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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

UPDATE 1/31/11: I have lost about 13lbs since taking the prescribed appetite depressant and have been excersizing regularly. I have lost a few inches as well and my clothes are feeling much better on me and I have been pulling out some old stuff to wear again!! I have continued to try and keep my food logged into SP so that I can assure I don't go overboard and I get my protien needs and keep my fat/carbs in the very low numbers. I feel great and am happy I went to the Dr and am getting the assistance I have needed to get things moving downward!! At my appointment, Dr said I lost, but didnt say how much. I didnt want to ask, so am going by my scale at home. I will ask at the Feb appointment!!

UPDATE 1/11/12: Bloodwork came back good, everything within normal limits....thats right EVERYTHING! So I need to get the right foods put together to make something happen. The 'pill' is doing its job, I dont have the "hunger pains" that usually occur mid morning and later afternoon so that keeps my motivation and focus on target, not always thinking about my snack or next meal! Starting back at the gym today and will be making my workouts a week in advance and sticking to them. I think I need to help my pill burn that fat!!! I want to show a good loss for my follow up appointment on the 27th!

I have been trying to loose weight and maintain that loss for some time. I just KNEW I could do it alone. So I began a journey...Changed some of my eating habits, joined the gym and got a personal trainer, WENT to the gym 4-5 times a week was consistent with these change occured. Sure, a few pounds here, a few pounds there....but keeps coming back! Frustration is starting to sink in and going to the gym stopped, but I still walked and did other things a few times a week and was still okay eating habits. BUT I STILL WANT TO GET FIT FOR LIFE and BE HEALTHY....WHY IS NOTHING WORKING???

So, I had a long conversation with my boyfriend, whom has been frustrated that I have not lost weight and we wants me healthy and I finally agreed to research other options like medically supervised diets....I NEED TO LOOSE AT LEAST 50 lbs to be REALLY healthy.

So, I began my research, looked at the latest fad of weight loss clinics popping up everywhere. Being I didn't want to PAY out of pocket, get shots be deprived of almost everything I brainstormed to figure out other options. What I found was that some of these clinics list a Doctors name that is affilitated with it. Then I had the idea to cross reference to see if any of the Doctors or general practioners with private offices....and I FOUND ONE! I spoke with a coworker on my thoughts and ideas and she called and made HERSELF an appointment to get a new GP. Since I didn't have a GP, I decided to call and get myself an appointment as well.

Within that week, I met with the Doctor and was immediately impressed with his private practice/GP office (which is located next door to the weight loss clinic) that he was mentioned in. I WAS ASKING FOR HELP!

I had never had bloodwork/labs done, I rarely get sick so don't go to a physician. He had great "bedside" manners and he spent about 45 min listening to my conerns and my eating/exercise habits. He scheduled me for bloodwork, prescribed me an appetite suppressant and said "see you next month". I've gotten the bloodwork, taking the suppresant and have been loosing all week! FINALLY

It's okay to ask for help and it may not cost you a fortune. Do your resarch and if nothng seems to be 'working' for may need to ask for help.....and you dont have to be ashamed that you couldn't do it on your own!
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    Thank you all for your continued support. I will keep posting my successes and even failures. It's a battle in my head that "I couldn't do it myself" and "this pill/going to DR is cheating" but I have to get over that thought process and getting help is what I need right now. I am very interested and anxious in what my bloodwork came back with. I hope if there is something there, its not serious and I can get the problem treated the right way!
    2898 days ago
  • 7356WILMA
    Glad it is working for you!! Keep up the good work!!
    2899 days ago
    2899 days ago
    I'm glad you found someone to help you out!
    2899 days ago
    There is so much "help" out there (friends with opinions, fad diets, bizzare exercise gadgets) that it's very difficult to find something that is truly helpful. Good for you for doing the research and finding what will be helpful for you!
    2899 days ago
    Great blog. You have learned an important lesson. Very, very few of us can do it all on our own. Reach out to others, and ask for help... then offer to help others.

    2899 days ago
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