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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a quick blog before I head on out to the gym this morning before work.

One thing I am going to try doing THIS time around is incorporate protein/energy bars into my diet. I am not counting calories for now because I had fallen into the mindset of trying to eat the lowest possible amount for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (like 200-300 calories per meal) and then filling up the rest with snacks like Nilla wafers, Ghiradelli chocolate, choc, drizzled rice cakes, fig newton crisps, Starbucks hot chocolate (120 calories!). Nearly half of my calories for the day were coming from those type of snack foods.

So what I am going to try for now is use an energy/protein (they are basicly the same thing, right?) bar to help with the hunger. After a light dinner last night I was feeling hungry so I had a Luna bar- coconut drizzled with chocolate. VERY good. And it was 190 calories, but that was all I needed to fill me up for the rest of the evening. I didn't need to go back and have more snack foods. And I noticed on the box it said Luna bars are for nutrition for women??? LOL! I figure one of those bars is much better for me than the empty calories I was getting from my old snack foods. Less calories overall too when I am doing just ONE bar and not several snacks.

Hopefully they will help me with figuring out how to eat around my work schedule. I need to eat before I workout in the mornings... but then after I workout I need something that will fill me up and help me get through the morning! I am hoping these do the trick. Here is what my schedule looks like:

Eat a 200-250 cal breakfast at 0400
Workout from 0500-0600
Start work at 0630---
Morning break (15 minutes) @ 0900--- 190-230 calorie energy bar.
Off work at 1230 and home a little before 1:00 to eat a healthy lunch.
Then dinner between five and 6 and maybe a mini bar for an evening snack if needed (usually in bed by 9).... but maybe a banana smoothie or diet hot chocolate will satisfy. Guess it will depend on my activity level for the day.

I really like the Luna bar I had last night (but anything with cocunut is a winner, and chocolate too, yum!). I bought them on accident thinking they were Lara bars. I bought a couple of Lara bars a fcouple of months ago with plans to use them as fuel for long runs, but never got around to trying them. They appealed to me because of the natural ingredients. Hope they taste good. I also bought some Clif bars.... the mini 100 calorie ones. Going to have one today after my workout. Any other good ones I am missing?

OK.... enough blogging..... Off to the gym! Hope everybody has an amazing day!
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  • JULIE2719
    Lemon Luna bars are good too - a change of pace from chocolate!
    3056 days ago
    Sounds like a good plan. I haven't tried any of the protein bars. I probably need to look into that since my activity level is increasing.
    3057 days ago
    I used to eat the Luna Bars all the time but at some point, became aware that the soy proteins were not so good for me. Luna Bars are made by Clif Bars (the guys bar!), allegedly it's tailored more for women's nutritional needs so far as the ratio of fats to proteins to sugars or what not (their website discusses this issue at some point.).

    I've been having much better results with the Lara Bars and just recently discovered BumbleBars... at this stage in my life, I look for foods with NO Soy proteins or other derivatives (unless it's clearly labeled fermented soy - I seem to handle fermented soy better than regular soy), and I avoid HFCS like the plague (high fructose corn syrup). So Lara bars and now my new-to-me Bumblebars...

    But I also like stuff like air popped popcorn, or a slice of Elijah Bread with peanut butter and a little bit of avocado smashed into the peanut butter (sounds gross but it's really good for those days when I want a more savory snack, and not so much sweetness - at times, even Lara bars seem too sweet.), or a nice crisp apple etc.

    Something else I've just tried are the Vitalicious Vitatops and VitaBrownie (? something like that) - they are 100 calories but they are using sugar alcohols. They are tasty enough and don't seem to be as addicting as sugar or HFCS, but I'm still researching the sugar alcohols themselves, if they truly are a safe product etc. (I still have a bit of this "too good to be true" and "waiting for the other shoe to drop" because they ARE SOOO TASTY! But they are also satisfying. So I dunno... I think they gave my son the "trots" so that's kept him out of my stash. I got mine mail order through an EverSave or something like that, kind of like a Groupon deal, and allegedly they are available in some of the local grocery stories but I've never seen them - I suspect they are hiding out in the freezer section at the health foodie section??

    But sounds like a great plan and if you go to the Luna Bar website, you can sign up for occasional "tastings" where they will snail mail you a sample of their newest flavors. I've probably gotten 4 or 5 over the years!
    3058 days ago
    Wow ---- you are on a very positive path, making terrific choices, thinking things through. I am so proud of you!
    3058 days ago
    keep up the good work Helen! I KNOW you can do this!
    3058 days ago
    Oh!!! Cliff MoJo Bars are great snacks as well. Like a treat. I have a few in my stash I got just before I decided to go wheat and gluten free. But they are there for emergencies.

    3058 days ago
    I love Luna Bars, Cliff Bars, & Lara Bars are good. Just add coffee and I am on cloud 9.

    I am so glad I stopped by this morning. I hope you are doing as well as you sound.

    I am so jealous you got your nails and brows done. I am saving to get mine done this weekend.

    God Bless you Helen.
    3058 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Here are a couple ideas for satisfying snacks that are quick - but far less sugar. Don't get me wrong, I love me some protein bars!

    Popcorn - I buy the bagged kind. Right now I'm using something called Skinny Pop, but there are other nutritious bars

    Greek yogurt with blueberries & 1 tbsp dark chocolate chips

    Those are really kind of my staples . . . an apple & nut butter is good, too.

    Now, I love protein bars. But even the best ones are a healthy candy bar & pretty processed (with the exception of larabars). I use Luna bars as a dessert sometimes, for example.

    I love honeystinger bars - in fact just ordered more today - but they are reserved for long runs. Like 8 miles+.

    I was introduced to marathon bars at my HM, and I like them, too. Just coming into stores now.

    I would also suggest that you're not eating enough at your meals and that's probably behind some of that snacking. You can't punish yourself that way. If you eat healthy, the weight will come off faster.
    3058 days ago
    Inspirational .. going to the gym before work. great work!
    3058 days ago
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