Rewards and Punishments.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

In September I reached my 10% goal.
However, the college semester was in full swing so I didn't have a chance to celebrate with the predetermined rewards of ice skates nor a trip horseback riding.
When the end of the semester rolled around I had gained a whopping 1.2 pounds. This has put me a pound over from the 10%. I was no longer eligible for the splurge I had earned as the criteria (of being 10% down) had expired.

I know someone who isn't getting something, let's say it's new clothes and a much needed haircut, until she loses a certain quota of weight. She's miserable. She hates the way she looks and feels like a humpback whale (a feeling I know all too well).
I feel sad that my friend was depriving herself of confidence by not dressing up and stuff. I was so glad when her husband finally convinced her to splurge.

The thing is that if we wait to live once the weight melts off- we will be wasting some awesome years.
I don't believe you have to be thin or a healthy weight to be beautiful or 'worth it'. Obviously, being healthy is the most glowing, vibrant, energetic-inducing, productivity, intoxicating state as is being thin because you'll feel good because your body feels healthy and you look hott.

But you can and should look good/ put together no matter what weight you're at. Obviously you won't look your ultimate best because your ultimate best would be at a healthy weight. But for this moment of time- you will be perfect. You can prepare for that intoxicating state of looking spectacular right now at your current weight. Take care of yourself. Spoil yourself. Wear dangling earrings. Buy pretty bags. Go horseback riding. don't wait. Prepare. Maybe we'll look back and say we did this when we weighed 35 pounds more and look so much better this time around.

What all this rambling leads to is this: I know I gained back that 1 pound that technically makes it irrational that I should be rewarded. But I did lose it originally and keep it off the 2 prescribed weeks (I only reward after maintaining 2 weeks because it fluctuates so I like to know it is a more permanent loss).
Though I gained that 1.2 pounds back, I still earned the prize and while losing weight, rather BECAUSE I'm losing weight, I'm preparing for the ultimate goal weight by embracing life and embracing myself. Failures and all.

Reward yourself even if you deserve it slightly. Don't fool yourself if you don't deserve it but don't punish yourself either because that negative energy does nothing to invigorate a healthy mindset nor a healthy body. At least it didn't for me. Encourage yourself. Wear pompoms. Do a cheer.

Over winter break I went horseback riding while on vacation in Massachusetts. When my family and friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told them iceskates. They all chipped in and I now own a beautiful pair of Jackson Artiste Skates. Which I happen to be able to use in a fun, healthy way.
But I didn't get them because they are a recreational activity I got them because every time I put them on I know I'm 15 pounds down. They are a symbol. They are a badge. And that is awesome.

Get your own symbol. Get your own badge. You deserve because you signed in today. Your read this post. You are being mindful. Doing research. Whatever. Celebrate because this is a journey. A total unpredictable adventure. Full of new people and new experiences.

See you at the rink!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What an excellent blog! You are absolutely right and I am so glad that you have this attitude. Living is happening right now for all of us and wasting well...a waste. So is punishing ourselves. Life does not get good in one golden moment when we weigh a certian amount...we all have to build a good life one day at a time. I am so glad to know that you have gone horseback riding and have new skates. Congratulations on your accomplishment!
    2271 days ago
    I love your ideas!!! Now I have to think of something to reward myself with! Have fun skating, Gitty!! emoticon emoticon
    2293 days ago
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