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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello all,
First of all Happy 2012 to everyone! Now that the holidays are over with, some have probably made New Year's Resolutions. I have made some in the past but it seemed like I would almost get to my goal then something would happen to where I back step & gain some of the weight that I lost back. Sound familiar anyone??? Well this year I decided that I wasn't going to make a huge resolution. I decided that I want to start out small, so here it is....
I made a 2 week goal that I just started yesterday, & that is I want to be consistent in my workouts & I needed something different to get me off and running. I started the 2 week total body turnaround! It says you can lose up to 12 lbs & 22 1/4 inches. Whether or not I lose that much or not, I know this is the boost that I need to get me going in the right direction! I know that in two weeks that I will be healthier & stronger than I was & I also know that I will feel great about my accomplishment of completing this program!
I haven't heard much about this plan, so if you have tried it or are still doing it, please share how it has helped transform you into a stronger & healthier person. From what I have done these last two days let me tell you, it's hard work & you will be sore after the first day. No pain no gain as the saying goes. I want to be healthy for myself, my son & my spouse, but I want to be healthy for God so He can use me & I can glorify Him by offering my body as a living sacrifice to Him & be healthy! I am going to keep you all updated on my progress & share bits & pieces of my journey with this program with you.
Whatever your resolutions, goals, &/or dreams are, make sure you have smaller steps to get you there & also make sure you give yourself a target date to complete each step so you will stick to it. I pray all of your resolutions, goals, & dreams come true for 2012, with the work you'll be putting into accomplishing these I know you will succeed! Blessings to you all!!!

Day 1

Hello all,
Day 1 was not the way I had it pictured in my head, lol... For one I wasn't able to sleep good, so you can probably imagine that the morning was not the best for me. After I did my devotions though my perspective changed and I started to get in the swing of things. So I did a 30 minute interval workout on the treadmill, stretched my body, and did my circuit strength training. Wow, something new, usually I would take a 30 second break between each set but not in this case, boy did my muscles burn! Which when your muscles burn, that means their working!!! So needless to say by the end of the day I was really sore.

Day 2

Hello all,
Hope your day is treating you well! Boy does my body feel sore today, ugh. So today I got to hangout with the women in Bible study today, I sure missed them!Just completed my 2nd day of workouts & let me tell you, I am even more sore but it's in other muscles too. Well on day one the muscles that I worked are not the muscles I worked in day 2. I am glad I finished day 2 & I feel so good!!! I feel confident too! Have a great evening all, I will keep you posted on my journey so if you would like to hear more, please subscribe, blessings all!

Day 3

Hello all,
Wow, I finally got some good sleep! I spent some time with God today & it was a blessing as usual. We serve such an awesome God! Well today was a 30 minute power walk and a 30 minute total body workout. All I can say is I never knew my body could endure this type of workout! I give God all the glory! Wow am I sore now... I do feel stronger & I also feel great! Only 12 more days to reach my goal of completing this program! Now to relax a bit then get moving again!

Day 4

Hello all, I hope you are accomplishing your goals & dreams in life! Wow, what an amazing day today has been! I just completed my 30 minute treadmill walk & I walked 2 miles in 30 minutes! I am so stoked, it's been awhile since I've done that... I also completed the 30 minute upper body and core exercises today! I have come to the conclusion that you don't know what your body is capable of doing until you at least try. I am more amazed at the things I can do now than ever. I have more confidence, and I definitely feel stronger! So far I love this program! Even knowing it feels like boot camp to me, lol sometimes. Yes I feel sore but that just means that my muscles are working! Only 10 days left to accomplish my goal!!!


Day 5

Hello all,

Wow, on day 5 & I feel fabulous! What I am finding as I go is that each cardio is different from the last one before. Who knew there were many different intervals that you can do? Just to name a few she's got one called the speed bursts, pyramid, & speed ladder. I feel so much better after each workout, I also feel sore, but it disappears as the day goes. I can't wait to see the results in 9 more days!!! Have a great evening all!!!

Day 6

Hello all,

What a day, I made it consistently to day 6! All I can say is that I am sore & my body deserves a day of rest. So far it's been an exciting week in this program so far, she keeps me so engaged of these cardio & strength training workouts... There is never a dull moment! I hope your 2 week goal is going great! Would love to hear about it=-) Have a great weekend all!

Day 7

Hello all,
Hope you had a great day! No workouts for today, a day of rest. A day to let my muscles rest... Have a great evening all!

Day 8

Hello all,
I am excited to get back and moving, aren't you?! For today I didn't feel sore & I actually got to use my 5 lb weights for a couple of the exercises for my arms. I lost 1 lb of fat & 3 1/2 inches, & 2 of those inches were from my waist! Now last week for the strength training workouts I was suppose to complete the cycle of exercises 2 times around, well I must have missed that & I only completed 1 cycle. So this week I will complete 2 full round cycles & see my results! Have a great night & I wish you nothing but success in completing your 2-week goal!

Day 9

Hello all,
I just completed today's workouts, boy did I work my butt off! Well I guess we will see on Monday, lol... Anyways today felt a lil harder than yesterday, but I think that is because I worked out yesterday. I rested on Sunday so of course I would not feel nothing on Monday. I used my 5 lb weights more today! All in all I feel fabulous & strong!!! Have a great day all!

Day 10

Hello all,
I hope you all had a blessed day! Today was filled with lots of errands & things to do. We took Avery to the library & checked out some books! He was so excited he had me read to hm for 30 minutes, lol. I ended up doing my workouts at 6:30pm instead of earlier because of all that needed to get done. Let me tell you I was thrilled when I completed the workouts, because I felt like I wanted to skip them. So all in all a great day & workouts are complete, yay!!!

Day 11

Hello all,
Back on schedule today, yay! Workouts complete, boy am I sore... Glad done with today workout wise now I can relax! Using more of my 5 lb weights! I think my 3 lb ones are way too easy, the 5 lb ones are heavier & makes me work more. Now I need a pair of 10 & 12 pounders. Here's to a great night all, blessings!
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  • MOM_OF_1
    Hello Roseanne,
    Thank you for reading my blog! Wow, I am from Oregon. I have had some setbacks in life including having lower back surgery at the age of 17 years old... I was doing the walk off weight program, but as soon as winter hit, I wasn't able to keep it up. So I decided to try the 2 week total body turnaround. I needed a switch. I lost 25 lbs with the walk off weight program, but ended up being pregnant. I didn't find out until I early miscarried=( In that time I gained some of the weight back, then the holidays hit & I gained some more of the weight I lost.=/ Needless to say I tried this 2-week program & lost some inches, & some weight. I like the program sooo much that I want to go another 2-weeks, starting today! I wish I knew how to alter the diet part for a woman who weighs more than the 150 lb woman who should eat about 1600 calories. If there is a way to do that, I haven't found it yet.Don't know much about weight watchers, except you count stuff. For cardio I walk on a treadmill. I would like to communicate with you too,

    2632 days ago
    Great to read your blog.

    I am from Australia, where are you? I am in what I call the pre-season for the 2 week turnaround. I am working my way through the strength training, will be doing day 3 today. I have been working with Miriam Nelson's guidlines for strength training for about 6 weeks and have not experienced any soreness with the two days on this program. Miriam's plan is a lot easier, but must have been a good building exercise for this one.

    I have been doing bike riding for the exercise component.

    I am not doing the diet component as i have just lost 10kg using weight watchers and very happy with that program which i intend to follow for the rest of my life lol!

    Would love to communicate with you further,

    Roseanne Roberts - alicesplace
    2632 days ago
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