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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I have a few friends that are taking prescriptions for weight loss that come with a side effects and warning label a mile long. Half of these prescriptions I think should come along with their own lawyer number tagged at the bottom so your family can sue when you're 50 lbs less... but dead. "It's ok, my doctor is watching me on it." If a doctor is willing to prescribe you something that is bad for your body, why are you willing to trust that same doctor to "watch" you?
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    I agree that weight loss drugs are not a solution to a problem but I look at it this way...If they want to take the risk of the side effects full well knowing what they are before hand...more power to them...its not my body they are hurting. As a side not I also HATE the "sueing" commercials for certain drugs...like Paxil and birth defects....ummm...if you READ the information sheet that the Pharmacist is required to give you on the drug...IT SAYS it right on there so HOW can they still be allowed to sue? Anyway I am FULLY aware of ALL the side effects from all the meds that I take and I also keep a close eye on if other things "pop" up. Have I had side effects, yes, if they are bothersome or harmful....DR and I discuss other options. I get ANGRY at others that think when they find out what I take they automatically assume I dont know the risks going in. I am not an idiot. (although there are some out there that are) and hate being classed as such by some others. Sometimes being able to somewhat live a normal life is worth the risks
    2863 days ago
    sometimes I see the "diet pill" like Ali and the other ones and wonder if they'd work for me. In conjunction, but then the "small but loud voice" in my heart tells me the only drug I need is God. That's the one who will watch out for me and will be on my side. I know that changing my lifestyle totally outweighs the diet end of this sp experience. Keep seeking encouragement and support from the people who truly love you and you'll stay on track!
    2863 days ago
    Ugh, it's not just weight loss medications. Doing my laundry last night, it felt like every single commercial blaring from the TV (dang, forgot my headphones this time) was a drug of some sort.

    One of them was for some sort of skin condition. The list of possible problems or side effects was horrifying. Basically, any infection could become way more serious than if you weren't taking it. Depression drugs often have lists of side-effects from paranoia or extreme anxiety to suicidal tendencies even if the person didn't have them before.

    ... the cure sounds worse than the affliction. (But of course the ads always have the smiling person loving life and showing no sign of being at all affected negatively.)
    2863 days ago
  • EM1388
    I'm with HDHAWK! I'd like a quick solution, but that's not going to keep it off or help me down the road! Every time someone tells me they are going on one of those 'diets', I lecture them! As a nurse, seeing friends take things like that drive me nuts! There are so many things that can go wrong, not to mention the malnutrition they encourage! ACK!
    2863 days ago
    No kidding!
    2863 days ago
    Why use that stuff in the first place? I'm like everyone else. I'd love to lose weight by tomorrow without working for it, but it doesn't work that way. If they do lose with drugs, they will still have to learn how to keep it off at some point.
    2863 days ago
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