It's Bad - It's Okay - It's All Right Now - Progress w/ pics

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Happy New Year Sparkers. I've been on the grind officially 3 weeks now and it's been a blast. I promised you pictures and here they are. First let me say that I held off not to create a buzz but because I was horrified by how bad I looked. Okay - when I say bad...I mean bad to me....your personal mileage may vary and please consult an attorney or medical provider before viewing this at home. I don't have any money so don't try to sue me. Also, stand at least 3 feet away from the computer when you see the pics because if you're eating I'm sure some of the food will find it's way to your screen. Okay - you've been warned so let's go.

Step #1 have you ever been photo graphed up close with no photo shopping. Ugh this was taken on 12-3-2011. I thought I was reasonably attractive until I saw this...the camera does not lie.

DH took the pics and he was so sweet. He said oh girl you look good - I love you - you just need to tighten things up a bit. Say What????? WTF!!!!!

After a few days of ROTFL (just kidding) Flexchef sent my analysis. It was very thorough and for the first time I found out exactly what I needed to do. He put me on a nutritional plan for the first two weeks. I continued with my existing workout routine. These pics were taken on
12-18-11. Please note that I got a good whooping because I changed the clothes. You have to wear the same outfit for each update.

The next shots are as of 12-26-11. I'm looking and feeling better - definitely the shame and embarrassment has subsided. Hmmm maybe I can do a senior citizen playboy photo shoot one day.

And now....the money shot. Keep in mind I'm 3 weeks into the program as of 1/2/12. I have also been given a workout plan but because my "Rocking Body" needs more we're probably going to have to take this to the gym. I'm going to hold off as long as possible cuz I HATE GYMS.

Okay so there it is and let me say that it takes work, it takes discipline and most of all friends like you to keep me going. There is a competition in March and May so I'm pushing to see if I can get it together in enough time to make both of them.

Keep On Sparking......

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