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I really *am* falling apart - literally, sort of.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I was awake anyway, so it didn't make me too crazy to have to put the dog out at 4:30 in the morning. Dog went out, cats gathered around - hey, it's early, but feed us anyway! - and I noticed spots of blood on the floor. I looked at all three sleepy but hungry faces, and no one looked particularly off, so I assumed it had to be the dog that was bleeding from....somewhere. Then I noticed that the little blood spots went to the door and back again....but the dog was still out.

Weird. Cats seem is still out ...there's no one left! I lifted up one foot and peered at it - nothing there. Lifted the other one and sure enough, the bottom of the big toe is all bloody. And it's still bleeding, so it's not a ding, it's like a..slice. I washed it off, couldn't see or feel anything there, put some Neosporin on it and a couple bandaids. You know, it's hard to work on the inside of your own toe - harder than it used to be, certainly.

By daylight I'll have to conduct a search to see what it was that I sliced my toe on. I suspect it was glass, because I didn't feel it. My house has a certain "permanent construction zone" feel to it, plus rambunctious critters, so anything's possible. *shrug*

This is why people should sleep at night - it's dangerous to be out of bed.

EDIT: 7:15 a.m.

AHA! I believe I've found the toe slashing culprit. My house has wide (18" to almost 30", some of them - can you imagine the *trees?*), plank floors, and there are fairly wide gaps between some of the planks. Just now I was coming back in from filling the outdoor wood furnace and saw something shiny. Bent down to examine it and discovered a shard of what appears to have been one of the 1" diameter Christmas balls, lodged in between two of the boards. I thought I vacuumed thoroughly, but apparently not thoroughly enough.

I probably ought to fill in those cracks at some point, but I refuse to polyurethane the floors (just because I think it's criminal to poly something this old - it makes them look fake somehow) and haven't figured out what to use yet. It'll go on the job list, but somewhere down near the bottom.
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