The weight is going down

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I have been eating after the Weight Watchers program. My husband started doing it and he is losing weight week after week, so I thought I should try it also.

Wow it works! and the good thing about it is that I can eat everything I just have to think about how many points it costs. My goal is not to lose kg quickly but lose some every week. I want to lose 10-12 kg!

I went to my cancer doctor on Friday and he put me on the scale and his jaw felt to the ground hehehe.. 6% of my starting weight on his scale has gone :) and he told me that I should be really happy because the medicine I am taking (for the next five years) is known to add weight to the woman body.

This weekend I was going to a "summer" house with my husband, it was supposed to be a romantic getaway weekend. No children, just us. We didn't go, there was so much snow that the cottage was covered and the road was so icy that it was dangerous to go by our car.

I soooooo wanted the getaway that we checked in to a hotel and got a romantic evening. There was a champaign waiting for us at the room, roses on the bed, we got a fantastic 4 course meal and the day after a fantastic breakfast *ahhh*

Here are some pictures :)

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