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Monday, January 16, 2012

Stupid water! Why does something so vital have to be such a pain for me? My mother-in-law said that once I get used to drinking it everyday that I'll eventually begin to crave it. I really hope that's true and not just her experience. I managed to get my 8 cups again yesterday but it was tough. I ended up feeling so bloated that I almost wasn't able to eat. After 7 glasses I told myself that was enough. But then I felt guilty & measured out one more glass & just slammed it. So 8 glasses. I really hope it's worth it!

So I was looking up detox plans & really didn't find anything I liked. I guess I'll keep looking. Meanwhile I think going from practically no water to 8 cups of water a day might be considered a detox itself. I have to be removing toxins!

As hard as it was to eat yesterday with all the water in my belly I did manage to meet all my goals without going over in any of the catergories. I even got all the protein I needed! I keep finding myself staring at the food tracker to see what I should be having to keep myself balanced. I have to say adding hardboiled eggs is genius!

I've only been working on this for 5 days since my first weigh in. I couldn't help but weigh myself today. Not a single budge. While kind of disappointing I really didn't expect anything yet. Besides with all this water I'm taking on... geesh I'm just happy I don't weigh more!

I am a little nervous about how much I have to pee. LOL What if I go out with friends? Will they think I'm weird having to go to the bathroom so often? Will my body adjust or will I have to pee every hour from now on? Ugh! I hope not!
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    You are so right about the sodium adding up! I have been tracking my sodium & I always thought that because I never salted anything that my sodium intake should be fine but it's not! While I've been managing to keep most everything else under control, the calories & fat, I keep going over with the sodium. I'm going to have to pay even more attention to nutrional labels!

    I have tried tea but I haven't found any I like yet. Unless of course you count the high fructose corn syrup filled bottles you can buy. I guess I'm not even sure where to start as their are so many flavors & now I'm afraid to waste money on buying an entire package of tea bags to just find out I don't like it. I'm sure I could find something to like I just don't know how long it'll take me to find one.
    2649 days ago
    I love Crystal Light Iced Tea, but I also get bored easily, so I started to brew up a different herbal tea (with sweetener) every day and put it in the fridge and then fill up my 16 oz water. Some I HATE but some are WONDERFUL and so different that my desire to ignore drinking water disappears...good luck, I think you're doing great!
    2649 days ago
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    Actually, there's nothing magical about 8 cups of water. Unless you sweat a lot, 8 cups may be too much. You can also count any liquid you drink that is decaffeinated and has a water base, like decaf diet soda or even decaf coffee or decaf tea. Water helps a lot of people feel full, but not everyone. Ease into things.

    Also, especially if you are drinking a lot of water, be careful with your sodium. Sodium is everywhere, in things we don't think about as being or tasting salty! Work on reducing your sodium a bit, and that will really flush out toxins and excess water bloat, and you will feel lighter. If you start tracking sodium here on Spark, you will likely be amazed at how much sodium most of us eat every day.

    Scientific studies have shown that NO human needs more than 2,500mg a day, and some of us do better with much less. I didn't start feeling better until I got my sodium down to 1,000mg a day.....which is no easy feat! (But keeping it that low does manage my chronic pain better than pain pills. But that's my health issues; not necessarily yours.) Still, if you shoot for 2,500mg a day, you will also physically NEED less water.

    Oh, and check out the sodium on diet soda......I finally found a couple of brands that are sodium free, but my fave diet caffeine free soda has about 200mg in 20oz! Which means, at 1,000mg a day, I had to give it up and switch over to brands that have no sodium at all.

    One other note: I HATE water that isn't very very cold. For me, the temperature changes the taste drastically. I can drink ice water or refrigerated cold water by big glassfuls, but room temp water or water out of the tap even if it's "cool-ish"? No way! It tastes gross to me. So you might develop a liking for water if you experiment with different temps and such....

    Hope this helps!

    Baby steps!!! emoticon
    2649 days ago
    I love water. I've never been a pop fan, the corn syrup just doesn't taste right to me. I always have a 32 oz cup filled with water near me and it is second nature to be drinking it all the time. If you really need some flavor in your water, fill a pitcher full of water and put a cut up lemon in it, or mash some fresh mint and put that into it. I find strawberries don't leave that great of a flavor, but many of the citris fruits work well. Leave it overnight in the fridge and the flavor will be throughout the water and you'll want to drink more. I found that I was wanting more just for the flavor.
    2649 days ago
    I haven't started any exercise yet. I'm hoping to get started on that soon. Mostly I just have to talk myself into it. I did try a slice of lime squeezed in my water tonight & I think I might do that more often. I still didn't like the water but it was a little better. Thank you everyone!
    2650 days ago
    It's true. You will stop peeing so much and you will begin to crave more water if you're short on it during the day. I like the different flavors you can buy for water, diet green tea, or propel. I was gagging down 8 glasses when I started SP in March and now I normally have 12-15. I also drink a lot of water with lemon squeezed in it. Give it a couple weeks and it'll be much better and you'll feel much better!
    2650 days ago
    What are you doing for exercise? I was on SP once before, 4 years ago...I remember the water thing being so hard until I started ramping up my cardio. And I would be SO thirsty in the middle of cardio! I would drink 3 or 4 glasses just in the hour I was doing cardio. I remember many nights clocking in at 12 or 13 cups by the time I was finished tracking.
    Of course I went and got pregnant and now I'm fat again emoticon so here we go again....
    Since I have this stupid bum ankle, I'm totally not thirsty for that much water so I wind up feeling a bit nauseous by the end of the day with all the water, water, water.
    2650 days ago
    I guess I hadn't thought of Crystal Light as water. I've always thought of that as Kool-Aid even though I do know better.

    Also I do love peppermint though I'm not sure I've ever felt thisty after having one. Something for me to pay attention to next time. 64 oz. in an hour! That must have been horrible!

    And I'm glad to know my body will adjust. I guess I just have to get through these first few weeks!

    Thanks for the comments & ideas! It's nice to know I'm not alone.
    2650 days ago
    After about a week, you stop peeing so much. You're losing water weight by getting hydrated, which is why you pee so much when you first start. A year ago, I started drinking 100 oz a day (12.5 glasses) and the same thing happened to me - peeing every half hour or so. It really does go away after a week, and now, I generally drink 15+ glasses a day and pee less than I used to at 8 glasses. Your body will adjust. And you're right - you ARE getting rid of toxins. I don't think detox diets actually work. The only way to get rid of toxins is to reduce the amount of toxins you put in your body. Slowly and gradually get to where you're eating less processed food, and the toxins will go naturally. :)
    2650 days ago
    I hated water, too... I could probably tell you that I had LESS than 8 cups of water in a YEAR!... before SP.

    I was given all the usual ideas - lemon water, crystal lite, flavored water - I don't like any of them...

    But now I'm drinking 9 c/day- but it's not a natural habit yet. I have a pitcher that I keep nearby where I work, and fill up my cup from that... Somedays I start really late - like today (it's 5:30 pm and I haven't started yet... which means a middle of the night run for me... :-/ but it's okay...

    when I drink the water and exercise - that's when I see progress!

    ALSO - you're probably smarter than I am on this matter, but I found that if I sucked on a cinnamon candy, it made me want water - and I realized that I could just guzzle the water down - and did so once - 64 oz in an hour - BAD IDEA! I promptly vomited it back up... my SP friends said that it can poison my system (something about the balance between the cells etc not being able to handle that much at once...).

    What does help me, is peppermint (SF) helps the water go down.
    2650 days ago
    I know it is hard... BELIEVE me, I know. 2 weeks ago, I was still drinking 10-12 diet pepsi's a day. The ONLY water in my diet was the 1/2 of a dixie cup with my Melatonin at night. Yep... MAYBE an ounce of water per day. I dislike water. It feels heavy in my stomach and makes me feel gross..... until I get used to it (I've had to detox a few times from diet soda).

    What ARE you drinking? Will you drink water better with crystal light? I love the lemonade flavor of crystal light. I use about twice the directed water to 1 packet, and it makes the water tolerable.... even yummy, in fact. I drink clear water during work outs and now and then thru out the day. But I now get in more than necessary with the help of some flavor!
    2650 days ago
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