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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thanks to everyone for the comments yesterday. The scale was not kind to me this morning. Over the course of the week I've hopped on the doom device a couple of times to check progress and on Thur I was happy as I'd lost 8lbs, which made me think 'hurrah, I'll meet my 10lb goal for this week easily, I still have 4 days to go!' so off I trot, a happy bunny.

However, this kind of thinking is what led to my only losing 4lbs this week (and thus putting ON 4).
'I am going to reach that goal so easily that some bread and butter can't hurt.'
'I am going to reach it so easily that one biscuit can't hurt.'
'I am going to reach that goal so easily that some chocolate cake, frozen cookie dough and chocolate buttons won't do too much damage.'

And so here we are at half the loss I had already made when I still had four days to go in the week!

So, I'm thinking that I need to step on the scale once a week. I'm fairly sure that if I hadn't already thought I'd achieved my aim for the week I wouldn't have gone so far off the reservation.

I'm also fairly pissed off with myself for being so weak and bascially being chocolate's bitch. I need to have more self belief and keep the reason why I'm doing this in my head! I am 17lbs heavier than this time last year! I have negated all the progress I made.

The worst part? I can see the change in my face and I do not like it! I like the thinner face girl in the other pictures damnit! I want her back.

So I know what I need to do but I can already see reasons why I might have a problem this week. One of them? I'm going on a date on Thur and he's taking me to my favourite cocktail place (apparently it's one of his too, huzzah!) but I am not supposed to drink on this plan and I sure as hell am not supposed to drink sugary, colour addititive cocktails which will make my weight shoot through the roof! But it's a first date, I don't want to seem like the prissy, awkward girl who refuses to relax and have a good time.

decisions, decisions.

Hope everyone is having a better week than me :)
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    Just remember, in the Harcombe diet it says - treat days out like you are in phase three, cheat a little and not too often.
    Go out have the drinks, just order things that are mostly meat and veg to eat, a little pasta won't be a problem but just avoid gorging yourself on things. No one worries if people leave some of thier food behind (My mum never eats a lot at meals anyway, just becuase her appitite is not huge.) So I'd just avoid the pasta and stuff, and enjoy the drinks! It's all about finding moderation, but theres no point writing off days/months/etc remember, theres not bad days or good days, just a general acceptance of how to eat well.

    Also to be frank, I think any dates I would go on I'd expect to be appriciatve of the fact that I'm trying to look after my body so being moderate about what I'm drinking and eating. I doubt your date would have a problem with that, are you sure that it's not just you want to do those things, regardless of how you are viewed? Most men expect women to be fairly moderate in thier consumption anyway.

    Also out of interest, I've not read it but there's a low carbohydrate book for how to eat fast food which might be helpfull to you...
    "The New High Protein Healthy Fast Food Diet: The Effective Way to Use Convenience Foods as Part of a Low-Carb Diet" especially in regards to your newer post.

    I'm curious as to you giving up on the Harcombe diet on days out, becuase really I thought that was the main point of the Harcombe diet, allowing you to manage quite well on social situations...
    Good luck for Febuary anyway! Hopefully everything will get back on track! You can do it!
    2817 days ago
  • APIE159
    I found this and thought of your blog. "Inside me is a thin women trying to get out....I usually shut the bitch up with chocolate." haaaahaaaa. I thought I was going to pee my pants the first time I read that.
    2832 days ago
    You know I have noticed a pattern with you and events or food/drink relating things that are coming up.

    It kind of sounds like your bad food side has already won before you even get close to going out or getting to work the next day when you know bad food will be there instead of working on a game plan?

    Here's a link I found to low calorie cocktails...
    A Mojito only has 149 calories compared to Margerita which has over 700.

    Hope this helps:)
    2832 days ago
    Scotch and soda, less calories. Anything and water or soda. You are not a sissy but you are a wimp. You come first, remember that. You don't have to conform, you are not a lemming.
    To join the party and not seem pudish, plan on drinking and eating whatever has the least calories and still keeps you in the loop.
    I believe paragraph #1 and paragraph #2 are both doable. Good luck!
    2833 days ago
    oh you're not alone, can totalllllly relate to that (especialy the scale phobia) planned to give it away/crash it/burn it but no it stays put and on more manic days I'm hopping on it more than once a day(how silly is that??) so please start a new day afresh and try not to think about the past (i'm trying to do the same) all the best pal
    2834 days ago
    You sound like Me an impulse eater! It is Your decision to make if You drink or not! If Your plan is such that You can not follow it-You might need to rethink Your plan! A Health change and a food change needs to be a life style change! If you can not follow it-change it! Have faith You will get there!!! emoticon ((((HUGS))))! Susan
    2834 days ago
    You are not chocolate's only bitch... I'm in almost the same state when I compare this year to last year. It sucks.

    However, we shall perservere! Are you doing any running? I'm going out to Yas Island tonight for at least 5.5k. That's the ticket, I know.

    Hang in there!
    2835 days ago
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