The Art of War (and Strength Training)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Exercise is a battle. We all know this. Personally, my battle is with not wanting to "waste" what little free time I have with something that hurts. So I sit, and dwell, and procrastinate. That's ok though, because eventually I do get up and do it.
The rub is, that after I'm done, I know that it wasn't a waste of time at all but really the best thing I could do in that hour I had free.

But tomorrow I fight the battle again.

I guess I'm telling y'all this to let you know that you may never come to "love" exercise, but it can become a permenant part of your life anyway. You're not a failure if you don't live at the gym. Hell, I've never set foot in a gym. I really believe that the trick is to find a kind of exercise that you don't loathe. In all seriousness, try different things until you find yourself enjoying it.

I used to do all sorts of aerobics videos and I did not like them at all. I can't keep up with the choreography and I feel like an idiot. A rhythm-deprived idiot. I tried walking. It's just too boring. Strength training is one that grew on me, it's my true love when it comes to exercise.

For beginners in ST, I'd like to tell you the best benefits:
1) it builds muscle and gives you that "lean, athletic" look (while preventing the dreaded "skinny-fat")
2)it increases your metabolism
3)it's very yen. screw yoga. i like the counting and the breathing associated with doing a gnarly set.

Hopefully I've convinced a few of you to give it a whirl if you've been avoiding Strength training, or at least convinced someone to get off that elliptical that they're hating every second of and try something new.

Remember, you don't have to love exercise to be a fit and healthy person. You just have to do it...and try and make it as painless as possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog! I started strength training because I wanted to be able to open a pickle jar on my own. I was THAT pathetic.
    3456 days ago
    ST has always been my fav as well. You're points are exactly why I LOVE it too.

    I have been working out at home for a while now just cause, at this time in my life, it is easier than packing up the kiddos everyday. I have made it work but cannot wait to join the gym again and have access to all their equipment.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3478 days ago
  • PROT358
    I generally feel unmotivated to start strength training because some part of me is convinced it's the worst thing ever, but once I'm in the habit I love how it works me and gives me such great results! For those who don't strength train already you're truly missing out!
    3479 days ago
    I'm a believer! ST really works. And circuit training is the best use of time. I did circuit training exclusively when I first started working out. It was very effective. I did find myself wanting to try new things. And I expanded. Yes, exercise can be something you do for the results but I try to like what I'm doing...something you don't loathe...haha, yes, sometimes it can feel like that!

    Keep rocking! emoticon
    3481 days ago
    I have a love-hate relationship with strength training, whereas I love love love cardio, almost any form. I believe in the importance of strength training, and when I am in a groove, I love it. Changing routine is recommended every 6 months or so, I have to force myself for the first 6 weeks of a new routine, and after that I love it again, it does so much for my overall sense of well-being and so supports and helps my aerobic fitness and I do not acheive personal bests when ST is not part of the training. Intellectually, I am convinced that ST is the bomb, but getting going is sooooooooooo hard.

    ST is really part of the art of war in fitness training, great title
    3481 days ago
    Rhythm Deprived Individuals Unite!!! We should start a support my earlier experience with zumba this week proved to me. I am finally at the point where I realized that I actually enjoy exercise! emoticon Yes, I said it! I think I hated exercise for so long that I trained myself into believing that I would always hate it. But now I find that if I can't get some in for a day or two I actually miss it. Good luck on your daily battle!
    3481 days ago
    I'm in love with ST!! emoticon the way it makes me feel... emoticon At one time I found it WAR to do 10 minutes of fitness/day. Now, I cannot get enough. Lol!! I am addicted and Love the energy!
    3481 days ago
    I am the opposite! I hate ST!!!! Hate it! Feel like it is a waste of time. I love jogging whether outside or on a treadmill. Love Spinning. Love swimming. Hate the elipitcal cause it makes my feet fall asleep but other than that pretty much love all cardio. But hate ST!!! Please tell me ways to start enjoying it! emoticon emoticon
    3481 days ago
    ST is my favorite exercise too! Not only for the benefits you mentioned but it just makes me feel awesome good!!!
    3481 days ago
    I enjoy ST more than I thought I would. The feeling of strength cannot be replaced by food; priceless stuff!
    3481 days ago
    Awesome blog, and so absolutely true! Good to know I'm not the only one who drags my feet sometimes when it comes to working out.
    emoticon emoticon
    3481 days ago
    For me, I like walking and swimming laps. I have done strength training in the past and kettlebells, but can't right now due to herniated discs in my lower back. Thanks for the blog and the encouragement to others to give it a try!
    3481 days ago
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