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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

So December was horrific. Sucktacular. Truly awful. Poopy. How awful you ask? Well, the suckage included 3 trips--2 alone-- from Ohio to Iowa and back which equates to over 4,000 miles driven and over 66 hours driving in 14 days. I'm up 12 pounds for those 14 days. Christmas was... well, it wasn't. I sat at home alone and opened Christmas cards. I've never appreciated Christmas cards as much as I did this year. I may actually send some next year.

Unfortunately, that was the good part of December, being alone and driving and all, and I'm not kidding.

I've always wondered if I would be a decent hospice nurse. What I found out is that I do have what it takes to do hospice. I just wish I didn't have to find out that piece of information while taking care of my MIL. I've never wanted my Mommy so much in my life, and not because she is the knower of all things hospice, but because she is my Mom.

So, in summary, December stunk. December stunk like an Iowa pig farm in July (it smells bad enough in December, I'm guessing about summer).

I could feel my ass spreading as I drove. 16 days with nary a single treadmill, yoga class, spinning workout or swim. I ate whatever was available along the route and food that women bearing casseroles provided when I was stationary. I ate fudge. I ate dairy and Iowa corn fed pork and some monstrosity called a tenderloin that is really really big on a wee little bun. I had Starbucks every day I could because that Venti No Foam Soy Earl Grey Tea Latte tasted like home.

My body is, for lack of a better word, pissed.

At one point I was rolling on the floor in tears because I was so constipated from the terrible food, lack of exercise and stress. Stress-induced constipation happened to me once during finals week and it was so bad I almost took myself to the ER for an appendicitis workup before an instructor told me I was "literally FOS."

TMI Warning

Poor Cheffrey. Defenseless, sweet, kind Cheffrey. He went somewhere he had never gone before, and hopes to never go again. He bought enemas. Poor guy. His Mom was so sick and his wife, the only one who was comfortable with the meds and such, was flopping around on the floor like a fish, desperate for pain relief, writhing around in poo-filled pain. Yup, he went into the drug store and scored some enemas for me. Then, god help me, I had to use them. What a bloody freaking nightmare of humiliating proportions. Insult, meet injury... the bleeping things didn't work.

End of TMI warning

My joints ache from not eating clean. I feel like old Fat Jenn. I went to yoga last night and it's like the last 6 months of yoga never happened. It feels like back to square one. I've lost a mile per hour on the treadmill. My downward dog feels like someone is trying to break my wrists. I could only run for a minute or so on the treadmill. I feel old and fat and gross and tired and my pits stink like they do when I eat a standard American diet. I'm disgusting.

I was doing spinning, and doing it well, a mere three weeks ago.

I'm in this strange place where I'm really upset with myself about my total December failure versus feeling like hey, I did what I had to do, now I can get back to Operation Defattening. I'm still on the horse. I'm still fighting the battle. I lost December. I'm still here. I'm still fighting the good fight. I will admit to being somewhat emotionally, spiritually and physically tired.

I cannot deny that I stress eat. I knew it when I was doing it that I wasn't feeling tummy hunger. I noted it and moved on, moved forward.

I know that being exhausted makes me eat badly. I was awake for 32 straight hours at one point.

I know that stress makes me eat and there was enough stress for a mall full of people.

I know that crying makes me dehydrated. I also know that Coca Cola is a poor beverage to hydrate with. End result is that I drank a lot of it and was still really thirsty.

The good news is that last December I would have chowed down and not cared or even been cognisant of these issues. This December I knew it was happening, noted it, and actually said these words out loud and meant them, "I cannot wait to get home and eat vegan and eat clean and exercise every day and do yoga."

That, my friends, is progress.

What else is progress? I'm far smaller than I was when I weighed this much last year. The exercise is paying off.

I've been 100% on plan since January 1st. I know that if I keep it up I will feel better. It's an act of faith right now.

On to the fun...

Resolutions. Goals. Are they they same thing? I decided that they aren't. I think that a resolution is a behavior you want to change. A goal is something you want to accomplish. Something you WILL accomplish.

My resolution this year is to not text and drive. I've taken care of three people who became organ donors because they--or another driver--chose to text and drive. I strongly encourage you to be part of my no texting resolution.

I don't usually tell people what to do with their lives. I share my experience. I offer support. I offer free advice that is worth what you pay for it. I'm telling you that nothing is important enough to text and drive. Pull freakin' over. Wait for a light.

Seriously. You owe it to yourself and the people who love you to not text and drive. I expect lots of comments stating that you solemnly swear you are up to no good. Errr sorry, got carried away with the Harry Potter for a second there. I expect lots of comments saying, "I would rather live than text, I'm with ya!" or a variation on that theme.

Spread the No Texting Revolution Resolution!

2012 Goals!!!!!

Goals. I need goals. Lots of goals. I require them. Loads of goals.

I will get back to my low weight of 265, and keep on trucking from there. Life is too short to be obese. Life is too short not to respect good health.

Half Marathon, one, preferably more. I want to do The Pig in Cincy. Ohioans call Cincinnati "Cincy" because they can't spell it, FYI.

Maybe Rock N Roll Half Las Vegas with HeatherStew next December, it has to be better than this December! I wanted to do it this year, but I'm a poor saver, so now I have more time to save.

July 28th. Escape From Alcatraz. Me, some other crazy people, a ferry and some sharks. Woot! I think I'm going to harass my mommy until she goes with me and cheers for me.

Mudman Triple, Gambier, Ohio

365 hours of cardio. That's 21,900 exercise minutes people! WOOT WOOT!

I'm also signing up for Fittingin130's 2012 miles in 2012 challenge team. I will be converting my non-walking/running exercise into mileage for that. It's going to be tough and awesome. If you want to join the team take a look at my page and click on it. There is a shorter option as well, 201.2 miles, for the sake of being inclusive.

I expect to be able to do 5 mph for an entire hour by the end of the year. I met my2011 goal of 4 mph for an hour. I have to get back to 4, since I've totally decimated my cardio ability this last month, then move forward to 5.

Be able to run 5k without stopping. Slowing fine stopping not fine.

Lose 100 pounds this year. One Zero Zero. No less.

Weight that starts with a 1 by the end of the year, kind of goes along with the 100 pounds thing.

Smaller belly that allows far more yoga poses.

Gym sprint tri. Basically, bikes are so expensive that I would feel like this goal was "to hemorrhage money" if I set a "do sprint triathlon" goal, so I will do a sprint tri at the gym. Using their bikes. :)

Lose so much weight that I have to literally get rid of my entire wardrobe except shoes. I'm keeping the angora sweater thingie... it will be big enough to roll up in before I'm done.

Yoga goals:

Attempt to like hot yoga again. I loathed Bikram. LOATHED. But I will give it a second chance this year.

Be able to do these poses:

Eka Pada Koundiyanasana---try saying that five times fast!

Also, Natarajasana:

I had said earlier this year I was going to set a 2012 goal of doing an inversion. That goal was a total fail the next day when my favorite yoga instructor laughed at me (kindly) and informed me that I already do inversions. It was her idea to choose goal poses. :)

So, are you giving up texting and driving? What are your goals? I want to hear your goals so I can steal them and make them my goals. Errr, no, I mean, I want to hear your goals so I can encourage you and support you in your achievements!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am on board with the no-texting thing!

    I have always been on a weight-loss journey, but I joined the gym just before my mom became ill and I watched her leave us slowly. And then there's the grief afterwards. And now, nearly a year later, I no longer use it as a current excuse, but I can see why I had so little success last year.

    My goals for 2012 are to lose 3 pounds a month, for 36 pounds lost by years end. I want to be more consistent at the gym, and I want to eat less at night!
    2349 days ago
    SO crazy how one month can mess you up soooo bad! I also went on a bender (you had a WAY better excuse than I did) and now I am back. Joined the BLC #13 and it started this week. I've been fighting cravings like crazy, totally gave up on the vegan thing (I did that for like a month and the SERIOUSLY fell off the wagon with meat cravings), and have been having a difficult time getting back into exercising. I had to do this test for BLC of how long it took me to do a mile. I swear I used to be able to do it in 15 min or less this summer but this time it was 21.5! And to top it all of my hip is in pain! Sheesh. That'll teach me! Next year I am not going to be so crazy! But hey, like you said, at least there is an improvement over last year =)
    2353 days ago
    I am so sorry that you had a rough December. It sounds like you are back on track big time and have some wonderful goals! I never text and drive, so no problem joining you there. My goals, to increase my cardio time, start ST again, increase my water, actually TRACK my food for more than 1 day at a time, more positive thoughts about myself. Those negative thoughts have gotten me to where I am!

    You are awesome, I love your blogs! emoticon
    2354 days ago
    Sorry to read about your December but I am glad you made it through still so positive! Good luck in 2012!
    2355 days ago
    Glad to see you come up swinging from your recent 15 rounds with Dr. Suck.

    Missed reading your blogs.

    I was actually getting a little 'worried about you' (weird, since I only know you by blog and you don't know me from the coat rack... er, fat coat rack) and contemplated trying to poke you and see if you're OK.

    One thing, Jenn... I always thought you were too smart to be the kind of girl who texts and drives. emoticon
    2355 days ago
    Not only no texting but no reading someone else's text to you!!!People cannont safely read and drive let alone try to write and drive.
    2355 days ago
    I love your style!!! You're so funny! Thanks for sharing your stories with us.
    The goal of not text and driving will be an easy one for me as I don't drive - I only walk in Paris and sometimes take the tube. But I want to improve the weights in ST and get tighter all over, but especially in my bottom area.
    We can do this! Thanks for sharing!
    2356 days ago
    Okaaaaaay. No texts. For realsies.
    Once upon a time I scorned people who texted while they drove -- HOW COULD THEY?!!?! I didn't even drive and call! Um. Somehow (iPhone) along the way (iPhone) I became a texter (I blame the iPhone).

    So, I'm on board. I'll even make it a SparkStreak -- that's how I finally stuck to reducing my speed.

    So yeah.
    (Poo issues always make me really sorry that I didn't eat healthfully. There's no mistaking the lack of fiber,a nd too much sodium issues!)
    2356 days ago
    What is it about December? Probably the fact that my husband went to Afganistan in November and I went in to depression has something to do with it. Thanksgiving did me in and it got worse from there. I am up about 5 lbs. I exercised some but not what I should and I have not logged my food since the week of Thanksgiving - I have logged my food today and will keep doing it.

    Goals: Log food daily, get back to daily exercise, lose at least 30 more pounds before Prince (husband, real name) gets home in May. Do my skin care daily. Do a better job with household routines. Stop eating out so much - keep to once or twice a week.
    2356 days ago
  • KIKI0531
    Great blog, as expected. I myself am back from a short haitus that occurred around the holidays, cookies and oh so yummy fat-laden treats. I still have not come up with resolutions; however, I do know that I want to make better choices and get back on track. I don't even have the balls to step back on a scale until I can sit down and not have a muffin top hangin' over my pants. UGH :(
    2356 days ago
    I'm sorry you had a sucktackular December. Sounds like you summed it up pretty well.

    I join you in the no Text and Drive (as long as I can dial the phone while at a stop light and then talk on my bluetooth).

    Oh, and if you lose enough weight you also will need new shoes!
    2356 days ago
    I needed your post much, much more than you can imagine. My eating was way out of control in December and when I weighed myself 2 days ago, I was shocked. I started a new job, which I love, but the store is a 15 sec walk from a tea house that carries pastries, soups and sandwiches. I went overboard with that. Ok, my goal is to avoid the place and always bring lunch. I want to try yoga, but want to find a place that is all-size friendly. I went to one at my gym and walked out after looking at all the toned bodies.
    I also have a goal of losing 100 lbs but will settle for getting into the Ones by July. I have to see if that is reasonable.
    Thank you so much for your honesty (and TMI--been there). I resolve to call yoga studios today to find out what their class schedules are.
    Keep on keeping on
    Peace out,
    2356 days ago
  • TRABOLD8567
    Great goals! Great enough to wipe out the badness of December. Thanks for sharing!
    2357 days ago
    Thank yo for sharing your horrible December I can honestly say i WILL NEVER SPEAK OF THIS DECEMBER AGAIN!!! Maybe we should just say there were 11 months last year that were great and we are better off this January then we were last January go us!! My goal is to try Yoga everyone including yourself rave about it and I am so inflexible its actually sad to watch. New Year new goals!! GO YOGA ANS GO YOU!
    2357 days ago
    I am going to do a pull up- and 15 regular push ups. And I am doing P90x workouts. go me. I too found that I was bloated, gross and sluggish from eating junk, less exercise and family stress. January, thus far, is better. You do help a person feel less alone when you share your struggles. Here is to hoping we achieve our goals. emoticon
    2357 days ago
  • JIVANA108
    I love this blog so gutlevel honest, vunerable... Its hard to be a hospice nurse trial by fire with family members. I did it by choice 12yrs...its much easier than my own family(father/aunts).
    My goals for 2012
    -Journal every day if only 1 one word/sentence
    -Meditate every day if only for 5 minutes
    -No caffeine-coffee/black tea...chocolate stays for now
    -Walk outside 6 days a week 1hr
    -Water 8 glasses daily

    Reading a book called Revive-Frank Lippman MD for those of us are "spent" exhausted mentally emotionally physically to nourish ourselves and "revive" energy/ health on all levels one week at a time for 6wks
    2357 days ago
    sounds like you learned a lot of easy on yourself.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2358 days ago
  • ANJELIA1968
    Sorry you had such a sucky December. What is it about that month when the most significant spiritual event of all time is celebrated (ok, we can debate whether Easter is more spiritually significant, but you get my point that it's a holiday that MATTERS!) yet we're all in such a funk? Maybe it's the weather shift and the loss of daylight, or maybe it's the debt we accumulate trying to shop for all those people who are so important to us at Christmas time but seem to be less important 6 weeks later, but whatever it is, December is just basically depressing. Glad you are getting back in gear in the new year (as am I). You've got some solid goals and I believe you will achieve them, and I GUARANTEE I will follow you in accomplishing your resolution as my cell phone doesn't even have texting (yes, antiquated!) and most of the time I don't carry it anyway.
    Thanks for some giggles to start 2012 and we wish you all the best!
    2358 days ago
    Oh Hot Yoga! IN LOVE! Seriously!
    December suck all the time here I swear!!! Hugs to you!
    My digestion track is the worst!!! My yoga instructor gave us this recipe. I swear it works!
    2T apple cider vinegar
    1t honey
    1/8 t cheyenne pepper
    lemon slice
    1 cup water

    Ahh relief! Drink it every night! I wait till it cools to slam it back!
    2358 days ago
    Sorry you had such a sucktackular December. Although, I do admit I love that word sucktacular and may have to adopt it as my own. emoticon

    Wishing you a great 2012.
    And I promise I will not text and drive. It's dangerous to myself and others on the road.

    2358 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/7/2012 8:50:38 PM
    I was surfing the web one day (in March 09) and saw the Escape From Alcatraz Tri and said "I want to do THAT". So I joined a gym and got a trainer who asked me my goals. I told him I want to do a triathlon this summer. He smiled indulgently and said "maybe next summer". I said "we'll see." Then I did some more research about Escape From Alcatraz and found out you have to qualify to be in that one -- so sadly it was not going to get to be my first tri. But I tell you what... I DID do a tri that very summer (Nationwide - Columbus) despite a knee injury and a trainer who kept telling me to take it easy with the extra training (he may have had a point hence the knee injury)... all I know is I did it. And reading your post - I know you can too. I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear about your amazing year!

    2358 days ago
    Sorry you had such a rough December. It sounds like you are back on track and doing pretty well so far.

    Good luck with those poses. I might be able to do the second one but the first one I just don't think this 40 year old body could get into.

    As for the texting and driving thing I don't do it because here it is against the law. If you cause an accident and they suspect you were on your phone (texting or talking without a hands free device) you are 100% responsible in the eyes of the law.
    2358 days ago
    texting while driving has an accident risk profile equivalent of driving with a blood alcohol level of .o8-.13, depending upon which research you look at.

    As my boss, the driver safety expert explains it, going 65 mph, you travel almost 1.5 feet a second. That means it takes you only 3.41 minutes to travel the length of a football field.

    In 5 seconds, you travel over 7 feet. That's more than enough to rear-end the car in front of you.

    You go, girl!
    2358 days ago
  • YOMAMA128
    Thanks for writing about your horrific December. I'm so glad that you can acknowledge that you're further ahead this year than Dec 2010. It's so important to put these dark times in perspective, as soon as you're able to. Dec is only one month after all, and you've made a lot of strides.

    It may feel like square one, but it isn't, Jenn. Your body - as resentful as it is :) - will remember the treadmill and the poses and all your efforts, and will get back in the game. Our bodies really are responsive and marvelous and resilient!!

    I had a horrific December in 2010 -- my husband suffered severe vertigo and was incapacitated for almost a week. Then he got on a flight west and stayed out there for a few weeks while his father passed away. While they were in intensive care, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Meanwhile, I was out this way alone with my daughter and Christmas concerts and trying to stay strong. A VERY dark time.

    So suffice to say that I understand that an onslaught of stress and pain can put you in another reality for awhile. You're back, you're strong, and you're determined!! You also have all of our support -- we're rooting for you, Jenn!

    Let's have a Happy New Year, shall we?

    Take care! We're with you on this!

    2358 days ago
    Hey! For what it's worth, you're not the only one who had a not-so-hot December! My little sister came to do xmas with me (her first xmas away from our folks) so I tried to do it up right. What did this end up as? Two weeks (one with her here, one after she left) where I ate things that tasted good, not so much moderation, not as much exercise as I wanted, etc. End result? Scale says +5 lbs. From 2 weeks! Sure I ate "bad" things (chocolate, pizza, more chocolate-why is there always so much chocolate in my stocking?!-cookies, cinnamon rolls... jeez, typing that all out just makes me feel gross) but I didn't think I ate 5 lbs worth of "bad" things...

    I don't know if you do this or not, but I take measurements as well as stepping on the scale. That's the only thing that's making me feel not truly horrible. Yes, in those 2 weeks I gained 2.75 inches (that's total across all the places I measure) BUT according to my records, I'm still 4 inches smaller than the last time I weighed this much! So that's good at least.

    Anyways, sorry your december was crappy (literally). Here's to a better January, and a continuing better 2012!
    2358 days ago
  • RIGBY31
    I dont know how to text. I'm safe from myself, but have got to be on constant lookout for crazy typists on the road. You are awesome, you inspire. {{hugs}}
    2358 days ago
    i've never text whilst driving but i promise not to start.

    your experience on the road and the almost debilitating diet has given you first hand evidence that this stuff is not good for you. i doubt there will come a time again when you think 'hey, that's a good idea!'

    lesson learned :D
    2358 days ago
    I know what you mean about exhaustion making you eat! That was MY challenge during the holidays, not as much all the fattening food. And you had SO much more going on that made it difficult. I love the holidays, but I am kind of happy they are over because it is SO much easier to concentrate on eating right again. You'll get back to where you want to be quickly, it sounds like you have had a great start.

    (I NEVER text and drive, OR talk on my cell phone and drive, either! (Unless I am just sitting in traffic!))
    2358 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    Thanks for being honest and turning your own pain into teaching. I totally agree about the text and drive - pull over or wait to text. No text is worth dying for!!. Great goals, and resoulutions are not goals - glad you clarified that again! Love your blogs. Keep up your great work. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2358 days ago
    I know you already know this but sometimes it helps me to hear it again...

    You have made great progress! You are going to have good days and bad days, good months and bad months, but jumping back in the game is what makes you a winner.

    So sorry to hear your December was rotten, the holidays can be such an emotional time anyway. I hope the new year brings you peace, joy, and health!!
    2359 days ago
    I'm with you on NO texting and driving!!! I solemnly swear!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! I am rooting for you to reach your goals!! :-)
    2359 days ago
    Oh Jenn! I could tell there was something going on with you in December, but I had NO idea you were going through so much. emoticon Alcatraz in July sounds fantastic, I'd love to cheer from a boat! emoticon
    As far as texting, happy to report, I don't like to do it from the couch, and have NEVER tried from behind a wheel, and NEVER will. Congratulations on getting right back to work. I lost my own footing in December, and know oh too well, how much it sucks. But that was SO last year! I'm ready to move forward with you! Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2012! emoticon emoticon
    2359 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/6/2012 11:35:54 PM
    December sounds awful.

    I have no desire to try Bikram, the thought makes me a bit queasy. Too hot, my pitta nature doesn't need that.
    2359 days ago
    So sorry December was such a bad time for you. I am glad you are home and back on track, now!!
    I don't text and drive - if my phone beeps and my son is with me, I let him read aloud to me and then text what I tell him.
    It works for us. If I'm alone - I just wait until I stop somewhere or get home.
    2359 days ago
  • JULIA1154
    I'm sorry your December was SO tough. (It sounds as though it was pretty bad for your husband, too.) Welcome back to your own life, Jenn.

    And yes, as Brian 36 pointed out, you WILL need to get new shoes once you lose enough weight to need a new wardrobe. Sad but true. I'm sure you'll manage to deal with it gracefully :)

    Thanks for your comments on texting while driving. I don't text - period. I also don't use my cell in the car when in motion.

    Best wishes for 2012, Jenn.
    2359 days ago
    I currently do not text and drive, and I am so happy to be able to say that. I love the resolution!
    This blog post is incredibly inspiring. I may have to write one of my own!
    2359 days ago
  • ANEWME42012
    Hey Jenn,

    Sorry you had such a crap December. But equally I'm glad that you had a really rough time and then got up again and kept going! That is real strength!

    My goals:
    1) Lose 25kg by 31 Dec 2012
    2) Run a 7K in Feb and a 10K in June (run, the whole way!)
    3) Develop a clothing "style" (as opposed to buying whatever fits)
    4) Meet all my work training goals for 2012

    By no means an exhaustive list but a good start...

    Oh, and of course NO TEXTING AND DRIVING!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2359 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/6/2012 6:06:05 PM
    Way to put December behind you and look towards the future. 2012 is going to be a great year for health and waitloss.

    I would love to be able to do those poses I just got a yoga kit so I can start doing more advanced yoga from home! Best of luck in 2012!
    2359 days ago
    Oh Jen, wow. What a rotten, but probably good in some soul-growing-blessed-karma-sort of way, to have to go through such a rough month. Hospice is hard enough without all the accompaniments of travel & being thrown off. Seriously, wishing you all the blessings & peace at heart.

    Now... how fabulous that you can turn such a hellacious month into such a rockin' blog. :)

    Notetaking on Jen's awesome blogness:
    * Venti No Foam Soy Earl Grey Tea Latte - This sounds like a yummmmmyyyy reason to go to Starbucks! I'm going to try this for sure.

    * You've been on plan since 1/1. Of course you have! Because that "plan" is your real life! The rest was a necessary exception. Your real life is where it's at... so of course you'll make those other goals!

    * Ohioans can't spell it. Heeheee... my sister lived in Cincinnati... and it's totally true.

    * Escape from Alcatraz. That's pure insanity!
    * No DWT (driving while texting). That's not insane at all. Scarily true & right & real. I'm on board 100%!

    Rock the day,
    2359 days ago
  • AMYMC_05
    Sounds like you did what you had to do last month, but on to better times. Looks like you're on the right track! Congrats on your success! emoticon
    2359 days ago
    I am with you on the no texting and driving thing! Nothing is that important and it is insane to think how many people do it on the road and put strangers lives at risk. Happy New Year and cheers to reaching our goals! emoticon
    2359 days ago
    When you ditch your entire wardrobe - expect to ditch the shoes too! No joke. My shoe size has dropped a half size - go figure. And when I mentioned it here, another friend of mine had the same thing happen. Who knew fat was in the length of your shoe?!?!?!
    2359 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your awful December! I like the 2012 attitude and goals! My goal for this year is to get into the 100's- that will be a 76 lb. weight loss to just get to 199. It will be a tough road.

    I don't text and drive. I honk at people that I see doing it. (At least they look up momentarily.)

    Here's to the new year!
    2359 days ago
  • CYNDI2012
    Awesome Blog!! You should so publish a work of your writing someday - you have a natural knack for it!

    Cheers to you for spreading the no text resolution. And here's a huge motivator to those who are on the fence of joining in...

    My 36 year old brother is an ambulance driver. Last evening he and another EMT were coming back in to the hospital with a patient when they were hit head on by a 54 year old man in a sedan. The ambulance driver is in critical condition, my brother and the patient sustained serious injury. The reason for the accident...the man driving the car was texting, and so distracted he didn't see a large white and yellow ambulance with flashing lights and sirens. The end result, he isn't alive today to make the no texting and driving resolution.

    It takes people just like you to blog, talk, scream from the rooftops for people to stop, and I thank God for people like you out there.

    Good luck with your goals in 2012. You have had amazing success, and a small setback won't derail your overall goals. Keep up the amazing work, your wonderful blogs, and just being you!
    2359 days ago
  • BRIAN36
    I didn't read anyone else's responses, but I just wanted to throw this out there. When (not if) you lose enough weight to replace your entire wardrobe, you WILL have to get new shoes. Strange but true fact from my own personal experience.
    2359 days ago
    Love the goals! I think I'll have to do a blog like this myself! Thank you!!
    2359 days ago
  • RAMONA1954
    I never text and drive and I won't even answer my phone while driving. I pull off the road! You are so right, I've seen too many victims of it. Not a pretty sight. Distracted driving is dangerous driving! When I drive I drive. Thank you for putting that out.
    I hear you on the constipation thing. Never tried the enema deal (too many bad memories from childhood - my Mom believed in them too much). I do Milk of Magnesia or stool softeners, up the water and pray they work. It's painful I know!
    I love that you couldn't wait to get home to eat better & exercise - all the good things you couldn't wait to do! That is major progress!
    Never give up! You'll rock all your goals! Take care. emoticon
    2359 days ago
  • HHB4181
    Ugh... that does sound awful. So sorry you had to go through that.
    (enemas = me shuddering )

    Yes, Yes, I will not text and drive this year. I try not to anyway.

    My goals for 2012
    *3 5K's
    *20 push ups
    *10,000 fitness minutes (may revise to 12.000 minutes)
    *run 5 miles/do 8K?
    *more defined upper body
    *want to see clavicle
    *yoga 1-2 times a week
    2359 days ago
  • SELLBY06
    I never text and drive, but my resolution is not to talk on the phone and drive unless I'm on the highway. Some new study came out that said you are still way more likely to crash when you are just talking....and with the stupid Lexington drivers it's better to be safe than sorry.

    OH and run a half-marathon and lose the last 30 pounds and go to graduate school so I can get a move-on with my life. Love your blogs, thanks for your *detailed* description of what happens when life gets in the way...we all go through it but no one talks about it emoticon
    2359 days ago
    What an awful December! I am very guilty of texting and driving (even though my slidemyfingeracrossthescreen keyboard makes it easier) and I'm even more guilty of putting on mascara while driving. I mean, I'm looking straight ahead while I'm primping! But yes, I do need to make no texting a goal. I've gotten a lot better!

    I am having my kindergarteners set goals for the new year. Some want to be better at playing video games, dancing, jump roping, hulahooping.. some want to learn to read or help take care of their siblings.

    All I want to do is learn to sew (effectively!) and to get back to moving my assular region.

    Also, I feel ya on the enemas. That stuff is awful ESPECIALLY when it doesn't work. =(
    2359 days ago
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