Happy new year!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Where to begin!

Almost two months since I wrote a blog and lot of things has been going on since. All good :)

I am doing so well. My hair has come back and it is curly and everything!! I used to have straight hair, but now ? O no... curly curly and it is all over the place :)

I got a personal trainer for 3 months and I did a awesome job with her. I lost a lot of cm and some kg. I gained six kg during my cancer trip, but I have lost them all so I am really happy with that!

I am now taking care of my diet (like always) and soon I will start exercising again, but I have not done anything in that area for 3 weeks. You should see the snow here and it is so cold, *brrr*... I can't wait going running again, but I like it better to go outside, so I am just waiting :)

I have an appointment with the doctor in February both my surgeon and my oncologist, but I am going to have a brand new breast the year 2012 heheheh :)

Here is a picture of me so you can see the HAIR!.. I am a bit sleepy on the picture hehehe...

And here is all the SNOW

I have started working again and that is going well. I have also started writing a lot and on new years Eve I made a wow that I would write for 10 minutes every day from three randoms words from a program I made for a year! COOL! So that is taking some time from me :)

For some reason I have not been on SP. I think the reason is because I have not been able to give me some time two read other's blog and I don't think it is fair that you read mine and I don't read yours.

I miss you guys.. *sigh*...

Perhaps I should just make some time to spend on SP, 30 minutes a week! That should be something I can do and then I can blog about what I am up to and follow your progress also.

My first project for the new year was taking pictures of everything I ate, and here is the album on facebook

This week I am going to try new recipes but my husband has been taking care of his diet also and guess what HE HAS LOST 6.3 kg! or 13.8 lbs in 10 weeks with Christmas and everything hehehe :)
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