Wearing Jeans again, Non-diet Goals, My Plan for Today!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Friday Night my bf's mom bought costco jeans a size too small for her and asked if I wanted to see if they would fit me. Hesitantly I decided I would try them on.

Before I carry on, I think I need to give you all some background information with me and jeans. I HATE them. I have no worn a pair of jeans in over 2 years. I can never find jeans that fit, i don't know my size, and since I work with children I need jeans that COVER my butt. All the jeans that I seem to find always cut off at my hips and are not flattering what so ever. Back in highschool, the girls wore jeans that would show a bit TOO much (thong, butt crack etc.) and that is not my idea of attractive. To top it off I am between sizes and pants are either too tight or fall off. Needless to say Jeans are not my friend.

When my bf's mom gave me the pants to try on, again I was hesitant, but I did it. These are not "low rise" jeans, actually quite the opposite. These jeans sit just under my belly button. This is very different then any jeans I have tried on before. Granted, at first it was a bit weird, I found that these jeans were STRETCHY! Meaning I can bend, stretch, move etc. without ANY of the issues I had before. This also means I can go to work(daycare) with a pair of jeans now!

I was also told the size of the jeans, an 8. I think that is maybe 1/4 of the reason I did not want to try these pants on. I have been in a size 8 before, but I would always want to buy the size 6 that I have always been. When these pants fit so perfectly, I didn't care that the size wasn't the "ideal" size I want, I only cared that I feel GREAT in them.

Let me say it again.


Earlier today I read a daily spark blog about setting non-diet goals. I have been thinking hard about this and I think I have come up with a few that I want to accomplish. I still need to make a plan to do this and put this plan into action, but step 1 is making the goals.

1. Batch Cooking. I know this seems like a diet goal, but it is not. By Batch Cooking I mean to be consistent cooking large meals in the kitchen. I love the high I get when I have 3 different meals being made at once. I need to remember this feeling when things become busy and overwhelming during my semester.

2. Re-organize my schedule (my homework schedule) every week. I know my Practicum and my homework load will be high. In the past, I would not re-organize my workload, I would forget what was due when, and things would be left to the last minute. This will help keep me on track.

3. Take photos for 30 minutes per week. (I did steal this from the spark blog, but I forgot how much I loved doing this in the past) These photos could be anything from my nature walks, my bf, my dogs, siblings, family, my batch cooking or even of me.

For now that is all I have, but I think those goals will be very attainable as long as I set up a plan for each of them.

One last thing to add to my blog. I woke up this morning and EXERCISED! Everyone else was still asleep, aside from my 2 dogs. So i decided to open up the SP Fitness tracker and do the strength training I had scheduled. This is usually difficult for me. The house I am living in is small, it is my bf's families house, and I do not feel comfortable exercising in front of them (especially when they are all reading their books like right now lol). The only other room I can exercise is the bf and my room. That give me a 2ft by 4ft space to work with, which is VERY difficult. Today I did it and that is all that matters!

I also have a 3km (starting small) walk scheduled today. The last time I went for a walk, my girlfriend came. She is coming again today. The weather is dreary looking, but there is no rain yet! SO SHE CANNOT COMPLAIN!!! If she does, I won't be inviting her out for walks anymore.

Have a great day everyone! Hope your Sunday has been as great as mine!
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    Wow that is great about the jeans (I must admit I have jeans that are labeled a size zero and ones labeled a size 8 and both fit about the same, I think that vanity sizing is a huge one on the zeros).

    Those are great goals you have as well. I love doing batch cooking and it helps when the kids are in charge of making dinner all they have to do is rewarm it.

    Hope it doesn't rain on you while you are out walking.
    2352 days ago
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