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Sunday, January 15, 2012

One of my biggest problems is getting enough water every day. Most days I don't drink a single glass. I simply don't like it. The little water I get has to come from food. Because its not just water, I don't usually drink anything except a cup of coffee & that's dehydrating! So obviously that's something I need to work on & get over. But on a high note, I did get 8 glasses of water yesterday (And at 5 already today). I was at my in-laws house & grabbed a glass of water. Then I just carried it around with me all day & whenever it was empty I refilled it. I think that will be my new rule. I have to carry water with everywhere & when its empty I have to refill it. It works because I found I was drinking it just because it was there. Which is also why I don't buy junk food for the most part. I will eat it just because it's there. I think it's the boredom factor. But maybe now I can put the boredom factor to good use!

Another way I'm trying to combat not drinking water is by drinking flavored water. Honestly I don't like most of them either but I have found one I like. It has 15mg of sodium/ 8oz and is sweetened with sucralose which I'm not happy about but without it I probably wouldn't like it. I'm trying to drink 5 glasses of flavored water (2 bottles) and then drink the rest as plain water. Then once I get used to drinking so much water I can cut back to one bottle of the flavored. And eventually just drink plain water every day. The way I see it, even water with some sucralose & sodium is better than no water at all! I've heard that sucralose can keep you craving sweets though so I'm hoping to move away from it quickly. Also the flavored water adds up $!

To help keep track of my food, I offered to make dinner while at my in-laws and also explained to them how I was starting a program to lose weight. Because of this, my mother-in-law lent me a book that she says helps her a lot. She has lost some weight & says she's been able to keep it off this time for the longest. So I brought the book home & read through it today (its pretty short). Unfortunately it starts off by telling you how you need to use their supplement packets & herbal formula for it to work. And joining their program is around $60 a month. I can't afford that! I still read through it & thought it had some good nutritional info.

One thing my mother-in-law says also helps her is a detox. I've heard lots of mixed opinions on detox. Some says its worthless, some say it dangerous, other says it necessary. I think I'm going to find a 3-day detox that looks healthy and just try it. No crazy juice fast, strange pills or month long struggle. I think this way I can still be healthy & yet make my own decision on whether it works or not. I've also seen epsom salt bathes included in detox programs. I think I would like to include that as I love bathes! I know that even if I do feel better after a detox that it might be the placebo effect but I think that's okay. If it makes me feel better than its worth it no matter what the cause!

On a final note, besides adding water to my diet & considering a 3-day detox if I can find a healthy one, I asked my husband to bring in the stationary bike out of storage. I have to start thinking about exercise soon too!
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    Don't tackle everything at once. Better to take one thing at a time. Like detox. Maybe just do ONE detox day this week, and if you like it, you can do two days next week. The easiest detox I know, and it;s still not totally easy, is simply eating nothing but 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of starch (like oatmeal, whole grains, rice, plain baked potato) for 1 meal, and have 3 of these meals per day. It immediately flushes out toxins by reducing sodium and increasing potassium. But you don't want to do it too many days in a row. Just start out with one day.

    I've never ever found any product with stevia already in it, or any stevia product that I have been able to tolerate the taste. They say it's all natural and better for you, but if it makes me gag, then it's just not good. I even just paid a lot of money to try a new diet root beer sweetened with stevia. It was bad. But those are my taste buds.

    Oh, there is a little product called Mio that you put just one drop into your water and it sweetens it and flavors it. Sucralose, though, does tend to trigger me into wanting mroe and more and more sweet things. I don't have that problem with Sweet 'n Low or aspartame. I do try to not each a lot of stuff with artificial sweeteners, but sometimes I just need a little somethin somethin.

    Remember, baby steps!!!! Welcome to Spark!!
    2500 days ago
    I haven't really tried Stevia in anything. I did sample a packet a restaurant once & I thought it tasted horribly chemically. Does the liquid taste any different? I have been considering Splenda as that seems to have the best flavor of those types of sweeteners. I do like to use honey or agave syrup though I've heard that those really aren't that much better than regular sugar. There's just too much contradicting opinions! I will try to add lemon to my plain water & see if that helps.
    2501 days ago
    Have you ever tried stevia as a natural sweetener? A squeeze of lemon and a dash of stevia in your glass of water and it will be lemonade! A tiny amount goes a long way so it lasts forever. Last time I bought it (it come in liquid and powder, I have both) it was at Festival near the sugar. It is sort of expensive, but it lasts forever. I use it in water, oatmeal, coffee, on grapefruit...
    2501 days ago
    I love a fresh lemon squeezed into my water - really helps me drink more!
    2502 days ago
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