What a difference a year makes!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

This week was my 1 year Sparkversary. Things are so very different now. When I joined SP on 1/2/11 I weighed 189, had a BMI in the OBESE range, was a couch tater supreme who never worked out, ate lots of horrible food and barely cooked, wore size 16/18 clothing and was embarrassed to be seen by anyone.

This was taken a couple of weeks after I joined SP so I probably looked even worse!

Now I weigh in the low 130's, have a BMI in the healthy range, work out 6 to 7 days a week which I actually enjoy, eat all kinds of healthy foods while cooking many new recipes, wear a size 4/6 and am proud of how I look!

Size 4 jeans!!

Comfortable in my body at last

I've lost weight before but this time is different. I'm not sure what my ultimate weight goal will be; I might be there now (I'm below my WW goal weight). This time my goal is to be extremely fit. I'm working towards that now by doing ST three times a week because it's more important that I'm toned rather than I reach a certain number on the scale. Because I'm not so invested in the scale, I don't get upset when the number goes up. Too many of us get discouraged because everything is tied to that number; it determines if we're having a good day or a bad day. I refuse(d) to have that attitude -- I was sticking with this no matter how long it took or if the scale went up or down.

Everyone can do this because I know that if I can, anyone can be successful. It requires commitment and determination. It means you won't give up if you've gained a pound one week even though you did everything right. It means that eating over your calories doesn't mean anything other than eating over your calories; you're not a bad person, you didn't ruin everything, you just go on from there and make better choices the next day.

I continue to be grateful to all my friends here on SP. There are many who motivate and inspire me. I'm so happy to be the Motivation Leader of the Teddy Bear team these past 2 5% Challenges. I hope to be motivational but also this keeps me on the straight and narrow (I mean how off can I go when I'm a team leader?)

Wishing everyone a successful 2012. May we all be healthier and happier and focus on the positive changes we've made.

These pants used to be tight. Now they're going in the give away pile. Love how my arms are showing definition!
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