights felt like they weighed 50# each - so hard to get this done today - but I did get 4 sets in by willing myself to just DO IT.

I didn't go over 1200 cal. with the food today but I could have SO easily. Sweets were a big temptation today and I felt like I could've plopped down at the table and polished off a whole huge T-bone steak if one had been there. Instead, dinner was Pregresso tomato basil soup!!!

Oh I hope all of this will go away tomorrow. We will ALL have our 'days' and I will just chalk today up as being one of those. It was as if I could feel myself backsliding throughout the day and I fought it all day long. I think I did win, but it just wasn't an 'easy' day. This is part of the journey - every day can't be a cake walk - no pun intended. Good days & hard days, the challenges have to be met head-on and dealt with through perseverance and focus.

Tomorrow is a clean slate. Signing off so I can get more sleep tonight!

Warm wishes to all who read this - hope you had a super day!!
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