Does Food Control Me?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Good Morning, everyone!

I want to thank everyone again for all the support, it is much appreciated!

My week has gone pretty well. My Fitbook is probably the best thing I have ever gotten myself for losing weight. If you are OCD, you will love it! It tracks everything.

So, my week and weigh ins are on Tuesdays and my goals for this week are:

1) Hit all my workouts (M, T, Wed, TH and Sat)

2) 2 veggies/2 fruits daily OR skip desserts

Reward if accomplished: a 2hr massage

So far I'm rocking it, even with my tiny slip of eating 5 mini PB snickers yesterday afternoon. I felt so crappy after eating five, bleck!!!

I was so busy yesterday that I had to fit my workout during work. So, as I spoke with insurance companies and patients I did sets of curls and tricep thingys with my 5 lbs weights.

So, I have two miles on tap for day and I'm planning on wearing my compression socks again, bc man, those are AWESOME!!!! They really make a difference!

I went to therapy yesterday afternoon and I came to realize that I am scared to go out to eat. Do you ever feel this way? Sometimes, I avoid it all together, but other times when I actually go, I have such anxiety:

Will I overate?

WIll I actually order what I planned to order before I even got there?

What if they have a veggie I don't like?

What if there is bread?

What is there is free bacon?!

It's endless with me. I just don't feel comfortable. I know it's something I have to work on, but sometimes it's just not worth the anxiety to me. I like being in control and controlling my environment (see why therapy is necessary for me---hahaha). I don't want food to control me.

For example, let's say I love, love, love the point where I can't have it in my house b/c I will eat the entire block. So, not only will I be constipated til the cows come home, but I can't be trusted around cheese. So, I don't buy it and I don't have it in the house. Problem solved, right?

But then I starting craving cheese and I'm dreaming about it. I'm dreaming of Justin Timberlake feeding me cheese wearing a suit made of cheese.....................

But, I WANT that challenge. I want to have bad food in the house and say "Hell, no!!!" I don't want that at all or be disiplined enough to have a serving. That's the control I'm looking for. I'm not there yet, by any means, but I'm getting there. I'm getting to the point when I buy ice cream, and it sometimes gets freezer burnt and I throw it out before I even get a second serving.

I want to break that control snacks and crap have over me.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you keep bad stuff in the house and ignore it or binge? Do you not even tempt yourself by keeping it around or buying it bc it's too dangerous for you?

Anyway, that's it! Thanks for reading and the support!

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    I try not to keep bad things in my house - I just really dont trust myself to not binge out of boredom. Except I really like baking. I dont do it all that often, but when I do its bad news bears for me. Right now I still have two plates of cupcakes left over from baking on Sunday - I think they are going in the garbage tonight. I cant keep staring at them and fighting myself over them!
    2294 days ago
    It's funny - in my case, the more "pure" I've been in cutting out the sugar & gluten, the easier it is to resist that junk food! (this morning, for instance, I certainly WOULD have stopped for real breakfast** w/eggs & coffee, but I drove right by several donut shops w/out a twinge of urgency)
    ** if my fave place had been open

    A shame also that restaurant meals are a great reward/celebratory factor in my family, so I can NOT promise w/any diligence that I would avoid 'em - some nights after a long hard day at work, all I want is for somebody to bring me food on a plate, & do the dishes afterwards ;-)
    2294 days ago
    Oh gosh. I so understand where you are coming from. I have way too much junk in the house b/c of my kids. However, I make sure to have my snacks that I can eat and try to gravitate towards those when I open the cabinet. I'm getting better. Not there yet, but better. I, too, wish I had more will power. In due time, in due time. Eating out is hard, too. I try to be really good and usually I am, but there are those times when I just give in and hate myself afterwards.

    You'll get there. Keep being strong!!!
    2294 days ago
    Being able to ignore trigger foods is an exercise in patience. Over quite a number of years I've gone in a cycle of self-control to no self-control and I'm just now confident that I can do it - most of the time!

    My birthday cake has mostly been demolished by me, so I won't be making a cake to sit in my house anytime soon - one piece shared with someone when I got out to eat will be what I aim for!
    2294 days ago
    Such a great topic! I definitely think that there are some things that control me. See's candy is like crack for me. If it's there, I can't say no, no matter how hard I try! I drive right by it on the way home from work and they are currently in their open late hours (until 6:00 PM) so they are actually OPEN when I drive by! Sometimes I find myself thinking about it before i even leave the office and I find myself planning to stop by and get a couple pieces (thankfully you CAN buy by the piece instead of by the box). Those are definitely times when the food is in control instead of vice versa. Thankfully I have been able to control it lately...but I think that's only because I ate so much during the holidays it made me sick of it! LOL

    But I agree with you - if I know a food is a trigger and that it will literally call to me from the pantry, I just don't buy it (cough, Oreo cookies, cough, cough). Because when I do buy them in a moment of weakness, I WILL EAT THEM...guaranteed. Better for me to just not have it around. :-)

    Now you've got me thinking about Michael Fassbender dipping the Oreos in milk and feeding them to me...GREAT! ;-) LOL
    2294 days ago
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