(Updated-1/16) Are you avoiding the NEW you?

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Friday, January 13, 2012

(updated on bottom) By the way, I took the pictures down because I was turned in for offending someone. Sorry folks!

I know you haven't heard from me in awhile and truth be told it is because of two reasons:


I need a HUG! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

TWO..... I've got my head stuck in the sand!

I haven't a clue where this blog is going, so come and join me for the ride would ya?

Ever notice that on the path of success you are going one way and headed another?

I WAS about to hit my first real goal of 185 pounds lost in one year, when I knocked myself out of the game and added 9 blasted ugly pounds back. My depression and stress drove me to a new and different low. Fail!

Go figure I WAS back on the scared of success trail

I would look at my gmail and go OH NO! Not another SPARK Mailer! Talk about avoidance my lovely friends of SPARK! I haven't a clue why I allow myself to run down that path, but I seem to like to escape and avoid what is starring me right in the face. I could blame it on stress or all kinds of ugly blah, blah, blah reasons, but WE know the truth.

I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR ME and MY CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls and Boys, I REFUSE TO GO DOWN with out a FIGHT! I refuse to give up everything I have worked so hard for.

You might be thinking that you should leave me a motivational comment or sorry comment, but please don't, leave a hug and please by all means take something useful from this blog.

A lot of people here have sent me messages and so many of them are looking to me for inspiration, that I just don't know if I can be because honestly, I am on the same path as you and all I do is KEEP ON GETTING BACK ON THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE TRACK.

I may get lost along the way, but I always come back swinging and fighting to find that path and YOU can too!

The idea here to is to keep going, keep moving, keep telling yourself you are worth every ounce of effort you have put into yourself, let no one including YOURSELF take you down and out of the game and for goodness sake please, please, keep the HOPE/FAITH/DETERMINATION!

I believe in myself, I just forget it sometimes, but the

Choices are mine to make a healthy and happy life for myself and they are also there for you.

The time is NOW!

So darling Sparkers, get out your

Thinking BOX

and decide if you are ???

Ready to make some healthy lifestyle change

and if you are , join me lovely friends on a path that is going to lead me/us to Loving our Lives!

Nothing is easy about losing or maintaining weight loss and the path looks something like this when trying to reach our goals

START ---- _______________ - - - - AWWWWW
@@@@@@@@@@@@ +++ UGHHHH


YOU CAN DO THIS AND I AM GOING TO KEEP DOING THIS. One bump in the process is not going to make me believe that I am destined to be anything but my true and sexy diva self.

Have a beautiful new day and live second by second, because each second is a second chance at being even better than we were before.

Much love,



On a personal note to my sparker pals....I broke down and cried when I read some of the messages you have left to me. I refuse to put that out here since you left them to me in private, but I can tell you all this, it keeps me coming back to this awesome community and without you I know I wouldn't have made it thus far!

I truly love you all..special thanks go out to Kristin, Geech, Miaa, and Snowangel...thank you for caring so deeply! Much love, Kristin


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