Picture Me At.....283!!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old blog when I thought I weigh in at 263 got new scale January 18, 2012 and found out I weigh 283 instead ugh!!!!

Today starts my Picture Me At.... blog!!! I will try to post a new Picture Me At....... every Saturday if not ever other Saturdays. I want to have the weight of that week also showing my journey to my weight lost.

Show the progress and also seeing for myself how I really look without sucking in my stomach lol!!!! I get to see more of what I need to workout on and not loving those love-handles. UGH!!!! Or those arms!!! Yikes!!!!

Well today the scale showed 263!!! YAY last week I was 265 so hoping ever week I can see 2 pound lost or at least some inches lost.

I wont be reporting my lost for the BLC until Wednesday so never know I maybe 260 by Wednesday. But, proud of myself I've came along way yet again from 298! Need to stay focus and keep pushing forward.

I have a 3 mile walk to do to day, but first I have some crochet orders I would like to finish first. Have lots of homework that I will probably get started on tomorrow. My bday Monday so looking forward to just chilling. :)

All have a great Saturday, Smooches!!!!1
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