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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Here is the advice I gave regarding.

As far as hoarding goes...
Be patient, but firm.
Reward yourself as you begin to face and manage hoarding

In no particular order, I work at using these guidelines -


Does it represent a memory which I wouldn't have with out the reminder?
Is it creating a health hazard?
(Mold, bugs, unwanted animals, piles which could fall, a fire hazard,
no safe way of moving through your living space, etc.)
Papers, magazines, mail, bills, receipts, coupons, and email
Do I need to pay it or keep the receipt?
Do I need it for taxes or ID?
Do I actually read it?
Can I find the same information online?
Did I use it in the past year?
Is it replaceable?
Is keeping it the same as keeping the love of the person it represents?
Is there a rule stating if someone gives you something, you have to keep it forever? (Re-gift it)
Do I fit in it now?
Do I need it?
(i.e. Is it replaceable?)
Do I love, really love it?
Could someone else use it?
Could I sell it and get some money?
Baby steps are good.
Work to avoid overwhelm.

And the other part of hoarding - ACQUISITION...

Do I need it, Do I love it, or Is it an impulse?
Satisfying an impulse provides an initial high, usually followed by feeling down or shame
Is that temporary high worth the after effects?
If I waited a month, would I still love it? Wait one month.
This is one of the few times procrastinating is a virtue :
Do I already have the item?
Do I have a place for it?
Is it physically safe to keep the item?
Not on the floor, a pile, or in a bin/box/bag
Would I really use it?
Think of similar items - Have they actually been used in the last year?
Or if a gift, Do I actually remember to give the gifts I've already acquired?
Give the gifts before acquiring new ones
Can I afford it?
Would the money be better spent elsewhere?
Is it physically safe to obtain the object?
(For example dumpster/trash diving is not safe.)
Do I need it, Do I love it, or Is it an impulse (Do I want it?)
If I waited a month, would I still love it? Wait one month.
This is one of the few times procrastinating is a virtue : )


Seeing something you want and not getting it,
If you do obtain something, get rid of two other things.
Setting aside daily time to manage stuff
Handle each item
Quickly make a decision - rational, not emotional
Avoid acting on the fearful thought: "What if...?"
If it is something which can be dealt with in less than 30 seconds, deal with it.
Example: If something is dropped or knocked over, pick it up and/or clean it up
Discover the difference
between loving the item and loving the person associated with the item
Spend time with the people who are important to you
This feels much better than spending time with an object they've given you.
Follow through - actually finish something
Create then use a support system
Other hoarders, friends, family, a counselor, therapist, or psychotherapist, group therapy


Use it.
Take care of it - like a bill.
Recycle it.
Donate it.
Sell it.
Gift it.
Put it in the trash.
Put it in its own place.
This space, designated by you, is specifically for this item.

Praise yourself as you begin to manage your things
Take a deep breath and relax

You do not have to do things all at once.
Choose a single thing and begin.
Finish with that single thing, then go to the next.
Baby steps - they do add up!

This is great advice!
OK OK - Back to baby Steps

Bills and magazines today!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! One that I am trying to unlearn is making copies from the internet. I try to save stuff on my computer instead of making a paper copy.

    2834 days ago
    This is a great set of guidelines. I read a book years ago called Clutter's Last Stand and I have since enjoyed the benefits of getting rid of stuff.
    Don't think you have too much stuff? Mentally go through the exercise of moving to another state (or country) and you'll be amazed at what you find. God bless you on your journey to clutter-free living.
    2834 days ago
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