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The Wrong Trouser Leg of Time

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have you ever had the feeling that somehow the world has changed in a significant way since you last looked at it?

I first got that feeling in my twenties when I purchased a copy of "The Clockwork Orange" - the famous Penguin one with that cover. I read it, re-read it in fact because I'd already read it once at school, and it drove me nuts because I was sure I remembered a completely different ending to the one in front of me. This bothered me for many years, until I finally found out that yes, the original ending was different, but Burgess' editor had made him change it for the American market. Apparently Americans, at least at that time, wanted downbeat endings, so that's what everyone had to have.

You may know that I recently had a small incident with my pressure cooker involving a shower of red kidny beans over the ceiling, turning it an interesting pink shade over the cooker. (Persevere and you will see the connection between A Clockwork Orange and my pressure cooker, I promise.) This incident gave me the impetus to do what I had wanted for some time, and buy a new pressure cooker, and this time I was going to get it in stainless steel, not aluminium. So I went on the internet and lo and behold, I spotted just what I wanted, the same as my old ones, with the three weight system, but in stainless steel. I did quite a bit of research, and finally reserved one at a local shop.

And then when I got there, IT WASN'T STAINLESS STEEL. I complained, they brought up their web page, and verily, the web page said it was indeed aluminium. The web page also looked different to the way I remembered it, with fewer entries, on one page only. I could see them thinking that I was getting old and losing my marbles, but I was convinced that what I had ordered had said stainless steel.

And when I got home I checked the confirmation e-mail, and it didn't specify either way.

Now maybe I am getting past it - I don't think so myself, as far as I'm concerned my marbles are rattling round just the same as they always have done. Maybe the senility elves got into the shop's website and changed everything when nobody was looking. Or maybe it's like that nice Mr Pratchett said, and I've somehow strayed down the wrong side of the trousers of time and find myself in a different leg where things are, well, different.

PS I ended up getting a different sort of pressure cooker, in stainless steel. But I would much rather have had the other one that I saw on that web page the first time.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a terrific title!

    And yes, you're not crazy. This kind of cr*p goes on all the time. I think "they" think people aren't paying attention so "they" can get away with it!
    2211 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog today, you are a gifted writer ! As for things changing without any warnings, I have been in that world before ...oh right, just 2 weeks ago !!

    i was back in the states, and I know I took pictures of atlanta, ga , with all the new buildings -so shinny and bright. When I was blogging about the city , no pictures !

    It was 2 days of this; convincing hubby i took the pics !! alas, the "stupid finger strikes again" , i hit a button called format , i thought that would be nice. WRONG, it means delete ! !

    I am looking forward to more blogs, and plan to subscribe!
    merci emoticon
    2213 days ago
    I love this blog. I've had that experience myself, particularly when computers are involved, but I never knew what to call it before! The wrong side of the trousers of time. I love it.

    I loved the Beatrice Potter books when I was young, and so did my kids. Then, on a trip to England I discovered "The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit" which I had never seen in the US. Was it too scary for American children? I don't know. The was a series of Peter Rabbit books in the US for a while that were "translations" from the English. Basically they were "dumbed down" with a reduced vocabulary. They made me sick.
    2322 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/16/2012 10:58:05 AM
    I know what you mean. I used to shop online quite a bit. Even did my grocery shopping trough the net occasionally. But soon I began noticing odd differences in the products I bought. So I began to pay more attention to my purchases. Soon I noticed that I didn't get the discounts they gave in the store. Or that if I bought my groceries by the end of the month, based on their information, by the time I got them they weren't on sale anymore and I payed full price. At first I bought I was seeing things just like you. But after printing out their sales page and comparing them to my bill I got smarter quickly

    You live you learn I suppose
    2326 days ago
    Well you're right of course, except that my printer isn't connected to the new computer, and I'm having problems getting it to print out unless I change everything to blue instead of black.

    Maybe I should get yet another printer, but the same might happen ...
    2326 days ago
    I had an experience once when I bought a camera online. I opted for buying it a cheaper place rather than the reputable place I usually dealt with. The online description said it included a list of additional items besides the camera. WHen the camera arrived there was nothing else included and the bos was in Japanese. I went back to the web page to confirm and thank goodness I printed out the page at that time. I called about the missing items and was treated extremely rudely. They told me it did not come with any extras to check the web page. When i went back to the web page it had been changed, but I had a copy of the original listing. I faxed it to a few people and finally my credit card company which I had used to pay for the camera, told me to return it and issued me a full credit. They said they would deal with the seller. I then purchased from the reputable company I should have useIn future maybe print out the page when you order something to have proof of what it says?
    2327 days ago
    You're okay, hun... It's like how I wondered how my box of cereal ended up ion the fridge one day... LoL. At least you found what you really wanted... Here's to fewer beans on the ceiling! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2327 days ago
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