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Oh No! It's Girl Scout Cookie Time Again!! AARGH!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I received an email from niece asking for cookie orders for her 2 girls - so I figured I could part with $21 and bought 3 boxes from each great-niece.

I only bought Samoas - our favorites - and they will go straight into the freezer for some future unnamed binge, lol.

When I see the GS out in front of stores, I used to buy a box "just because" but now I tell them I cannot eat the cookies and I just offer a donation.

They do gladly take donations! Just FYI.

Blog one of seven for my Underdogs Challenge this week.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Cookies !
    I was visiting BLOGS and saw the title of this one and had to check it out.
    Those Cookies !
    emoticon ah well .... it is one time a year, and they do freeze well !
    and are so much better than the Popcorn the Scouts were selling up here!
    2285 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/19/2012 9:58:17 AM
    When I buy them from great meices, I immediately wrap up packs of 2 cookies. Put them in the freezer. I then get one pack each Saturday that I have stayed within my calorie guidelines for the week. A yummy treat for being good.
    2288 days ago
    I get it too. We have coworkers who sell them, and the girls in front of the stores, etc.. I even think my own daughter may do that someday but we haven't gotten there yet.

    My husband says the cookies are too expensive and easily skips them. I have a harder time. I usually buy a couple of my favorites (peanut butter ones). Sometimes I just buy some and put them out on the food table for coworkers. That way I have supported them but not eaten them. Not sure what my strategy will be for this year.
    2288 days ago
    Ooh! GLad I don't have contact or relationship with and GS's any more!! I won't be tempted unless we go shopping where they're camped out in front of a store! hehe I just try not to think about them.
    Have a great day! emoticon emoticon
    2288 days ago
    good idea emoticon
    2288 days ago
  • T2SEE140
    No one has approached either my husband or I to buy any. We are partial to thin mints and I use to like the peanut butter patties. I say its all in moderation and if I really want them then I will work them into my food plan for the day. I gave up on the peanut butter patties because I know that I can't just have two. Thin mints are easier to ration. Good luck all!
    2289 days ago
    hmmm cookies lol
    2289 days ago
    I love and miss Girl Scouts cookies, especially the Samoas, Thin Mints and Tagalongs, but it's probably better for my diet that I don't have easy access to them here in Italy. I could polish off a box in one sitting without batting an eye!
    2289 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    You have such a way with words!

    2289 days ago
    emoticon yummy!!
    2289 days ago
    The thin mints are very similar to Keebler Grasshoppers. I also like the Samoas. My daughter was in Girl Scouts through high school (which is kind of unusual). Once at a booth sale, a gentleman was asking the girls what is good and what they recommend. He bought a few boxes and then gave them back and told them to keep them (effectively a donation).

    Fortunately, nobody has approached me about buying them since Sharon graduated high school (coming on 9 years). I must admit, they are good!!!
    2289 days ago
    I don't know how to throw them in the freezer! It just doesn't work that way in our house!!
    2289 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/14/2012 5:58:15 PM
    One of my granddaughters is in her first year of Girl Scouts, so is VERY excited about selling cookies. I LOVE those thin mints, especially when they are frozen, which is what I do with the cookies. I will buy some from her, but will continue to give donations when I see other girls at the stores.
    2289 days ago
  • CHANSEN_20001
    I love those cookies. So far I've been lucky or unlucky, depending on how you look at it, no one has approached me yet for cookies.
    2289 days ago
    Please tell me it is not that time of year again! I must get my sign put on the front door that says "No Girl Scouts Allowed". I love the Thin Mints and Samoas and they taste even better when you keep them in the freezer.
    2289 days ago
  • GRANDMA1951
    I buy the cookies then give 1 box to my SIL and take the rest to work. That way, I don't end up eating all of them and can still help the local scouts.
    2290 days ago
    what a great way to still contribute and help the GS out..! Good for you!
    2290 days ago
    Thanks for the heads up! I will try to stay away from the grocery store. I sure don't need those cookies!!
    2290 days ago
    Gotta luv GS cookie time of the year

    Thank goodness it's only for a short time : )

    the donation ONLY is a great idea

    I'll have to tell them to give ME the cookies that YOU'VE already paid for


    Have a SPlendid Weekend
    2290 days ago
    I do that, too: give them the price of a box or two and tell them to eat the cookies themselves or give them to a kid who really wants them.
    2290 days ago
    I still have thin mints from last year. emoticon
    I finally figured out that I can eat just one. emoticon
    2290 days ago
    Hurray! You sure do have your thinking cap on! A donation surely is appreciated and you didn't get the calories that you normally get in return! emoticon
    2290 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    hmm will try to give them a donation good idea.
    2290 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I love those cookies - thin mints too. But I cannot be trusted with them in the house not even the freezer. LOL!

    2290 days ago
    great idea. Once I buy them I usually put them in the freezer because once they are out and open they are gone. Unfortunately the thin mints are much better right out of the freezer.

    The cash donation is better not only because then you don't have the temptation of the cookies but the troop gets the benefit because they only receive a small amount from the cookie sales but the whole amount from a cash donation.

    Samoas are my favorites so if I do end up buying some I will put them in the freezer and we can challenge each other to see who's stays in the freezer the longest without being opened.
    2290 days ago
    As a former Girl Scout leader... Girl Scout troops do great things with the money they raise from cookie sales. Unfortunately or fortunately my family can't eat them anymore because of food allergies so it will be a donation this year for us! LOL I used to love the thin mints but my kid's favorites was the samoas. Awww no excuse for an "unnamed" binge for me!LOL

    2290 days ago
    We're a cub scout family & $ donations are always welcome in lieu of the popcorn we sell! We got snookered in to buying 2 boxes from out little Daisy next door...I hate thin mints (that is what we ordered), so it's all good, well, for me that is! LoL
    2290 days ago
    I only bought a few boxes this year (big cut back from previous years.) I only bought the ones my son and husband requested and didn't buy any of my favorite - samoas. I am so proud of myself compared to previous years!
    2290 days ago
  • MARIE405
    Great Job. If I buy them I will eat them. So I Will not buy them.
    2290 days ago
    At least you can donate to non-family members!

    Cookies are my worst temptation. If they're in the house, I have to consider them eaten already!

    2290 days ago
    Great idea! I usually rush on by before the temptation kicks in!
    2290 days ago
    That's a GREAT idea! I always buy some, too, because I was a Girl Scout a zillion years ago, I have a few and always throw them in the freezer but I never finish them. (I guess that's a good thing) I won't buy any this year unless there is a flavor I just have to try, and just make a donation instead!
    2290 days ago
    I think we have a troop in town but haven't been approached yet.
    Maybe the troop disbanded LOL! None for me, thank you. I'll just
    make a donation. Great idea, by the way.
    2290 days ago
    Sigh... yes, the little sugar-pushers! Fortunately, at this point in my life, no nieces out there selling... I only have to worry about the boy scout popcorn.

    Good for you being able to defer to "some future unnamed binge". emoticon
    2290 days ago
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