Coach Nicole's new DVD really IS GOOD

Monday, January 16, 2012

Thanks for all of the DVD suggestions on my last blog. I went to Target today and bought both Coach Nicole's 28 day BootCamp DVD and Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones.
Spark has a link to a $3.00 Target coupon but darn if I could get that sucker to print. I tried different browswers, different operating systems, etc and then I went to the store and talked to the guy in Customer Service. We tried getting it to print from their kiosk and same deal, says we need JavaScript. Funny, because my home computers are all Apple. Duh.
So, no coupon for me! But Target is having a great sale on exercise DVDs this week so I ended up getting 2.99 off of Nicole's and I think 3.99 off Jillian's.
I tried the Coach Nicole one today. It's got six separate segments, two of which are the warm up and cool downs. The others are "cardio burst", "Short Cardio-sculpt", "Tone and Burn", and "Total Body Challenge". I did the Total Body Challenge which is the thirty minute, full body one. It is mostly ST but she does make sure your HR stays elevated by mixing in just a bit of cardio in spots. Loved the moves and the fact that they weren't too complicated. She's got two women with her and between the three of them, they show you three different levels of each exercise, you just do what you can. You use hand weights and a floor mat. I started out with my 8 pounders but had to go to 5 pounds as she really works those arms! Overall, this was a great workout and I bet I am sore tomorrow. Will try the other segments later.
The Jillian "No More Trouble Zones" is one I've had my eye on and then someone recommended it and it was on sale. Plus, and this was what really sealed the deal, there's a little label on the front that says, "Eliminate Love Handles, Muffin Tops, and Wobbly Arms for Good!" SOLD! (I love good marketing!) This DVD contains one workout with a 5 minute warm up, a 40 minute "Trouble Zone Circuit" that she breaks into 6 minutes circuits and a 5 minute cool down. If I know Jillian, I'm going to wish that cool down was longer.
So between Coach Nicole and Jillian, this lighter body of mine will become a leaner body as well. It's funny how different their personalities are. Coach Nicole is such a sweetheart. You know she's that girl you knew in high school who would NEVER be mean to anyone, even behind their backs. Yet she knows how to get down to business and she has a way of making you work hard because you want a friend like that. Jillian is the bitc* of the fitness world. She's tough, she's nobody's friend and she really doesn't care. All she wants if for you to give her a piece of yourself, leave it there on the mat and walk away stronger for it. I want to please her too because I want that bad ass body. So I'll mix them up, do Nicole one week, Jillian the next, see where that takes me.

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