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SCREW the Scale!!!! I would have quit a long time ago if I listened to it! (pic)

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hi spark

i just commented on a blog with this topic

I think it's timely....since you are all starting. restarting, recommitting

working your TUSH off and the SCALE is being a !@#@R% as usual!

I want to share my story

If I listened to the SCALE I would have quit at WK 2!!!!!!

I started at 180 in Aug '10 at size busting out of 12...so 12/14....height 5'4

Me bef in july 180 vs present me 170

I started SP........lost 10 lbs in a wk!!!!!!
that is normal for me ;p
when i change my habits
tracking, clean eating, at least 30 mins fitness a day

WOOOHOOO.......170...SP is working..in a wk!!!!

I found running

170......for 1.5 month! WHAT?????????????
thank goodness for SP

you guys tell me to keep at it....
Only thing to keep me going is my progress pic

my first PLATEAU at 170

then by weird miracle the scale moved again
by then I got my first 5k under my belt

Wooohooooo 160!!!!!!!!

Uh....160 for 6 months lol

my second Plateau at 160 (4 months pics)

by this time i ran 2 half marathon!!! 2!!!!!

I was so upset I made these pics

7 month of running .....170 to 160 (last pic is on my HM day)

getting to size 2 at 160 (I can't find the size 2 pic.....)

My 0 to HM pic (170 vs 156)

My IDEAL pic...day 1, my inspirational body, and me then at 160

Ok........que....CRASH and BURN
SP obsessed
Duel exercise (run in the am, 90x in the pm)......i wanted the F--ing scale to move!
Depression....i wasn't happy with me.......at goal

So I gained 20lb in my haze and downward spiral of 2 month

a small faint sp-friends voice brought me back in aug'11

And I am back with full force!!!!

today I stand at 173-5!!! a total loss of 5 lbs!!!

but here is what it look like

day 1 tank pic, vs me last month

me at peak 156 vs me last month 173 lol

here is my little black dress...that I had to buy at 156...and it fit yesterday at 173

so I say

SCREW the !#@$#@%#$%% scale

keep keeping at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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