371 days later, I met my Spark goal weight!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I said this is my year of "I DO", meaning that I would take everything I had learned during my first year on Spark and apply it during my second year with no faltering and no excuses. I know what I need to do to lose weight, I just didn't always do it. Plus, sometimes when I did do it, nothing happened. We've all been there (and yes, we do need a scale-bashing emoticon!). But since I did manage to lose 25 pounds, something I was doing was working so that's why I want this year to focus on what I DO.

It's 6 days into my second Spark year and this very morning I hit my Spark determined goal weight set for me way back on 1/5/2011. Yay! "Doing" seems to work. I've gone from 159.8 (yes, .8) to 133.4, that's 26.4 pounds. (Newbies- plug your ears, here comes a spoiler**** The Spark determined goal weight is TOO HIGH. And I've heard several people say this. I still have visible fat chunkiness in places, like my stomach and saddlebags. So, shoot for that goal but realize you may need to adjust it. I am going for 5 more pounds, to 128 or to whatever weight I longer look fat at.)

And now let me just rant a bit about how reaching the goal wasn't easy. Losing weight is NOT EASY. It is not for the weary, the faint of heart, the undetermined or for "Twinkies". Everything is against you. The grocery store is packed with crappy food, there are food ads for crappy food everywhere, every social occasion involves bad food, eating out is nearly impossible unless you crave salad, your body is happy being fed and is happy lazing on the couch, your family doesn't really want you skinny, there is so much bad nutritional information out there, there are too many miracle diets to research, there are a zillion other things you should be doing besides exercising, there's not enough time in the day to menu plan, shop right, cook healthy, eat healthy and get in the length and intensity of workouts necessary to lose anything, sweating and getting your heart rate up there feels scary, traveling is a nightmare, the scale loves to mock, the brain plays tricks on you, buying new clothes is time consuming and expensive. It's "fricking" hard to lose weight and the more you lose, the harder it gets. But...it's not impossible.

And alas, I LOVE MY NEW BODY! OH yes, I do! Yes, it was such a struggle to get here but I am so happy I did it. I can run long distances, I can ski with abandon, I can do and do and do all kinds of things and the list is just getting started. Yes, buying new clothes is a hassle but dam I love getting in the dressing room with size 8s and 10s and they fit! Instead of finding a few things that "work" I find things that let me "work it, honey!". And I have something to be proud of, that I did by myself, for myself, that no one can take credit for or take away from me.

Spark rocks, the people on Spark are truly inspirational, even the ones who aren't making much progress. I love you all, you've all been there for me and never, ever did you any of you let me think I wouldn't make it. I love celebrating my victories with you and whining about the bad stuff. I share this victory with you guys!

And now, a note of sadness. Randy showed me an article today that said that Hostess is going bankrupt. That's right people! NO MORE TWINKIES! DING-DONGS? GONE! And now in one of my more ironic moves, let us have a moment of silence for passing of the epitome of crappy food. (I'm more of a Little Deb gal myself.)

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