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I want MORE MORE MORE, they want NOW NOW NOW

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Monday, January 02, 2012

I am not a New Year's resolutions kind of girl. emoticon

I learned long ago...they just don't work for me.

If you are not working for me, then you are FIRED, not gonna do it. emoticon

My co-workers have been discussing their resolutions since 12/27. They always ask about mine. And every year I say "I resolve to keep...quit smoking".

Normally that would not be funny but, I quit smoking, for the second and FINAL time OVER 11 YEARS AGO. So it is no surprise, they give me a puzzled look. I can see their brain trying to wrap around that..."she doesn't smoke, does she?". I can see the moment it clicks in their head....that if to say "smart-a$$". emoticon

This year, I decided I need a new SMART ANSWER. emoticon

Their resolutions tend to be the NOW NOW NOW, the not SMART goals, kind of things. Tomorrow when they ask, I know they will, I will say things like:

I will eat MORE fruits and vegetables (I average 5-7 a day now, I try to get 9, but that is rare)

I will eat MORE healthy fats

I will eat MORE protein for breakfast

I will eat MORE whole grains
(these three involve paying closer attention to the nutrients that I track...I stay in range, but I need to eat more cleanly)


I will continue to drink MORE water(than they do)...I drink at LEAST 10 cups a day.

They make comments about how many times I use the restroom. I still say, I should get SPARK POINTS for that. My DH says that elimination it just as important as consumption. emoticon

See the pattern here...I want MORE MORE MORE. So many of my co-workers' resolutions are centered on the negative. So I, always going against the grain, will focus on the POSITIVE implications of MORE MORE MORE.

Spark on!

emoticon emoticon
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