FB/TWITTER sharing? ARE THEY NUTS!?!?!?!?

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello everyone!

Saw THETURTLEBEAR's status about HEALTHYBARB1 posting how to turn off FB sharing and I said to myself, "WTF?!?" Cuz really, who among us want our Spark blogs all over FB? Or Twitter? (I see there's also sharing it on Twitter.)
My FB and Twitter family and friends and business associates and stalkers and strangers who follow me or people I've friended and now don't know how to gracefully 'unfriend' all don't need to be privy to the nitty gritty blog postings of my weight loss journey. For me, that's not going to work. That's for my Spark Friends only and not for the general public. So, those of you who agree and are equally appalled, let's tell Spark Guy he took a wee bit of a liberty with that little assumption and then let's go and turn it off on our Spark Page.

Here's how for those who like the step by step (me!):
1. Go to your Spark Page.
2. Click Edit My Page.
3. Up to there are Spark Page Options where you choose your colors, etc and at the far right there's a list of "More Options".
4. Uncheck the last box on that list that says, "Show share bar on my blog posts." (here's pic of it unchecked)

5. Scroll down to the bottom of your page and Save it!
6. Go on enjoying the Spark community without fear of your ex boyfriend from high school reading about your shrinking boobs. ;-)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for letting us know!! It took me forever to like SP on FB because I was scared that my FB friends would find me on SP...LOL..

    For some of us, these two communities are separate!!!
    3179 days ago
    I agree! I am not even on FB because I don't want people reading my personal stuff, nor accessing images. I do NOT like that others have the capability to easily share my posts on FB. Now I am extra glad I am not on FB as no one but me and my fellow sparkies need to know how much I weigh and what's going on with my weight loss journey. I fel like Spark is kind of like AA, where you are supposed to be able to be anonymous, but still get and give support.
    3179 days ago
  • MYTIME001
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    3179 days ago
    Glad to see your blog got a popular blog so at least more people can be made aware and have the option to "opt" out. Privacy issues are a concern of mine after "googling" my spark name and also hitting images... it makes a person realize just how we can really put our info. that is private out there for the world to see.

    I have set my page to private and I am thanking God I never posted anything (pics or blogs that were over the top personal) as NOTHING IS PRIVATE on the web. Your blog and a few others on same topic caused me to do some re-thinking about the web and I do not want to reside in naive-land anymore.

    As many posters have already said if your page is not set to private ANYONE can read your blog and post it anywhere......not so good is it?
    3179 days ago
    Totally agree with you on this...I joined FB AFTER I hit my goal weight (150) and it was only because I was sort of forced to join it since all of my HS friends are all over the country & its how we stay in touch....and my closest friends, well they KNOW about SP but they agree that it's MY business and don't talk openly about it b/c I don't like talking about weightloss of FB...but that also goes for other topics like politics, religion and cub scouting (what can I say, I am very picky about FB subject matter in general). Heck, even people who ask me about my weightloss on there get a private email back. One day I will "COME OUT" on FB, but when I am darn good and ready. Not very "Spread the Spark-y" but there it is.
    3180 days ago
    THANK yOU!!
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for the tip! Have a great week!

    3180 days ago
    I got this notification in my spark email and was VERY grateful! Like you, and many others I'm sure, I don't want this on my facebook page or anyone elses. I ESPECIALLY don't like that someone else can put it on!
    3180 days ago
    3180 days ago
    Holy smokes. I'm super vigilant about that stuff, and I TOTALLY MISSED THAT! Thank you!
    3180 days ago
  • MARIO432
    Thank you thank you
    3180 days ago
    I think that is WHAT makes Spark so successful...We get the support we need right here, many of us have received less than that from "family".

    This is my journey, and even though Spark is public, and I have even shared spark with friends and family, it is understood what goes on at spark, and is said at spark, better stay at spark!
    3180 days ago
  • HELENUK100
    Thanks so much for the heads up. I've been considering blogging on here - and felt comfortable enough to do so because of the relative anonomity. Many of us have very deep routed and private reasons for being on this journey - and the idea that it could be put out onto Facebook is horrifying. THose people on my FB page I want to know already do - and when I'm feeling the need for a pat on the back from others on FB I post something suitable. I totally want SP and FB to remain seperate.
    3180 days ago
    I so agree with LADYBUD2. That feature should be an opt IN. Thank you.
    3180 days ago
    Amazing. I have seen nothing but bad response to this idea of theirs... and yet... it's still active. I have not heard one positive remark about it. Hmmmm... makes me wonder. I turned mine off AND changed my page to private.
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11502312
    I am 100% with you on this! While I do want support from Sparkpeople, I DO NOT want support from all of my Facebook friends!!!
    3180 days ago
    It looks like your feature is still on as 52 people hit like on this so far.
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2801676
    A shared feature (like automatically sharing on other sites) should be an 'opt in' - not an 'opt out'.

    3180 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/15/2012 9:59:35 AM
  • no profile photo CD4550505
    I was going to do a January blog about my progress. I don't think I'm going to do that now. I don't want the world to know how much I weigh!! Sparkpeople supports you, where people of fb could not. I'm not taking the chance blogging. Thanks Sparkpeople, NOT!!!!
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo SUSANK16
    I am so in agreement. Part of Spark is having the support of a group of people that share a common goal. I do not blog or have a page for that very reason. I like being anonymous and not having everyone comment on my weight loss or what my goals are. I would willingly share it on Spark because it might help or encourage others, but I surely do not want my business associates and others knowing my every thoughts about it.
    3180 days ago
    I agree with DETERMINED_SOUL. I share some of my status updates and blogs on Facebook and have had interest from FB friends regarding Sparkpeople. Not hard to check or uncheck a box.

    Information sharing is not a bad thing if it is shared freely.
    3180 days ago
    Thank you so much! I do have a facebook page, that I hardly ever use. It was horrifying to think that my journey could be laid bare to anyone other than my spark friends!
    3180 days ago
    Do I dare stick my nose in here and say that I really like the option? I think it is a wonderful way to share sparkpeople with our friends and help them be successful as well. There is an option to remove the buttons, which allows it to be your choice. Think of all that SP has done for you. Everything they do is a step in helping you on your journey. You always have the choice to use their tools or not, same thing with this.
    3180 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    I don't do facebook or twitter due to really bad experiences. I am sad that these things slink into almost all the computer applications I deal with. emoticon
    3180 days ago
  • FLYING2007
    I know- this is horrifying to think about! I say a lot of stuff I wouldn't want anyone in my "real" life especially FB friends to know! I once mistakenly put my spark status on FB and that totally freaked me out! I fixed my settings for that one but it has always made me sensor myself some on SP. Great blog!
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4429274
    Just to be clear, if your Spark Page is not Private, someone could already have shared a blog of yours on Facebook. If the page is open, anyone can link to it.

    3180 days ago
    thank u. thats a frightening thought that someone on my fb has access to my..... sp stuff. i dont like that thought.
    3180 days ago
    3180 days ago
    I see a 'most popular blog' award here. Thanx for sharing & hopefully, SP gets the idea & 'un-friends' both Twitter & FB. The only person that should be able to share a blog outside SP is the author of that blog.
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for sharing...so sad that our privacy these days is cut so short by these types of things! I turned mine off before I even finished reading your blog... emoticon
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10734596
    Thanks so much for the share!!! I certainly don't want my Spark information spread everywhere. emoticon
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8197200
    Thanks for this info. I never gave permission to link to FB or Twitter. I'm fanatic about protecting my privacy on line so this kind of thing drives me crazy. emoticon
    3180 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    The you for the information. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week.
    3180 days ago
    Totally with you on this. Didn't realise about the sharing although I did wonder what that bar was. . I've had nothing to do with FB for a long time for a number of reasons and never dreamt that I could be 'sneaked' on to it without my knowledge or permission.
    I've turned my sharing facility off and thank you very very much for the heads up.
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for the tip! I fixed mine. The cyber world isn't always a freindly place.
    3180 days ago
  • ZOKY1966
    Sooooo don't want FB.....
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6765755
    I saw those on my blog and I was like, "wait what?!" Thank you I was wondering how I might get rid of those!
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for sharing
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for the info, I'd missed that. Totally agree.
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for letting me know emoticon
    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2584848
    How do we know if any of our blogs have already been on FB or Twitter or not? I'm don't go on them.

    I want to Thank you for informing us about this privacies issue.
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for letting us know. I'm changing it now.
    3180 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! I was wondering where that share bar was coming from. All the best!!
    3180 days ago
    explain please. does unchecking remove bar from my blog or does it remove my blog from twitter? does it go onto facebook and twitter automatically without my permission?
    3180 days ago
  • INSH8P
    Thank you, thank you, thank you. When it comes to social media, I am truly a technophobe. There is no way I would have found out about this except for your SparkMail. Sometimes I wonder: Why would somebody do a mass mail? Now, I better appreciate how one well-thought out, perceptive mail can have a powerful impact for good for an entire community of users. emoticon
    3180 days ago
  • OKANOG66
    I hate Facebook and Twitter, thanks for sharing informative information.
    3180 days ago
    Thank you for this - and to NEW-CAZ for sending me the link to here :-)

    3180 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11476762
    Thank you...not that I have blogged yet...but good to know!
    3180 days ago
    3180 days ago
  • K1TT3N
    Thanks going to change mine now

    3180 days ago
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